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Lady Gaga Rejected $1M Offer To Perform In Support Of Mitt Romney

4/5/2013 4:28pm EDT
Lady Gaga
Pop superstar Lady Gaga rejected a $1 million offer to give presidential candidate Mitt Romney a big boost in the run-up to the election last year by performing at the Republican National Convention.

Court documents unveiled this week reveal the Poker Face hit-maker had been approached by organizers of the Republican Party's pre-election gathering to hit the stage at the Tampa, Florida event, even though she's one of the most outspoken gay rights advocates and a fan of Romney's Democratic rival Barack Obama.

Representatives at the American Action Network, the group behind the convention...

Website Reveals Personal Finances Of Celebs Including Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Political Figures

3/13/2013 8:27am EDT
Britney Spears
An unidentified hacker has posted the personal financial details of several celebrities online. The individual somehow managed to breach security and obtain information about some of the most famous people in the world.

The targeted celebs are: Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Jay Z, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Sarah Palin, Hulk Hogan, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Kanye West, Kris Jenner, Mitt Romney, Tiger Woods, Robert Mueller (FBI Director), Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General), Stacia Hylton (U.S. Marshal...

Time's Person Of The Year Candidates: PSY, Stephen Colbert, Pussy Riot & More

11/28/2012 9:50am EST
Time magazine editors have released the shortlist for its 2012 Person of the Year, and South Korean pop sensation PSY, rap superstar Jay-Z and Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot are among the candidates.

There are 38 contenders, including "Fifty Shades of Grey" author E.L. James, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

Also nominated are President Barack Obama and his former White House rival, Republican Mitt Romney, as well as dissident Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei and Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by Taliban extremists who disag...

Madonna And Amanda Bynes Named Least Influential People Of 2012

11/28/2012 8:30am EST
Madonna and Amanda Bynes have been named two of the Least Influential People of 2012 in a spoof end-of-year list.

Editors at GQ magazine have followed up Barbara Walters' annual list of The 10 Most Fascinating People by creating their own compilation of 25 "uninspiring" famous faces.

Introducing the countdown, GQ bosses state, "These folks are ranked in no particular order, because all zeros are created equal. (It's) a collection of people so uninspiring that we should round them all up and stick them on an iceberg."

Madonna was nominated for the shameful dishonor after stripping off ...

Hank Williams, Jr.: 'America Committed Economic Suicide By Re-Electing President Obama'

11/9/2012 2:31pm EST
Hank Williams Jr.
Conservative country singer Hank Williams, Jr. has slammed Americans who voted for Barack Obama at the polls on Tuesday, branding the President's re-election "economic suicide."

The fervent Republican, who targeted Obama in an angry tirade over the summer, is furious after the Democrat landed another term in office over rival Mitt Romney, and he has taken to his page to air his thoughts on the outcome.

In a post, he writes, "America has committed economic suicide. Remember my song This Country's Sure as Hell Goin Down the Drain."

Williams, Jr. has long been open about his d...

5 Celebrities Who Had Meltdowns Over The Election Results

11/8/2012 7:30pm EST
5 Celebrities Who Had Meltdowns Over The Election Results
President Barack Obama was re-elected into office for his second term on Tuesday after defeating Gov. Mitt Romney in a close election. While many celebrities flocked to social media sites to voice their excitement towards Obama’s re-election, there were several notable figures who lost their cool following Romney’s loss. Check out our list of the 5 celebrities who had meltdowns over the election results:

1. Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly, host of the The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, assisted as a political analyst for Fox News during their election broadcast.

During the broadcast, Bill O’...

Melissa Joan Hart Persecuted By Internet 'Trolls'

11/8/2012 8:15am EST
Melissa Joan Hart
Melissa Joan Hart has been targeted by obnoxious Internet 'trolls' over her political preference for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The Sabrina the Teenage Witch actress received a string of distasteful comments on her page shortly after Barack Obama was re-elected as President on Tuesday.

The actress re-tweeted some of the abuse she received, including a message branding her "a fat, unbankable, untalented, uneducated, neo-con, bad mom, child star from the 80s" and another reading, "hey Sabrina, f**k you."

Hart hit back at her attackers, insisting she was disgusted by ...

Mitt Romney's Campaign Accused Of Using 'Friday Night Lights' Slogan

10/13/2012 10:00am EDT
Mitt Romney
"Friday Night Lights" creator Peter Berg has called out Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for allegedly using the show's popular catchphrase as part of his campaign.

Berg coined the term “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose” for the TV series several years ago, and now he has called on Romney to stop using the line to connect with voters during speeches and on Facebook.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Berg sent a cease-and-desist letter to the politician's camp on Friday.

An excerpt reads, "I was not pleased when I saw you (had) plagiarized this expression to support you...

Big Bird Is The Star Of A New Satirical, Anti-Romney Political Ad (Video)

10/9/2012 3:00pm EDT
Sesame Street
President Barack Obama's campaign seized a golden (or should we say yellow) opportunity to attack rival Mitt Romney after the Republican presidential candidate vowed to end federal funding for public broadcasting during last week's debate.

In a new political ad, images of convicted financiers flash by as a narrator states: "Bernie Madoff. Ken Lay. Dennis Kozlowski. Criminals. Gluttons of greed. And the evil genius who towered over them? One man has the guts to speak his name (with a shot of Romney). Big Bird!"

The narrator continues, "Big. Yellow. A menace to our economy. Mitt Romney kn...

What Will Happen If Barack Obama Loses The Election To Mitt Romney?

10/8/2012 12:45pm EDT
Mitt Romney
Opinion: What will be the outcome if Obama loses the election? Here are 11 realizations.

1) Racists will take heart. The first black president elected in American history was a failure. Not up to the job. Voters turned him out after only one term. There’s no way around it, if you’re a member of the Ku Klux Klan, this will be a joyous affirmation that blacks are not intelligent enough to do the job. It will also affirm by inference that women are also not qualified and other so-called labeled minorities, because racists lump them all together. This would set the civil rights movement back, ...

Mitt Romney: King Willard The First

9/19/2012 10:24am EDT
Mitt Romney
He gets up in the morning and dons his expensive silk bathrobe, which of course is hand-stitched monogrammed with the initials “MR.”

He looks in the closet and tries to decide which of the 747 shirts in his apartment-sized closet he will wear today, but he won’t have to make the final choice----his dresser manservant will do that for him.

King Willard Romney the First is too important for that. To dress himself.

King Willard is studying a speech he will give today, about how Obama is out of touch with the American people.

He will however spread his own margarine on his own piece of toas...

Clint Eastwood Breaks Silence On His RNC Empty Chair Speech

9/7/2012 5:29pm EDT
Clint Eastwood
Actor Clint Eastwood came up with his much-talked about empty chair speech at Republican National Convention last week on a whim.

The Dirty Harry star received mixed reviews when he arrived at the political event in Tampa, Florida on August 30th and began chatting to an invisible President Barack Obama about foreign policy and economics, suggesting it was time the Democratic leader was ousted in favor of his party's candidate Mitt Romney.

Now Eastwood, 82, has opened up about his unconventional approach in rallying support for Romney, revealing he came up with the idea right before he t...

'Modern Family' Creator Invites Mitt Romney's Wife To Officiate Mitch And Cam's Wedding

8/29/2012 2:30pm EDT
Modern Family
One of the creators of hit TV sitcom Modern Family has mocked the wife of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney by inviting the Republican to appear on the gay-friendly show.

Ann Romney, who supports her husband's stance against the legalization of same-sex marriage, recently revealed she is a big fan of the comedy, despite the fact the hit program features gay couple Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker, portrayed by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, among its main characters.

Now Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan has poked fun at the irony, writing on, "Thrilled ...

Dee Snider Upset That VP Candidate Paul Ryan Used Twisted Sister Song

8/23/2012 9:54am EDT
Dee Snider
Vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan used Twisted Sister's popular tune "We're Not Gonna Take It" during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, and the band's singer Dee Snider isn't too pleased.

On Tuesday, Mitt Romney's Republican running mate reportedly blared the classic hit to pump up the crowd at a political rally. Snider heard about it and has launched a formal complaint with Ryan's camp.

Sinder said in a statement: "I emphatically denounce Paul Ryan's use of my band Twisted Sister's song 'We're Not Gonna Take It' in any capacity. There is almost nothing he stands for that I agree with ex...

Tom Morello Eviscerates Rage Against The Machine Fan Paul Ryan

8/20/2012 8:49am EDT
Tom Morello
Rage Against The Machine frontman Tom Morello has attacked vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan in a scathing magazine article after the politician named the rock band among his favorite artists.

The Republican candidate, who has been chosen as Mitt Romney's second-in-command, recently opened up about his love for the stars, but his comments have not sit well with Morello, who has campaigned endlessly with Occupy Wall Street activists calling for an end to corporate greed.

The musician takes issue with Ryan in an op-ed piece in Rolling Stone, insisting his conservative views and policies...

Silversun Pickups Demand Mitt Romney To Stop Playing Their Song

8/16/2012 8:56am EDT
Silversun Pickups
Rockers Silversun Pickups have fired off a legal letter ordering politician Mitt Romney to stop playing one of their songs on his campaign trail.

The Republican Party candidate has allegedly been playing the group's track Panic Switch during events as he challenges current President Barack Obama for the White House in this year's election.

The band's lawyers have now written a cease and desist letter to Romney, urging him to stop playing the 2009 hit without permission.

Frontman Brian Aubert tells, "We don't like people going behind our backs, using our music without asking, a...

Elizabeth Banks Defends Planned Parenthood In New President Obama Video

8/9/2012 12:46pm EDT
Elizabeth Banks
The Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks has shared her personal experiences with birth control in a candid campaign advertisement for President Barack Obama.

In a new promo aimed at female voters, the actress tells how she turned to the non-profit organization Planned Parenthood for health care services after she graduated from college and had no medical insurance.

She says, "Yes, I got birth control, but it was for my massive migraine headaches and my heavy flow. Yeah, I'm on record saying I had a heavy flow! Unfortunately, these are the type of things that I don't want to discuss with e...

Clint Eastwood: I'm Going To Be Voting For Mitt Romney

8/6/2012 9:10am EDT
Clint Eastwood
After speaking at an Idaho fundraiser on Friday, Clint Eastwood publicly endorsed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Eastwood joined fellow supporters in giving his backing to Romney at the private event in Sun Valley.

Romney will face incumbent Democrat Barack Obama in the election this November.

Eastwood told the crowd athe fundraiser, " "Now more than ever do we need Governor Romney. I'm going to be voting for him..."

He added that Romney would restore "a decent tax system that we need that there's a fairness and people are not pitted against one another as who's...

Michelle Obama & Mitt Romney Get Into The Olympic Spirit In London

7/30/2012 9:18am EDT
Michelle Obama & Carmelo ANthony
First Lady Michelle Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney attended the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, showing their support for Team USA. Naturally, the political rivals didn't sit together.

On Saturday the First Lady waved an American flag and lent her support to the U.S. swimming team at the Aquatics Centre of the Olympic Park, London. Romney and wife Ann also watched the swimming competition.

Obama cheered on the USA basketball Dream Team, and players such as Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James spontaneously hugged her after winning against ...

Attend Robert Duvall's Fundraiser For Mitt Romney For $2,500

7/27/2012 9:03am EDT
Robert Duvall
Robert Duvall is opening up his Virginia home for a campaign fundraiser for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The actor will host a party for Romney donors at his Middleburg mansion on September 6 with the politician's wife Ann Romney as the event's special guest.

Tickets to the bash start at $2,500.

Many celebrities, including George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Beyonce and Gwen Stefani, have rallied behind Democrat incumbent Barack Obama, while Duvall has chosen to back Republican Romney.

Democrat Matt Damon 'Disappointed' With Obama Because Of 'Banking Stuff'

7/25/2012 9:12am EDT
Matt Damon
Matt Damon is reconsidering voting for President Barack Obama because of the way the President is handling the country's financial crisis. The actor previously backed the Democrat in his 2008 run for the White House.

Damon says the Presidnet has failed to address country's money problems. In recent years, the United States has been struggling with a sluggish economy, prompting hundreds of people across the nation to speak out in protest of failing banks, corporate greed and high unemployment during the Occupy Wall Street movement last year.

At Comic-Con earlier this month, Damon said, "I ...

Mitt Romney's Sons Interviewed On Rock Center

7/18/2012 1:15pm EDT
Rock Center with Brian Williams
Peter Alexander sits down with the five young men who may become America’s ‘First Sons.’ In their first joint television news interview of the 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney’s five sons talk about their family, their faith, and why some of them initially didn’t want their Dad to run for President this year.

The full interview can be seen this Thursday, July 19 at 10pm/9c on NBC’s 'Rock Center with Brian Williams.'

Brad Pitt's Mom Slams President Obama In Letter To Local Newspaper

7/6/2012 8:19am EDT
Jane Pitt
Brad Pitt's mother has astounded the movie star's fans by writing an anti-President Barack Obama essay for her local Missouri newspaper.

Jane Pitt doesn't support her son and daughter-in-law-to-be Angelina Jolie's liberal sensibilities and that has been made clear in a letter printed in The Springfield News-Leader.

Urging her fellow Christians to vote for the President's Republican rival Mitt Romney in November, Mrs. Pitt calls Obama "a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage."

And Jane insists Obama is the wrong man to be running the country, adding, "...

Cher Deemed An 'Anti-Mormon Bigot' Over Her 'Magic Underwear' Tweet

6/30/2012 2:28pm EDT
Cher has upset leading Mormons by using a derogatory term in a attack on presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

The pop superstar, who is a fervent Democrat, sent out a tweet on Friday, urging President Barack Obama and his aides to get organized or risk losing November's election to Republican Romney, who is a Mormon.

Cher wrote, "I Feel if he (Obama) doesn't get all his DUCKS IN A ROW we'll b forced 2 listen 2Uncaring Richy Rich! The whitest man in MAGIC UNDERWEAR in the WH (White House)."

Her remarks have upset prominent members of the Mormon church, who wear formal garments...

Donald Trump Deems Cher 'A Loser'

5/15/2012 8:07am EDT
Donald Trump
Donald Trump has taken a swipe at singer Cher, branding her "miserable" and a "loser".

The property tycoon and reality TV star condemned the music legend after she made comments about presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, branding him "racist" and "homophobic".

Illustrious Republican supporter Trump hit back shortly after she made the remarks, posting on his page, "Cher attached (attacked) Mitt Romney. She is an average talent who is out of touch with reality."

And he renewed his attack on Monday, telling Fox News, "You know, I understand Cher, and Cher is somewhat of a loser....

'Moderate' Ted Nugent Loses His Temper During TV Interview

5/4/2012 4:02pm EDT
Ted Nugent
Outspoken rocker Ted Nugent was forced to apologize to a news reporter and TV producer on Friday after losing his temper during an interview and making vulgar comments about oral sex following a heated discussion about his conservative political views.

The Cat Scratch Fever singer is a staunch supporter of Republican Party and proved his dedication to the cause during a National Rifle Association rally in Missouri last month, when he suggested that fellow Republicans should "ride into that battlefield (election) and chop their (Democrats) heads off in November" to help his candidate Mitt...

Ted Nugent: 'I Have Never Made Any Threats Of Violence Towards Anyone'

4/20/2012 9:13am EDT
Ted Nugent
Rocker Ted Nugent has assured U.S. Secret Service officials he has no plans to attack President Barack Obama or high-ranking Democrats during the nation's 2012 elections, despite fiery remarks he made during a National Rifle Association rally at the weekend.

The "Cat Scratch Fever" hitmaker, who is a staunch conservative, hit the headlines after passionately declaring his support for the leader's chief rival, Republican Mitt Romney, at the Missouri NRA gathering.

And he urged members and fans to rally against Obama and the Democrats, stating, "We need to ride into the battlefield and chop...

Adele, Kate Middleton & Rihanna Among Those On Time's '100 Most Influential People In The World' List

4/18/2012 2:00pm EDT
2012 Time 100
Time magazine just released its annual list of the 100 Most Influential People who "inspire us, entertain us, challenge us and change our world."

British soul singer Adele made it onto the prestigious Time 100 list. U.K. royal Kate Middleton, a.k.a. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is also a new name in the lineup following her wedding to Prince William last year. Her sister Pippa Middleton, who was recently embroiled in a gun/paparazzi controversy, surprisingly made the cut.

Bajan popstar Rihanna, movie executive Harvey Weinstein and President Barack Obama are also included on the 2012 l...

Invisible Children's Short Film 'KONY 2012' Gets Celeb Backing & Raises Awareness Of Ugandan War Criminal Joseph Kony's Atrocities (Watch The Film Here)

3/8/2012 11:47am EST
Joseph Kony
Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Bono and Rihanna are just a handful of the big names that are helping raise awareness of a new campaign by Invisible Children.

A new 29-minute video that hit the web on Monday called KONY 2012 is bringing attention to Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), which is based in central Africa. Kony and his terrorist group got their start in northern Uganda and have since left the region but are still active in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan.

Kony is a monster and needs to be stopped. Th...

Roseanne Barr Wants To Be President, Legalize Marijuana

2/3/2012 8:46am EST
Roseanne Barr
Funnywoman Roseanne Barr is getting serious about politics - she has filed documents to become the Green Party's official candidate for President.

If successful, she'll go up against President Barack Obama and either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney in the race for the White House in November.

And her big issue, according to she wants marijuana legalized.