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New Royal Portraits Coming Soon!

4/1/2016 9:53am EDT
Queen Elizabeth Takes 90th Birthday Photos With Prince George, P
Queen Elizabeth II is getting ready to celebrate her 90th birthday and wanted to commemorate the occasion with some family portraits. According to People Magazine, the Queen invited some family members over to her place (Windsor Castle) to sit down for some photos. Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, and their two children, Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 11 months, were in attendance, but the Queen reportedly took photos only with her great-grandchildren.

It has been reported that famed photographer Annie Leibovitz snapped the photos which will likely be released by the...

Countess Of Wessex Talks About Queen Elizabeth's Fashion Choices

3/25/2016 12:04am EDT
Sophie Wessex
Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, is one of many members of the British royal family paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth as she approaches her ninetieth birthday.

“Our Queen at Ninety” airs in the U.K. on Easter Sunday on ITV and features several royal family members talking about the queen. According to Hello magazine, Sophie reveals why the queen chooses bright colors for public engagements.

"Don't forget that when she turns up somewhere, the crowds are two, three, four, ten, 15 deep, and someone wants to be able to say they saw a bit of the Queen's hat as she went past," Sophie says.

The ...

Queen Elizabeth 'Serves' This 'King'

3/3/2016 10:51am EST
Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Praise: England's Monarch Praises
Queen Elizabeth II has birthday praise ahead of turning 90-years-old next month. In her new book, the Queen of England says she serves one king, Jesus Christ. Undoubtedly, the Son of Man has a special role in Elizabeth's life, citing an Anglican report.

Elizabeth and Mark Greene, executive director of LICC, are co-authors of the book, "The "Servant Queen and the King She Serves." The memoir is an exploration, revelation, and homage to the Queen's Christian faith and Jesus. Advance copies have reached over 50,000 orders.

Queen Elizabeth II’s new book “The Servant Queen and the King She...

The Truth About Those 'Queen Kate' Coming Soon Rumors

1/7/2016 1:34pm EST
Princess Kate To Be 'Queen' Of England Soon In 'Billion Dollar'
Will Princess Kate soon be called "Queen Kate" of the British monarchy?

According to an OK! Magazine post, its sources claim Queen Elizabeth II is abdicating and passing over her son, Charles, Prince of Wales, for her grandson, Prince William. And that's not the half. Sources say Buckingham Palace is planning a billion dollar coronation for Will and Kate in the spring with a guest list that includes Oprah, Beyonce and Jay Z, Elton John, and other A-listers.

In a previous Starpulse report last month, speculation grew that Queen Elizabeth II had likely made her choice in succession. Rumor...

Prince Philip Accused Of Cheating On Queen Elizabeth For Nearly Seven Decades

11/2/2015 9:04am EST
Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth II
A new television series, "The Crown," threatens to expose Prince Philip's philandering ways, according to a new report. The program began filming in London on Oct. 16 and reportedly covers 68 years of the prince's extramarital affairs.

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the cheating began even before they tied the knot in 1947. A "source close to Prince Philip" claims he "rendezvoused" with an author named Daphne Du Maruiers on the eve of his wedding night.

The Globe reports that the Duke of Edinburgh, now 94, hooked up with a showgirl named Pat Kirkwood a month before the birth of his...

Kate Middleton May Not Be Queen If This Woman Has A Say

10/11/2015 9:58am EDT
Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Middleton
Make it stop! Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Middleton feud rumors are in the news again and show no signs of slowing down.

Now, a tabloid via Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Prince Charles' wife, Camilla Parkers Bowes' elaborate scheme to deny Will and Kate succession to the throne is working. And yes, she reportedly still hates Princess Kate Middleton and has another secret in the closet: the Duchess of Cornwall (Queen of England hopeful) allegedly has a secret lover -- with a big bankroll and clout in government.

So, who is the Duchess' lover with parliamentary pull?


Queen Elizabeth II Reportedly Has An Opinion About Kate Middleton's Hair

10/8/2015 10:27am EDT
The Queen Has Hair Advice For Kate Middleton? Monarch Thinks Tip
It isn't unusual for young women to dye their hair when a few gray strands start to appear, and Kate Middleton is apparently no exception. But not everyone in the royal family believes she should be coloring her locks.

If a "royal source" from the National Enquirer is to be believed, Queen Elizabeth II thinks the Duchess of Cambridge should let her hair go gray naturally.

"Women everywhere are intrigued by Kate’s sudden switch from long, flowing locks to perky bangs — but unfortunately, Wills made the mistake of asking Granny how she liked Kate's new hairstyle," the insider revealed.


GIFs That Depict What The Queen Does If Kate Has A Wardrobe Oops

10/7/2015 8:33am EDT
Ever Imagine What Queen Elizabeth II Would Do If Princess Kate F
Princess Kate has suffered from some memorable wardrobe malfunctions, supposedly through no fault of her doing. Amal Clooney recently joined Kate Middleton in that department -- arguably by her own doing. Every wonder what Queen Elizabeth II would do if the Duchess flashed paparazzi like Amal did while a sea of cameras snapped away at the moment?

The activist attorney and her handsome other half stepped out at a restaurant in London in the swanky Notting Hill neighborhood over the weekend. Amal and George were on a triple-date with friends, Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana Barroso, and Cin...

The Duchess Of Cambridge Receives The Royal Family Order Of Queen Elizabeth II

9/29/2015 10:20pm EDT
Kate Middleton Receives A Significant Piece Of Jewelry From Quee
The British monarch has bestowed one of the greatest honors for a female in the royal family by giving Kate Middleton the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II. Previous recipients include Princess Diana and Prince Charles' current wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Order is essentially a badge that is usually pinned on the recipient's left shoulder. It is a painting of a younger Queen Elizabeth II in an evening dress and is bordered by diamonds. A Tudor crown in diamonds and red enamel is included on top of the picture, which is hung from a yellow ribbon.

Middleton reportedly receive...

Check Out How The Queen Communicates With Her Grandkids

9/16/2015 3:52pm EDT
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth might be old fashioned and very traditional when it comes to how she runs things, but that doesn't mean that she's not open to technology! According to People Magazine, the 89-year-old has been known to jump on Skype as a way of chatting with her grandchildren. Since it's not always easy to stay in touch, the Queen has found Skype to be a helpful tool that helps her stay connected to her loved ones.

"Chatting to her table at an event last year... the Queen divulged that she has become adept at Skype, using it to chat with her granddaughter Zara Phillips, 34. 'She's very muc...

Gossip: Is Prince Charles Losing The Throne To Son William?

9/10/2015 8:32am EDT
The Royal Family
Rumors started circulating on Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth II was ready to hand over the throne to Prince William and Kate Middleton instead of Prince Charles -- gossip that sounds ridiculous and has been debunked.

OK! magazine reported that the Queen was planning on "stepping down from the throne" in April and instead of having her son take her place she wants her grandson to take over the job.

An insider alleged: "The idea of having Charles step aside for the good of the monarchy had been whispered about, but they never believed it would happen."

The source added, "It’s been a tough ...

It's No Surprise That The Queen Loves This Show

9/4/2015 1:30pm EDT
Queen Elizabeth Watches 'Downton Abbey' And Points Out The Mista
Don't mess with Queen Elizabeth II when it comes to the historical accuracy of "Downton Abbey." For one thing, the Queen is intimately familiar with the historic locale where "Downton Abbey" is filmed, Highclere Castle.

The royal matriarch is apparently a big fan of the series, and according to her biographer, she loves looking for mistakes when tuning in to the popular series.

Brian Hoey, author of "At Home With The Queen," revealed to People that although the program has a historical advisor, the Queen "loves to pick out the mistakes."

But there aren't too many of them.

He added, "The...

Kate Middleton Back In The Spotlight For Queen's Dinner

9/4/2015 10:50am EDT
Kate Middleton To Come Out Of Hiding For Dinner Celebrating Quee
Kate Middleton will back in the spotlight next week as she celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's reign during a special dinner. The Queen invited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to attend a family dinner at her home in Balmoral, Scotland, on Sept. 9, according to various reports.

The event will celebrate the Queen's longevity on the throne. Her rule will surpass that of great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, who held the royal position for 63 years and 213 days.

According to the Mirror, the event will coincide with the release of a biography on Queen Elizabeth II, written by former foreign s...

Did Queen Elizabeth Really Call Kate This Name Behind Closed Doors?

7/17/2015 6:47pm EDT
Princess Kate, Queen Elizabeth Feud Rumors: Royal Monarch Belitt
Is there a Royal feuding going on among the British Royals? According to a super-secret insider, yes, but skirmish it appears one-sided.

According to a video report from HollyScoop, Princess Kate and Queen Elizabeth II are not getting along. Allegedly, Her Majesty is underwhelmed about Kate's prissy attitude at times. Word is she called Kate Middleton a "hurtful name." What's more, The Queen, says the source, has grown tired of Princess Fashionista's choice of shoes.

On the latter, Kate appears in countless photos with pretty cool fascinators, designer frocks, and tailor-made skirts. Her ...

The Queen's Husband Swore, Prince William's Expression Priceless

7/11/2015 10:41pm EDT
Prince Philip F-bomb photo
For the most part, Prince Philip is a mild-mannered mate. However, Queen Elizabeth II's husband recently lost his temper, and the F-bomb was heard all around the world.

At 94, even if he's not a king, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, can say anything he wants. And this week during the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Elizabeth's husband proved just that and much more.

While posing for photographers during the photo call, the royal appeared to lose his temper. Based on the footage below, the elder Philip was growing restless by the second. As a cameraperson passed by, he said, "Just ...

Michael And Carole Middleton Attended, But Where Was Kate Middleton?

7/3/2015 2:33pm EDT
Princess Kate's Parents Take In Wimbledon 2015 Ahead Of Princess
The British Royals have not attended the Wimbledon Championships yet. But Michael and Carole Middleton, the parents of Princess Kate Middleton, took in some tennis on Thursday at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's parents, were on hand to witness a milestone, albeit a dreadful one, in professional tennis: the defeat of Rafael Nadal (No. 10 in the world) by Dustin Brown, and un-seeded player.

Michael & Carole Middleton sit in the Royal Boc on Centre Court on day four of the 2015 Wimbledon Championships pic.twitter.com/h2TfBlFB35

— Me and the...

What Name Is Missing From Baby Charlotte's Guest List?

6/29/2015 10:02pm EDT
Royal Christening: Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince William Invite
The darling Princess Charlotte is receiving a royal christening on July 5, and Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are over the moon.

The nearly 2-month-old little sister to Prince George is taking part in a traditional baptism that allows the public to -- hopefully -- get a glimpse at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second-born.

A statement of Prince Charlotte's christening released to the public on Monday.

"The Duke and Duchess are hugely grateful for the warm wishes they have received since Princess Charlotte's birth – many of them from local people in Norfolk – and are de...

Why Is The Queen Being Forced Out Of Buckingham Palace?

6/24/2015 7:22pm EDT
Queen Elizabeth II Moves Out: Renovations May Force Queen Elizab
Bad news for Queen Elizabeth: she's being kicked out of Buckingham Palace. At least it's for a good reason- According to The Mirror, the Queen's royal home is badly in need of renovations, and the Queen is being forced out while her 775-room household gets a full makeover.

Buckingham palace needs a fair amount of work, especially considering it hasn't seen a re-decoration since 1952- the same year Elizabeth first became Queen. Apparently, the building's plumbing is badly outdated, the wiring is growing old and there's asbestos everywhere. There's also the matter of these old features not b...

Queen Elizabeth Sends First Tweet, Or Does Someone Else?

10/24/2014 9:52am EDT
Queen Elizabeth Sends First Tweet, Or Does Someone Else?
On a trip to London’s science museum, Queen Elizabeth II officially sent her first tweet. The reigning monarch has an account named "The British Monarchy."

In photos from the event, Queen Elizabeth was seen typing on an iPad. Immediately a furor broke out among the media that the Queen was not actually tweeting, rather that someone else was doing it for her since the comment was sent via iPhone.

According to The Verge, The British Monarchy claimed the tweet was "sent personally by the Queen." The following tweet from #BritishMonarchy states, "The last tweet was sent personally by The Quee...

Angelina Jolie Made An Honorary Dame By Queen Elizabeth II

10/10/2014 6:11pm EDT
Angelina Jolie Made An Honorary Dame By Queen Elizabeth II
Angelina Jolie was honored by Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Buckingham Palace on Friday.

The actress was made an honorary Dame by the Queen in a special ceremony that was announced in June. She was feted for her work with the UK's foreign policy and for her campaign against sexual violence in war zones.

"Ms. Angelina Jolie was received by The Queen today when Her Majesty presented her with the Insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George," a spokesperson for the Palace said. "The audience itself between Miss Jolie and the Quee...

Steven Tyler's Feather Headdress, World Cup Goofiness & Other Crazy Hats In Entertainment

6/16/2014 12:00pm EDT
Steven Tyler's Feather Headdress, World Cup Goofiness & Other Cr
Summertime means celebrities step out in all kinds of crazy headwear. Aerosmith performed at a music festival in Donnington Park, England, over the weekend with frontman Steven Tyler wearing a Native American headdress.

He must not have followed the Pharrell Willams Elle magazine controversy.

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing, and fans are showing their pride by dressing in strange costumes, including making hats with Barbie dolls glued all over them.

Actress Kate Winslet followed British tradition by wearing a black and white fascinator to the Prix de Diane (Diane Prize) in Chantilly,...

Prince Harry Very Nearly Ready To Marry?

2/26/2014 12:30pm EST
Prince Harry
Prince Harry is reportedly taking discreet steps to set the founddation for a very real impending engagement announcement! The Prince has reportedly set his sights on marriage to Cressida and is eager to propose once he has the permission of Queen Elizabeth!

The pretty aristocratic socialite has moved up very quickly socially since she began dating the handsome prince and she was just recently given a very substantial signal via being granted security clearence in her own right to spend time at the prince's apartments at Kensington Palace and free use of the gardens.

Reportedly Harry has ...

Anticipation Builds For The Royal Baby

7/12/2013 2:48pm EDT
Royal Baby Photographers
Photographers have been busy setting up ladders and chairs and jockeying for the best position outside of St. Mary's Hospital in London in preparation for the new addition to England's Royal Family.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are expecting their first child any day now, and despite no official announcement, Middleton's due date is believed to be very soon. Some say it's July 13; while Kate's mom, Carole Middleton, has reportedly said that the baby's zodiac sign will be Leo, according to to the UK's Mirror -- which means the little prince or princess...

Helen Mirren Leaves Stage To Shout At Loud Street Drummers

5/6/2013 1:07pm EDT
Helen Mirren
Drummers promoting a gay musical festival were left stunned when Helen Mirren cussed them out - in a Queen Elizabeth II costume.

Mirren was performing in the play "The Audience" at the Gielgud Theatre when she was interrupted by the sound of 25 drummers outside. The actress stormed out the doors and confronted the loud band's leader, cussing and asking them to "shut the f--- up."

Mirren told the Daily Telegraph, "I'm afraid there were a few 'thespian' words used. They got a very stern royal ticking off but I have to say they were very sweet and they stopped immediately. 

"I would love to...

Kate Middleton's Nude Photo Scandal: A Royal Invasion Of Privacy

9/23/2012 10:29am EDT
Kate Middleton People
Princess Kate and Prince William face the dark side of royal life as topless photos taken of her with a long-lens camera as she sunbathed at a private estate in the South of France during a romantic getaway go viral. This week's issue of PEOPLE examines how she's coping, who's to blame, and how the Palace is standing by the future Queen.

"They were absolutely united in how they felt about it," a source says of the couple, who struggled to hide their emotions in public. "A red line had been crossed." And an era of relative innocence, it seemed, had come to a sudden, jarring end for Brita...

Helen Mirren Confirms Second Reign As 'The Queen'

9/21/2012 10:08pm EDT
The Queen
Helen Mirren has re-teamed with the screenwriter of The Queen to reprise her role as Britain's monarch onstage.

The actress, who won acclaim and an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in Peter Morgan and Stephen Frears' 2006 film The Queen, will don the royal attire and tiara again for a new West End play, called The Audience, next year.

Director Stephen Daldry has now confirmed he'll begin staging the production in February, and admits he was surprised when Mirren agreed to tackle the role for a second time. He tells the London Evening Standard, "It's (a) testament to Peter'...

London Olympics Begin With Dazzling Star-Studded Show

7/28/2012 9:00am EDT
London Olympics
On Friday, "Slumdog Millionaire" director Danny Boyle kicked off the London 2012 Olympic Games with a dazzling visual spectacular that included appearances by actor Kenneth Branagh, James Bond star Daniel Craig, author J.K. Rowling and Queen Elizabeth II.

The filmmaker presented the Isles of Wonder Opening Ceremony in Stratford, East London, and the Oscar winner did not disappoint.

The sound of the Olympic Bell signalled the official start of the London Games as the patriotic hymn "Jerusalem" was sung throughout the stadium. Branagh was the first celebrity to appear as he stepped up to po...

Kate Middleton Is Ravishing In Red At The Diamond Jubilee Celebration

6/4/2012 10:46am EDT
Kate Middleton Queen's Jubilee
Britons are out in full force this week to honor their beloved Queen Elizabeth II and her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The event commemorates the queen's 60-year reign.

On Sunday Kate Middleton, formerly known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attended the river pageant flotilla in London. Over 1,000 boats mustered on the River Thames. It was one of the largest flotillas ever assembled on the river. Those Brits love their pomp and circumstance (and we dig it too!)

Kate wore a simple red dress with a matching headpiece and beige pumps. The ensemble was conservative yet attractive. We su...

Kylie Minogue Challenges Pippa Middleton To A 'Battle Of The Butts'

6/1/2012 11:40am EDT
Kylie Minogue
Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue has thrown down the gauntlet to Pippa Middleton, challenging her to a 'battle of the butts' at Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

The singer rejuvenated her career in 2000 when she flashed her backside while gyrating in a pair of skimpy gold hot pants in the video for her track Spinning Around.

The film caused a sensation and led to Minogue regularly topping light-hearted 'best butt' lists ever since - but she faces fierce competition from Middleton, who caused an online storm with her shapely posterior at her sister Catherine's marriage to Britain's Pri...

Kate Middleton Makes First Solo Public Appearances While Prince William Is Away

3/4/2012 9:00am EST
Kate Middleton
Less than a year since Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, she's winning hearts – and heartfelt admiration – as she steps confidently out into the royal spotlight for the first time without Prince William's steady guidance. In this week's issue of PEOPLE, Kate makes her first solo royal appearances, where she charms and impresses, proving to be a bright new jewel in the royal crown. The warm smile; the quick laugh; the steady, connected gaze – this commoner turned princess is showing that she's better than good at her job.

While William serves a six-week stint with the Royal ...