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Now Playing: RetroBites: Andy Warhol: Pop Art (1965) Was Andy Warhol A Polaroid Product? See The Big Shot Artist In Action At Las Vegas Exhibit
2014-04-17 Ke$ha Gains Twitter Access In Rehab To Thank Fans For Their Support!
2014-01-22 Demi Lovato Hits Back At"Mean"Fans Slamming The Star For Not Attending People's Choice A...
2014-01-09 Beyonce Poses In Front Of Jesus In Last Supper Mural Instagram Pic
2014-01-01 Andy Warhol painting sells at auction for record $105m
2013-11-14 Justin Bieber Says He Isnt All Bad In His New Song
2013-11-11 Lady Gaga Unveils Jeff Koons Sculptures At ArtRave
2013-11-11 Lady Gaga takes flight with new album
2013-11-11 Hollywood takes to Twitter after Lou Reed's death
2013-10-28 Lou Reed Passes Away At 71
2013-10-28 Rashida Jones Slams Female Celebs For Showing Too Much Skin
2013-10-21 Graffiti Artist Banksy Sells Works At N.Y. Pop-up Stall For Bargain Prices
2013-10-14 New Exhibition Explores Andy Warhol's Relationship With Books
2013-09-29 Zach Galifianakis Talks"Beaners,"Time Travel With Justin Bieber
2013-09-26 Early Warhol for sale in Hong Kong
2013-09-11 Lady Gaga lives for the applause
2013-08-22 Tina Fey's new comedy
2013-08-15 amfAR Gala with Janet Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio&Sharon Stone Breaks All Records
2013-05-27 Los animales de Andy Warhol
2013-03-15 Dior goes to the history books
2013-03-01 Beyonce's New Pepsi Ad Strikes Controversy
2013-02-22 Yayoi Kusama sees spots in New York
2012-07-11 Warhol's last print could fetch 93,000 USD
2012-07-10 OPENING THIS WEEK - Will Smith, Nicole Scherzinger&Josh Brolin in Men In Black 3 movie preview
2012-05-25 Queen Elizabeth portraits displayed in honour of Diamond Jubilee

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