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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Shares Exciting Baby News

11/6/2015 1:07pm EST
Mark Zuckerberg
A beautiful photo of Mark Zuckerberg and his pregnant wife, Priscilla deserves everyone of the 740,000-plus "likes" it received when the Facebook co-founder and CEO posted it on his timeline this week. The black and white photo, taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, shows Mark standing behind his wife while cradling what trendy people call a "baby bump."

"This is a stunning photo of Priscilla," Mark Zuckeberg captioned the photo. "I love her expression: intense yet kind, fierce yet loving, leading yet always supporting others. Thank you to Annie Leibovitz for capturing her spirit ...

Facebook Users Fall For Two Old Hoaxes

9/29/2015 2:32pm EDT
Privacy, Subscription Fee Hoaxes Return To Facebook
Facebook users may have noticed a surge in posts about copyrighting their photos and a coming monthly fee, but we can assure you that neither of these claims have any truth to them.

Monday morning users began updating their statuses with long posts about how Facebook is forbidden from using their photos or any other personal information "past and future" because the site had sneakily updated its privacy policy to say that it could do whatever it wants with their content unless users copied and posted the same disclaimer to their walls denying the social network from doing so.

The posts ar...

Facebook Is Finally Adding A 'Dislike' Button: Who's Excited?

9/15/2015 5:42pm EDT
 'Dislike' Button Coming To Facebook: Click 'Like' If You Can't
Do you dislike Facebook posts more often than you "like" them? Thanks to the social network's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, users will soon have a way to give the thumbs down to posts they don't agree with.

According to Mashable, Zuckerberg revealed on Tuesday that a "dislike" button will soon be an option on Facebook. Although he didn't reveal when the button will be rolled out, he said that they are "very close" to testing it out.

Hopefully, the button will come sooner than later — it will come in handy throughout the presidential campaign season.

During Tuesday's Town Hall meeting at Facebook ...

Charlie Sheen Showers Himself In Cash For ALS

8/18/2014 10:50pm EDT
Charlie Sheen Leads A Long List Of Celebs Taking The Ice Bucket
If you haven't yet heard about the "ice bucket challenge" going on to benefit ALS, then chances are you've been living under a rock for the last two weeks.

The social media craze, which actually began months ago (more on that later), has been sweeping the nation all in the name of raising money and awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

The challenge is simple: someone "nominates" you and two others to take the challenge next and then dumps about a five-gallon bucked of ice water over their own head. Those nominated can either accept the...

4 Reasons Why The Oculus Rift Is The Next Big Thing

7/18/2014 10:59am EDT
4 Reasons Why The Oculus Rift Is The Next Big Thing
Whether it's going to see a film on opening day, staying inside with a good book or just kicking back and playing a videogame, humans have an inherent need and desire to explore new, strange worlds. However, the limiting factor within all of these entertainment mediums is the fact that whether it's a page, screen or TV, there's something between you total immersion. We've all been there. From watching The Matrix and being completely captivated by the fake world Neo discovers he lives within, enjoying the many Holo-progams that cropped up on Star Trek to the Metaverse in Snow Crash, most of ...

Facebook Investors Sue Mark Zuckerberg

6/4/2012 11:34am EDT
Mark Zuckerberg
Furious investors have filed a lawsuit against founder Mark Zuckerberg, alleging he knew the business had been overvalued ahead of its flotation last month.

Zuckerberg floated his social networking site on the U.S. stock market for $100 billion but shares soon dropped in price, prompting complaints from many investors.

Critics allege the CEO knew the stock was overpriced and protected his own finances by selling off the organization, according to

Editors at the website report a lawsuit has now been filed against Zuckerberg, in which its alleged the site did not g...