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Prince Harry Very Nearly Ready To Marry?

2/26/2014 12:30pm EST
Prince Harry
Prince Harry is reportedly taking discreet steps to set the founddation for a very real impending engagement announcement! The Prince has reportedly set his sights on marriage to Cressida and is eager to propose once he has the permission of Queen Elizabeth!

The pretty aristocratic socialite has moved up very quickly socially since she began dating the handsome prince and she was just recently given a very substantial signal via being granted security clearence in her own right to spend time at the prince's apartments at Kensington Palace and free use of the gardens.

Reportedly Harry has ...

Cressida Confidential - Cressida Bonas Is Granted Security Clearance

2/22/2014 10:30am EST
Cressida Bonas
Cressida Bonas is certainly moving up in the affections of Prince Harry and has gained access to Kensington Palace in her own right. She has been granted security clearance and now spends so much time at the royal palace that it’s becoming viewed as inevitable that she will likely marry her prince. This is an unprecedented honor for royal girlfriends (even the now Duchess Kate had to go through security as girlfriend) and it’s likely that the pretty twenty-five year old (her birthday was last week) has been seen at his apartments and enjoyed free rein and enjoys running around the gardens o...

Celebrities That Turn 30 In 2014

1/3/2014 1:00pm EST
Scarlett Johansson
The last two days we've posted a list of celebrities that turn 40 and 50 in 2014. Today, we are giving you the list of celebrities that turn 30, even though 30 isn't that big a milestone - but we'll include the kiddies anyhow.

Lets turn the clock back 30 years ago to 1984 - Here are a few highlights form that year: Ronald Reagan was elected to his second term as President of the United States, the Space Shuttle Discovery had its first maiden voyage, the Aids Virus was identified, the first Apple Macintosh went on sale, CD players (now pretty much defunct) were introduced commercially, and ...

10 Fun Facts About Prince Harry's Girlfriend Cressida Bonas

10/13/2013 4:00pm EDT
Cressida Bonas
Cressida Bonas is the latest ‘it’ girl in Britain as Prince Harry’s rumored wife-to-be and the international press is picking her up and putting her on covers all over the world! She’s part of the aristocratic social “BBB” (blonde, beautiful, blue-blooded) set that Harry prefers to select his dates and girlfriends from and there has been two publications in Britain (The Telegraph and Daily Mail) that have run stories that there has been an engagement formalized behind closed doors that has yet to be officially announced. FI she marries the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor and fourth in line t...

Are Wedding Bells Starting To Ring For Prince Harry And Girlfriend Cressida Bonas?

10/13/2013 9:00am EDT
Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas
She’s beautiful, spirited, and posh. PEOPLE examines how 24-year-old Cressida Bonas has captured Prince Harry’s heart – and why the marriage buzz grows louder as the longtime bachelor and his girlfriend of more than a year take their romance public. With condolences to aspiring princesses everywhere, there’s no use softening the blow: at 29, the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor is truly, madly, deeply in love – and according to several friends and Palace insiders, Bonas has lost her heart to the ginger-haired prince. Easygoing, artsy, model-gorgeous and from a colorful blue-blooded family, “s...

Is Prince Harry About To Marry?

10/8/2013 1:47pm EDT
Prince Harry
Various British tabloids are setting up headlines that Harry is close to marrying! Rumors in society are heating up that Harry will propose to society flame Cressida Bonas and there will be a proposal in weeks and an annoucement by the end of the year! The Daily Telegraph is already pronouncing it and if there is no formal denial from the palace, the silence will serve as an unofficial endorsement of the

Cressida Bonas is the daughter of banking heiress Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon and entrepreneur Jeffrey Bonas and is a graduate of Leeds University and graduated from the Trinity Laban Conservato...

Prince Harry To Marry Cressida Bonas Next Year?

10/7/2013 5:07pm EDT
Prince Harry
Cressida Bonas, the blonde beauty datingbeside Prince Harry, could be marrying the royal as soon as next year.

One of her friends boldly told The Telegraph, "Cressie is going to marry Harry. Harry never stops talking about marriage and children, and she has now got used to the idea. The wedding is likely to take place next year."

Apparently the idea of marriage had come up before between the two, but the 24 year-old Bonas felt she was too young to settle down - even with a prince. "Harry is coming on very strong, but she is all over the place. She thinks she is far too young to get marrie...

Harry Touches Down In Australia

10/4/2013 11:18am EDT
Prince Harry
Prince Harry has touched down in Australia in a commercial flight and has begun his state visit to Australia. There was a brief walk about and he was whisked away to the home of the Governor-General and he will reside there until the beginning of his tour.

He will be reviewing naval exercises and will spend time greeting his Australian supporters. The security officers were dressed in full ceremonial dress and despite the brief appearance Harry caused great excitement among the royal fans gathered to greet him.

Prince Harry And Cressida Bonas Make Appearance At James Blunt Concert

10/1/2013 6:50am EDT
Prince Harry
The actual fact of a relationship has been mysterious and debatable, but it's now official that Harry is once again off of the dating scene and into relationship with 24 year old society girl Cressida Bonas. She is part of the "BBB (blonde, beautiful, blueblood)" set and has been part of his circle since she was a young girl. She is friends with Princess Eugenie of York and the princess supposely fixed them up together as a couple.

Whether or not there even was a relationship was being hotly debated on gossip websites and subjected to speculation in the press, but no more! They have now ma...

Prince Harry To Visit Australia

9/27/2013 9:27am EDT
Prince Harry
Prince Harry will make the first official visit to Australia as a member of the royal family. While he has been to Australia before in 2003 during his gap year (where he worked at a ranch in the Australian Outback), that was a private visit, not official and he will attend the one hundred year anniversary of the arrival of the Royal Australian Navy's first fleet in Sydney Harbour in 1913.

Prince Harry will greet the newly elected Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Governnor-General Quentin Bryce (who acts as the Queen's representative) and watch a variety events on the water on the fifth of Oc...

Anticipation Builds For The Royal Baby

7/12/2013 2:48pm EDT
Royal Baby Photographers
Photographers have been busy setting up ladders and chairs and jockeying for the best position outside of St. Mary's Hospital in London in preparation for the new addition to England's Royal Family.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are expecting their first child any day now, and despite no official announcement, Middleton's due date is believed to be very soon. Some say it's July 13; while Kate's mom, Carole Middleton, has reportedly said that the baby's zodiac sign will be Leo, according to to the UK's Mirror -- which means the little prince or princess...

Emmy Rossum: 'I've Always Had A Bit Of A Thing For Prince Harry'

2/12/2013 10:40am EST
Emmy Rossum
Singer/actress Emmy Rossum has a secret crush on Prince Harry and dreams of dating the bad-boy British royal.

The Phantom of the Opera star, who last month released her second album - a compilation of classic standards titled Sentimental Journey has had her eye the party-loving prince since she was a child.

However, Rossum doesn't see the third-in-line to the British throne as potential marriage material - she just wants a steamy fling with him.

Rossum tells British magazine Live, "I've always had a bit of a thing for Prince Harry. Growing up I used to pretend I was married to him in ...

Prince Harry: 'I Let Down Myself And Family Over Naked Photos'

1/22/2013 3:15pm EST
Prince Harry
British royal Prince Harry has broken his silence over the shocking images which showed him partying naked in Las Vegas last year, admitting he let himself and his family down.

Photographs of the young royal cavorting in the nude with a group of women in his Sin City hotel suite emerged in August and hit headlines across the world.

At the time of the incident, the Prince was on leave from the British Army, in which he serves as an Apache helicopter gunner, and he admits he should have shown more restraint during his vacation.

He says, "It was probably a classic example of me probably bei...

2012 Celebrity Sex Scandals & Nude Photo Leaks

12/25/2012 8:00am EST
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian
Real life often mimics soap operas, and 2012 was no exception. Several celebrities were embroiled in sex scandals and nude photo leaks. As much as these stars try to keep some things to themselves, sometimes their private moments result in a media frenzy.

In September, a video featuring Kanye West getting down and dirty with a woman looking very similar to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was being shopped around. RadarOnline reported that they viewed the 20-minute sex tape and posted a non-nude screen shot from it.  The video was allegedly made before the rapper started dating the reality st...

Prince Harry: Royal Guts and Glory

9/10/2012 11:15am EDT
Prince Harry
Opinion: I saw where Royal Prince Harry has returned to Afghanistan and will serve as a helicopter gunner. This surprised me, as I thought they would put him up in a Howard Johnson’s Hotel in Kabul and give him a computer to play games on.

How heroic of Harry.

But you’ve maybe heard the old saying, “Royals never die---they just pose and grandstand away.”

Prince Harry, who once wore a Nazi uniform at a wild party, and who recently stripped naked at another party in Las Vegas, and dove into a pool with a drink in his hand, has with his government’s concurrence, decided to WOW us with his p...

Prince Harry's Wild Week In Las Vegas

9/2/2012 9:00am EDT
Prince Harry
After a wild weekend in Las Vegas – and shocking naked photos – everyone's favorite bad-boy prince is still wildly popular. This week's issue of PEOPLE examines why Prince Harry, 27, won't stop partying – and what his family really thinks.

Poolside at Las Vegas's Wet Republic on August 18, the Party Prince appeared more than ready to live up to his nickname. Shirtless in tropical-themed swim trunks, Harry hung out with his posse, drank vodka and cranberry, and chatted with ladies lined up to bask in the ripped-ab presence of the third in line to the British throne. "He couldn't decide o...

Prince Harry Deletes His Facebook Page

8/27/2012 9:10am EDT
Prince Harry
After naked pictures of him at a party in Las Vegas emerged online last week, British royal Prince Harry has deleted his personal Facebook account.

Prince Harry made headlines worldwide after he was photographed in the nude during a game of strip billiards at the MGM Grand hotel in Sin City.

According to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, the third-in-line to the throne used the pseudonym Spike Wells on the social networking site; however, he has apparently canceled his account under advice from his private secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton.

Buckingham Palace officials are reportedly worri...

Shining & Falling Stars: Nicki Minaj & Prince Harry

8/24/2012 9:06am EDT
Shining Star: Nicki Minaj - After both J.Lo and Steven Tyler bowed out of their judging duties on "American Idol," chaos ensued. Would the show go on? Who would replace them if it did?

The show already signed on Mariah Carey, for a reported boatload of cash. Now there's one seat remaining, and rumors are swirling that the eccentric Nicki Minaj would be filling that vacant spot. And the news isn't sitting well with Carey.

Sources connected to the show told TMZ that Mariah had been led to believe that she was going to be the only female on the panel, so she's understandably annoyed that she...

Boy George: 'The Queen Should Behead TMZ'

8/22/2012 12:01pm EDT
Boy George
Legendary pop star Boy George has shown his support for embattled British royal Prince Harry, branding his naked picture scandal "cheap" and "rubbish".

The third-in-line to the throne was dealt a blow on Tuesday when editors at website published two images of the playboy prince.

The photos show the royal stripped off during a party in his suite a hotel in Las Vegas, where he is currently enjoying a break with friends.

A spokesman for Prince Harry has declined to comment on the scandal, but former Culture Club star Boy George has hit out at the celebrity news website on Twitter...

Kate Middleton Makes First Solo Public Appearances While Prince William Is Away

3/4/2012 9:00am EST
Kate Middleton
Less than a year since Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, she's winning hearts – and heartfelt admiration – as she steps confidently out into the royal spotlight for the first time without Prince William's steady guidance. In this week's issue of PEOPLE, Kate makes her first solo royal appearances, where she charms and impresses, proving to be a bright new jewel in the royal crown. The warm smile; the quick laugh; the steady, connected gaze – this commoner turned princess is showing that she's better than good at her job.

While William serves a six-week stint with the Royal ...

Prince Harry Qualifies As Attack Helicopter Pilot

2/9/2012 9:10am EST
Prince Harry-20110926-142.jpg
British royal Prince Harry is reportedly set to return to war-torn Afghanistan after qualifying as a front line Apache attack helicopter pilot on Wednesday.

Prince Harry, known as Captain Wales in his professional military capacity, was also handed an award at a special dinner after he was judged the best co-pilot gunner out of more than 20 newly-qualified flyers.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense reads, "The award handed to Captain Wales consists of a polished 30mm round from an Apache cannon mounted on a stand."

The royal completed a tough 18-month training program to qualify, a...

Prince Harry To Climb Mount Everest

1/18/2012 5:55pm EST
Prince Harry
British royal Prince Harry is set to climb Mount Everest this spring as part of a mission to raise money for charity.

Harry embarked on an expedition to the North Pole last year with members of Walking With the Wounded, an organisation which helps rehabilitate injured troops.

And now the 27 year old will reteam with his mates for another gruelling journey and trek up the world's tallest mountain.

His fellow climber Mollie Hughes, 21, tells Britain's Telegraph, "He won't be doing the full climb, as it will take a long time and it requires rigorous training, so I think he'll be joining (us...

Body Of 17-Year-Old Girl Found At Queen Elizabeth's Norfolk Estate Proving To Be A Royal Murder Mystery

1/15/2012 9:00am EST
People Magazine
As the Windsor clan enjoyed Christmas holiday at their country estate, a 17-year-old girl was found slain on the property. How did she get there? This week's issue of PEOPLE magazine examines the Royal mystery at the Queen's beloved Sandringham retreat as police race to find answers in the brutal killing. Just yards away from where Queen Elizabeth, flanked by her trusty black Labradors, stalked pheasant and partridge with her party, there was prey of a ghastly sort: the decomposing remains of a teen girl. "The body," says Detective Chief Inspector Jes Fry, "had been there for some time."


PETA Takes Aim At Britain's Royal Couple

9/23/2011 11:27am EDT
Prince William
Officials at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have taken aim at Britain's Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge as part of a campaign against bird shooting.

Reports suggest Prince William recently gifted his brother, Prince Harry, with a number of pheasants, ducks and partridges for a shoot at Queen Elizabeth II's estate in Sandringham, England in honor of the young royal's 27th birthday.

PETA bosses are outraged by the suggestion and have written to Prince William's wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in a bid to put an end to the bloodsport.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk...

Lady Gaga Crowned Queen Of The Catwalk

9/20/2011 8:27am EDT
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has seen off competition from Kate Moss and Beyonce to be crowned queen of the celebrity catwalk.

The Poker Face hit-maker topped a survey to coincide with London Fashion Week for her bizarre range of stage outfits. Stylish supermodel Kate Moss came second in the poll for clothing brand Hot Tuna, and newlywed royal Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was in third.

The top five was rounded out by Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, but it was not good news for singer-turned-fashionista Victoria Beckham - she was placed bottom of the list, behind Rihanna and model/actress Kelly Bro...

Rumor Patrol: Prince Harry In Vegas? Beyonce's Fake Baby Bump? 'Twilight' Hairbrushes?

9/7/2011 12:00pm EDT
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Prince Harry In Vegas: Rumors are rampant that the Prince is headed stateside, and could be enjoying himself in Sin City for a while. With allegations that he's a party animal, the paparazzi are sure to snap him in a few bad situations.

Verdict: Mostly True. Prince Harry will be in the United States to train with the Air Force in both California and Arizona. There will be some downtime to head over to Vegas, but...

Prince William & Kate Move Into Their New Home (Photos)

7/20/2011 2:00pm EDT
Prince William and Catherine
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, have moved into Kensington Palace in London. William lived there as a child with his brother Harry, father Charles, and mother Princess Diana.

The palace has been refurbished for the newlyweds, who celebrate their three-month anniversary on July 29. But they're only taking over a tiny part of the residence. They'll live in an apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The couple recently completed a whirlwind tour of Canada and Los Angeles.

Remembering Princess Diana On What Would Have Been Her 50th Birthday (Photos)

7/1/2011 8:30am EDT
Happy Birthday Princess Diana
Happy Birthday to Princess Diana, who would have turned 50 today. In addition to her tumultous relationship with ex-husband Prince Charles, her keen eye for fashion, and her offspring Princes William and Harry, she is also remembered for her charity work.

Begining in the 1980s, Diana devoted her time to numerous organizations, including less popular charities catering to AIDS and leprosy. She also aided homeless youth, drug addicts, and the elderly.

Perhaps one of the most famous images of Diana was taken while she supported the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Her work resulted...

Is Prince Harry Dating Pippa Middleton? Ha, No!

6/27/2011 8:54am EDT
Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry is "100 percent single" as he doesn't have time for dating.

The 26-year-old royal, younger brother of newlywed Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has enjoyed an on/off romance with Zimbabwe-born heiress Chelsy Davy and she even attended the royal wedding in April - sparking rumors the relationship is back on.

But Prince Harry is adamant he hasn't got a girlfriend and isn't looking for love because he's is so wrapped up in his work for Britain's armed forces.

He tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "I am not seeing anyone at the moment. I'm 100 percent single. I'm workin...

Newlywed Kate Middleton Is 'A Natural' At Royal Life

6/19/2011 9:00am EDT
Kate Middleton
Confidently embracing her new role as duchess and wife - and with a little help from her husband and stepmother-in-law - PEOPLE reports in this week's issue on the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate, as she dazzles the world with her real-girl glamour at a series of high-profile events and prepares for her North American tour.

She's been a member of the royal family for just eight weeks, but Princess Kate, 29, has long made one fact perfectly clear: She's got this. Catching her breath in the weeks following her grand April 29 nuptials, she quietly sent off thank-you notes a...