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Now Playing: Schwarzenegger's love child, Bruni possibly pregnant Entertainment News Pop: Carla Bruni Makes Modeling Comeback With Bulgari Ads
2013-07-16 Carla Bruni returns to music
2013-06-26 Carla Bruni gets back to music
2013-04-01 Mary-Kate Olsen Dating Much Older Frenchman
2012-05-31 Dujardin and Bejo arrive in France after big Oscar night
2012-02-28 Lagerfeld turns newspaper editor
2012-02-06 The Conquest (Clip) [FULL HD]
2011-11-12 The Conquest (Trailer) [FULL HD]
2011-10-31 The Conquest (Theatrical Trailer) [FULL HD]
2011-10-30 Lohan's probation revoked, Bruni gives birth
2011-10-19 Schwarzenegger's love child, Bruni possibly pregnant
2011-05-18 Daily Video News Blog
2011-04-01 Robert Redford awarded French Legion of Honor
2010-10-14 World artists honoured in Davos
2010-01-28 Bono attends British PM's award
2009-09-23 Vanity Fair's best dressed
2009-08-06 U.S. star line-up for Mandela's 91st
2009-07-20 Carla Bruni sings at Nelson Mandela's 91st birthday concert
2009-07-19 Potter magic at box office
2009-07-19 MGMT dismiss rumours of working with The Chemical Brothers
2009-03-01 Bruni sings on UK TV
2008-09-17 France bids farewell to Saint Laurent
2008-06-05 Daily Video News Blog

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