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Andy Warhol Portrait Of Elvis Expected To Fetch More Than $30 Million

3/15/2012 9:51pm EDT
Elvis Presley
An Andy Warhol portrait of Elvis Presley is expected to fetch upwards of $30 million when it hits the auction block this spring.

The silver silkscreen painting is to go under the hammer at auction house Sotheby's in New York City on May 9.

The painting, dubbed Double Elvis (Ferus Type), depicts the King as a cowboy, shooting a gun with a holster on his hip. A second image of Presley, which appears vaguely like a shadow, can also be seen in the background.

The work of art was previously displayed at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles.

It is currently owned by a private collector.

Beyonce Responds To Belgian Dancer's Plagiarism Claims

10/12/2011 8:24am EDT
Beyonce has acknowledged dance routines in her new Countdown video were inspired by a Belgian choreographer who has accused her of plagiarism.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker has threatened to sue over claims Beyonce copied moves from her ballet production Rosas danst Rosas.

The superstar singer has now opened up about the dispute, revealing the Belgian work was among a number of different influences which can be clearly seen in her video.

She says in a statement, "Clearly, the ballet Rosas danst Rosas was one of many references for my video, Countdown. It was one of the inspirations used ...

Emma Thompson Hosts Human Rights Charity Auction

10/4/2011 11:48am EDT
Emma Thompson
Actress Emma Thompson turned auctioneer on Monday night to help raise $48,000 for a British human rights charity.

The Nanny McPhee star is an enthusiastic supporter of the Helen Bamber Foundation, an organization which helps rebuild the lives of survivors of human rights violations.

She was the star guest at its fundraising bash in London and headed up the evening's auction, which included an Andy Warhol painting of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

Before the sale, Thompson encouraged guests including British actress Emilia Fox to "buy something fabulous" to benefit the charity.

Ryan O'Neal Sued Over Warhol's Farrah Fawcett Portrait

7/11/2011 9:47am EDT
Ryan O'Neal
Ryan O'Neal is facing legal action over an Andy Warhol portrait of his late partner Farrah Fawcett.

Lawyers for the University of Texas have filed papers asking a judge to order the Love Story star to hand over the painting, which is worth an estimated $30 million. Fawcett is said to have left her entire art collection to her alma mater, which she attended in the 1960s.

However, a spokesperson for O'Neal has dismissed the lawsuit as "completely ridiculous," alleging the piece is one of two that Warhol produced of the Charlie's Angels beauty in 1979.

The rep says, "Ryan O'Neal's friend...

Andy Warhol's Blondie Portrait Sells For $5.9 Million

6/30/2011 11:28am EDT
Debbie Harry
An iconic Andy Warhol portrait of Blondie star Debbie Harry has sold for a staggering $5.9 million.

The Heart of Glass singer posed for Warhol in his New York studio back in 1980 and the finished product - a hot pink silkscreen canvas - was one of the star lots at Sotheby's two-day auction in London, which ended on Thursday.

Former Eurythmics rocker Dave Stewart also attracted bidders after offloading pieces from his personal art collection.

A spot painting by Damien Hirst, entitled Dantrolene (Being God for Dave), which the renowned British artist dedicated to the musician, went for ...

Missing Andy Warhol Painting Of Farrah Fawcett Found In Ryan O'Neal's Home

6/23/2011 11:47pm EDT
Ryan O'Neal
A missing Andy Warhol portrait of late actress Farrah Fawcett has been found hanging above longtime partner Ryan O'Neal's bed.

When the Charlie's Angels star passed away in 2009, Fawcett specifically outlined in her will that any and all her artwork be left to her alma mater, the University of Texas.

When school officials realized her iconic Warhol painting was not among the works that showed up, they hired a private investigator to find the missing piece.

The mystery was solved when reality TV series Ryan & Tatum: The O'Neals debuted over the weekend - a quick camera pan of Ryan's room ...

Iconic Andy Warhol Painting Of Debbie Harry Expected To Fetch Millions

6/7/2011 8:19am EDT
Debbie Harry
An iconic Andy Warhol portrait of Blondie star Debbie Harry is expected to fetch up to $8.8 million when it goes up for auction later this month.

The "Heart of Glass" singer posed for Warhol in his New York studio, The Factory, back in 1980 and now one of the colourful silkscreen prints is set to go under the hammer at Sotheby's auction house in London as part of a two-day sale of contemporary art.

Harry recently admitted she was delighted to become one of Warhol's muses, stating, "I was thrilled when he wanted to do a portrait of me. It put me in good company with tins of Campbell's Soup...

Andy Warhol's Elizabeth Taylor Portrait Expected To Fetch $30 Million

3/25/2011 8:33am EDT
Andy Warhol
Pop artist Andy Warhol's iconic portrait of Elizabeth Taylor is expected to fetch up to $30 million when it goes up for auction in May.

Warhol's 1963 painting, titled Liz #5, is the highlight of an art sale at Phillips de Pury in New York on May 12th.

And the Hollywood legend's death on Wednesday has given the item added appeal.

Taylor was one of the late artist's most famous muses alongside Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy.

Click Here For More Elizabeth Taylor Pictures

Dennis Hopper's Shot-Up Warhol Print Sells At Auction

1/11/2011 6:30pm EST
Dennis Hopper
An Andy Warhol print late actor Dennis Hopper famously riddled with bullets has gone under the hammer for $302,500 (£210,670) at an auction in New York.

The blue 1972 image of Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong was among the 300 items handed over to Christie's auction house bosses from the Easy Rider's estate executors following his death from cancer last year.

Hopper, who was close friends with Warhol, fired at the artwork twice one night after the actor became spooked and "mistook the portrait on his wall for Mao himself and shot at it", according to a Christie's spokesperson.

The ...

31 Days Of Horror: 'Andy Warhol's Blood For Dracula' (1974)

10/28/2010 4:00pm EDT
Blood for Dracula
In Blood for Dracula, our favorite Transylvanian Count (Udo Kier) isn’t doing too well. It seems that Romania’s young ladies have been playing it a bit too fast and loose for the Count’s specific taste for the pure blood of virgins--or rather “wir-gins,” as the Count says. As he grows increasingly sick, Dracula packs up his coffin and heads off to the one place in the world that should be just brimming with pure young maidens: Italy. Good luck with that one, Count.

After producing the awesome Frankenstein blood-and-sex-fest send-up Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein (Warhol, incidentally...

Dennis Hopper's Artwork Up For Auction

9/22/2010 10:30am EDT
Dennis Hopper
Late actor Dennis Hopper's valuable works of art are set to go up for auction in New York - and they're expected to fetch $13 million.

The creations came under the spotlight before the Easy Rider star's death in May, when he filed legal papers accusing his estranged wife Victoria Duffy of stealing art pieces from him while he was battling cancer.

The collection included a portrait of the actor by Andy Warhol, and works by Robert Graham and British graffiti artist Banksy. And now Hopper's pieces are set to go under the hammer - with the personal Warhol portrait expected to fetch $1.2 mi...

Dennis Hopper Accuses Wife Of Stealing His Art

3/24/2010 3:00pm EDT
Dennis Hopper
Cancer-stricken Dennis Hopper has accused his estranged wife of stealing valuable works of art from him while he was "extremely ill".

The 73 year old filed for divorce from Victoria Duffy in January, citing irreconcilable differences. He subsequently won a court judgment which forced her to move out of his Venice, California residence, and a restraining order to make sure she stays away after a doctor claimed her presence was "hampering" the actor's prostate cancer care.

The Easy Rider star's legal team filed papers at Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday as part of their ongoing divor...

Miley Cyrus Q&A On 'Hannah Montana: The Movie'

4/7/2009 10:03am EDT
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus press conference for Hannah Montana: The Movie

Q: How close to reality is the story of the movie with balancing the real Miley and the Hannah Montana persona?

Miley Cyrus: I feel like it's just important for me to explain the reality of the movie, because as it's shown in the TV show, it's not realistic for this double act to work, and it can't work. Anyone over the age of 14 is going to understand that, and we needed to prove that in the movie that there is something special about the Hannah Montana life, and it's not that it's real but it's that it's this fantasy, th...

A History Of Violence: Great Britain's Video Nasties

10/27/2008 9:43am EDT
The Evil Dead
In the mid-1980s while American mothers panicked over the influence rock music had on the nation's youth, the mothers of Great Britain panicked over an entirely different matter. Rather than setting their crosshairs on Quiet Riot or Prince, the British went after ultra-violent exploitation films. While in America, the music industry carried on mostly unharmed, the rabble of concerned parents in the UK influenced legislation which led to dozens of films being banned by the government. In 1984, the British government released a list of films they considered too vile for public consumption. Th...

Interview: Lady Gaga Chats About Her Musical Career

10/24/2008 10:48am EDT
Lady GaGa Performs Live on MuchOnDemand at MuchMusic in Toronto
Many celebrities today do anything to avoid tremendous amounts of attention and try hard to keep a low key profile. Lady GaGa would choose to do otherwise. Her hit single, "Just Dance" shows that this vibrant artist is anything but shy. Calling during her stay in Chicago, Lady GaGa took the time to chat about her musical career on and off the stage.

Starpulse: Today, there are a lot of artists trying to preach a statement or bring up serious subject matters. With you, you're one of those artists bringing the fun back into music. How does that feel to break that mold.

Lady Gaga: ...

The 'That Guy' Encyclopedia, Letters A Through K

5/7/2008 8:30am EDT
Chris Cooper
Hey, isn’t that...? You know, that guy. The guy that always plays someone in the military. He was in, uh, Syriana, The Kingdom... Oh yeah! He was the father of the emo kid in American Beauty!

Throughout cinematic history, there has been a plethora of actors that, for some reason or another, never become a household name. So here is a cheat sheet of sorts, a brief encyclopedia on "That Guy."

After reading this you can impress your friends! Win the movie game (the one where you name an actor, someone names a film he or she was in, next player names another actor in that film, etc....

Celebrity Birthdays, August 6

8/6/2007 3:00am EDT
M. Night Shyamalan
Happy Birthday to supermodel/reality star Adrianne Curry (1982), actress Melissa George (1976), Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (1972), film director M. Night Shyamalan (1970), singer/songwriter Elliot Smith (1969; d. 2003), NBA star "The Admiral" David Robinson (1965), "Memoirs of a Geisha" actress Michelle Yeoh (1962), "7th Heaven" actress Catherine Hicks (1951), actor Paul Bartel (1938; d. 2000), English actress Barbara Windsor (1937), jazz singer Abbey Lincoln (1930), pop art pioneer Andy Warhol (1928; d. 1987), actress Ella Raines (1921), "Cape Fear" actor Robert Mitchum (1917; d. 1997), pro...

The Sensuality, Style And Vivacious Spark Of 'Factory Girl' Arrives On DVD July 17

7/4/2007 1:00pm EDT
Factory Girl
SANTA MONICA, CA - Detailing the rise and fall of Edie Sedgwick - the blazing mid-sixties superstar, the "It Girl," the muse to eccentric artist Andy Warhol - the unrated director's cut of Factory Girl comes to DVD on July 17 from Genius Products LLC. and The Weinstein Company.

Powerful performances from Sienna Miller (Alfie, Casanova) and Guy Pearce (Memento, L.A. Confidential), combined with a riveting multi-media collage of actual footage including archival tapes, still photos, and scenes from Warhol's movies, Factory Girl brings to life Sedgwick's ascension to the quintessential ic...

Kurt Cobain Overtakes Elvis As Highest-Paid Dead Celebrity

10/25/2006 9:47am EDT
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain has overtaken Elvis as the highest-paid dead celebrity. Latest figures - compiled by - show the late Nirvana frontman has made $50 million in the past year despite having killed himself in April 1994.

By comparison, second placed Elvis - who has held the top spot since 2001 and has been dead for almost 30 years - made just $42 million dollars in the past twelve months.

Other big earners who have long since passed include Peanuts cartoon creator Charles Schulz - whose Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoons are still syndicated in newspapers across the world - whos...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 6

8/6/2006 3:00am EDT
M. Night Shyamalan
Happy Birthday to supermodel/reality star Adrianne Curry (1982), actress Melissa George (1976), Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (1972), film director M. Night Shyamalan (1970), singer/songwriter Elliot Smith (1969; d. 2003), NBA star "The Admiral" David Robinson (1965), "Memoirs of a Geisha" actress Michelle Yeoh (1962), "7th Heaven" actress Catherine Hicks (1951), actor Paul Bartel (1938; d. 2000), English actress Barbara Windsor (1937), jazz singer Abbey Lincoln (1930), pop art pioneer Andy Warhol (1928; d. 1987), actress Ella Raines (1921), "Cape Fear" actor Robert Mitchum (1917; d. 1997), pro...

"The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" Stars Asia Argento and Marilyn Manson; Comes To DVD 6/6/06

5/23/2006 11:59pm EDT
The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
Amid allegations of Warholian-style literary hoaxes and identity scandals involving "JT LeRoy," The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, adapted from "JT’s" second novel, comes to DVD June 6, 2006.

Seven-year-old Jeremiah (Jimmy Bennett) lived a calm, comfortable life in the care of a loving foster home until the day his birth mother Sarah (Asia Argento) suddenly showed up to reclaim him. Torn from the life he knew, Jeremiah is drawn into his mother’s reckless world of turmoil and depravity, and into a desperate struggle to survive the madness of his surroundings.

JT LeRoy was el...

Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley & More Earn Big Money From The Grave

10/27/2005 8:08pm EDT
Elvis Presley
Once again Elvis Presley is No. 1 on's annual list of "Top-Earning Dead Celebrities," earning an estimated $45 million between October 2004 - October 2005. He and the 12 other members of the list, including fellow musicians Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Ray Charles, brought in a collective $186 million in the last year!

The fifth annual ranking of "Top-Earning Dead Celebrities," assesses the earning power of deceased celebrities, including musicians, actors, authors, songwriters and composers, among others.

This year's list (earnings in $ millions):

1. Elvis Presle...