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The Obamas Are Getting The Royal Treatment In The U.K.

4/19/2016 9:53pm EDT
 President Obama And The First Lady To Meet With British Royals
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are getting the royal treatment in the U.K. this Friday.

The British Royal Family confirmed in a press release Monday that the Obamas will be visiting Kensington Palace, where they will be hosted by Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as William's brother, Prince Harry.

"Their Royal Highnesses are very much looking forward to welcoming President and Mrs. Obama to Kensington Palace," the statement reads.

US Weekly reports that the meeting will take place at the Duke and Duchess' home in Apartment 1A. The Obamas reportedly will al...

Princes William & Harry Hang Out With Chewbacca & Luke Skywalker

4/19/2016 1:54pm EDT
Princes William & Harry Visit 'Star Wars' Set, Have A Light Sabe
Princes William and Harry visited Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England, today to get a backstage look at the upcoming "Star Wars" film.

The royals got a sneak peek at the production, props and costume workshops to highlight British creative talent and promote the country's movie industry.

At one point point, the brothers had a light saber duel, although it's unclear who won.

Kensington Palace posted images of the set visit on Twitter, including one featuring Harry hugging Chewbacca. We can't decide who's more adorable.

Prince Harry has made a new friend...

Is Prince Harry 'Secretly' Dating Pippa?

4/8/2016 10:27am EDT
Prince Harry Dating: Pippa Middleton Rumors Swirl Again... But A
Is Prince Harry dating Pippa Middleton? That's been a going rumor since the royal wedding and it really hasn't stopped. There were some newer reports out this month that claimed that the two were going on "secret" dates, but that rumor has now been debunked.

According to Gossip Cop, Prince Harry and Pippa are not dating.

"The bottom line is this: Prince Harry and Middleton are not having “secret dates” at this bar or anywhere else. Gossip Cop previously corrected OK! for spreading such nonsense in a cover story last December. Of course, it’s hard to take the tabloid seriously when it’s ...

Prince Harry Dating 2 Women?

2/19/2016 9:25pm EST
Prince Harry
Prince Harry is reportedly dating two different women. The party prince shows no signs of setting down anytime soon, but an insider claiming to know more says otherwise.

The 31-year-old British prince is said to be seeing two women in the U.K. a source tells Us Weekly.

"He is fed up with the single life," a source says. "He's ready for love!"

According to the magazine's insider, Prince Harry is enjoying his time in getting to know them better. He's “not officially dating anyone,” but also isn't “just messing around.”

Prince Harry “is serious about settling down,” the source goes on to s...

Prince Harry To Vacation With Pippa Middleton?

1/4/2016 10:31am EST
Prince Harry & Pippa Middleton Romance Rumor Heats Up: Is Prince
Pippa Middleton and her brother James are currently enjoying a post-New Year's holiday in St. Barts, and some are wondering if Prince Harry will be joining them. Earlier this month, OK! magazine claimed Pippa, 32, and the 31-year-old son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were having a "secret romance."

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports, "After Pips and James were photographed at the airport Royal watchers started wondering, 'Where’s Prince Harry?' There haven’t been many sightings of the fifth-in-line to the throne since Christmas."

Harry joined the Middletons during their Chris...

Prince Harry Releases His Christmas Card!

12/22/2015 12:34pm EST
Prince Harry
Kensington Palace released Prince Harry's Christmas card on Tuesday. The photo conjures a sense of nostalgia in black-and-white, taking us back to an old time period.

In the image, Harry is in his pilot uniform with a former veteran from the Battle of Britain. Tom Neil is 95-years-old and once served as a top Royal Air Force pilot. This is one of the prince's most memorable moments of 2015.

"Merry Christmas from Prince Harry! Here's his Christmas card photo showing one of his favourite moments from 2015," Kensington Palace tweeted.

Prince Harry formerly served as a lieutenant in the Brit...

Are Pippa Middleton's Secret Hookups With Prince Harry Really A Thing?

12/15/2015 6:40am EST
Sparks Fly Between Prince Harry And Pippa Middleton: Budding Rom
It didn't take Pippa Middleton long to get over her break-up with her long-time boyfriend Nico Jackson. She already has a new love interest, none other than Prince Harry. Seriously?

Pippa and Harry have been carrying on a "secret romance" since her breakup, but why is it such a big secret? Probably because it's a rumor, with OK! magazine stirring up a little gossip about the Kate Middleton's sister and the 31-year-old son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.

According to OK!'s source, the flirting between one of the world's most eligible royals and gorgeous Pippa, 32, has been g...

Kate Middleton Reportedly Doesn't Like Prince Harry's Choice In Women

12/14/2015 11:23am EST
Kate Middleton
Prince Harry was recently linked to Pippa Middleton, and now he reportedly has his sights set on Lady Kitty Spencer. And The Duchess of Cambridge doesn't like it, if a new report is to be believed.

Lady Spencer is Charles Spencer's oldest daughter and Princess Diana's niece. "A relationship many would find inappropriate, but the Royals have been marrying their cousins for centuries," according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

"Royal insiders" have discovered that Harry has been seeing Lady Spencer on the down low, and she hasn't been introduced to the Queen yet.

A source told the website that...

This 'Royal' Is Va-Va-Voom, And Reportedly Upsetting Lady Di's Brother!

12/3/2015 10:40am EST
Lady Kitty Spencer Royal Scandal: Princess Diana's Curvy Niece T
Lady Kitty Spencer is called the sexiest cousin to Britain's Royal Family, and for good reason. The curvy niece of the late Princess Diana -- and cousin to Princes' William and Harry -- is entangled in a scandal over her choice of racy outfits. The word is, Lady Kitty's father is growing tired of his daughter's fame-hungry attitude.

In this month's cover of Tatler Magazine, the buxom 24-year-old is described as "Diana Princess of Wales’s most ravishing niece." However, Daily Mail refers to Lady Kitty Spender as a " bonafide bombshell."

In the mag, the free-spirited Kitty Spencer does a ...

Prince Harry Is Losing His Hair Like Older Brother William

12/1/2015 1:18pm EST
Is Prince Harry Going Bald? Ginger Royal Reveals Thinning Hair W
Prince Harry is currently doing some charity work in South Africa and inadvertently showed off his thinning hair to photographers during a training session with some rugby players.

On Dec. 1 he visited the Shark's rugby club during the fourth day of his tour in Durban. At one point the prince fooled around with the mascot, trying to put his head into the shark's mouth. At that moment, everyone could see the top of his head -- which showed a large balding spot on his crown.

His brother William has been losing his hair for quite some time, so it's not really that surprising.

Harry, 31, is ...

Prince Harry Says Pain Of Losing His Mother Helps Him Empathize With Orphans

11/30/2015 10:19am EST
Prince Harry
Prince Harry attended the opening of a children's center in Lesotho, Africa, on Thanksgiving and opened up about the "gaping hole" in his heart following the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

The prince, 30, revealed, "I knew there would always be a gaping hole that could never be filled."

Diana, 36, died in a car crash in 1997 when Harry was 12 years old. The prince explained that losing his mother at such a young age helped him relate to orphans at the Mamohato Children's Center, reported US magazine.

He explained, "The children at the center were far younger than me, and of course,...

So, Diana's Private Letters Say This Man Is Prince Harry's Biological Father?

11/27/2015 10:39am EST
Prince Harry Paternity Scandal: Reportedly, Lady Di's Hocked Lov
A Prince Harry paternity scandal is, well, jaw-dropping, to say the least. The latest rumor about the redheaded -- and the bearded -- royal bachelor is that he is not the son of Prince Charles.

According to a tabloid report, the late Princess Diana's longtime romantic interest, James Hewitt, was busted in the act of selling eight private love letters from Lady Di. Reportedly, the intimate handwritten notes involve her struggles and feelings of being held captive in a marriage to Charles during their marital crisis.

Diana's ex is described as being "cash-strapped," and used the letters t...

Former Bodyguards Tell All About Prince Harry's Secrets

11/27/2015 6:56am EST
Prince Harry's Secret Scandals Revealed: Former Bodyguards Spill
What really goes on with Prince Harry behind palace doors? According to his former bodyguards, quite a lot!

The prince, 31, has dated several women over the years, including Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas -- both blondes. An insider told OK! magazine that "he bought a blonde wig for a woman he dated because she was a brunette!"

How many women are going to dye their hair now for a chance to hook up with one of the world's most eligible bachelors?

In 2012, Harry made headlines for partying naked in Las Vegas. He was pictured covering his privates with his hands while a naked woman stood be...

Is Prince Harry Going To Be A Dad?

11/3/2015 7:43am EST
Prince Harry
It's no secret that Prince Harry hasn't really thought about settling down, and he is known as the prince who likes to party, which makes this story quite interesting.

A new report claims that a "blonde stranger" has come forward to announce that she is pregnant with Harry's baby. According to Star Magazine, the palace has been on high alert since the unknown female came around, telling everyone that she had a one night stand with the 31-year-old prince, and that she was carrying his child.

"She produced all these selfies of her and Harry together," shared a source. While it doesn't appea...

Prince Harry Involved In Cocaine Bust?

10/17/2015 1:02pm EDT
Prince Harry
Prince Harry's name has come up in a $107 million cocaine smuggling plot. According to the National Enquirer, the 31-year-old prince is good friends with Fidelio Cavalli, who was recently accused of being involved in the transportation of 1.5 tons of cocaine. The report states that Cavalli rented a private jet that was used in the smuggling attempt.

"The Queen is frantic and embarrassed," said a source. It is unclear if Harry was actually involved in any way, but it seems like he's being mentioned simply because he has hung out with Cavalli a few times in the past.

"Her Majesty is furious...

Kate Middleton Isn't Happy With Prince Harry Dating One Of His Exes

10/13/2015 8:34am EDT
Cressida Bonas
Even though Prince Harry recently said he's in no rush to settle down, reports have linked him to a couple of his ex-girlfriends, including Cressida Bonas. But not everyone in the royal family is thrilled about that particular match.

OK! magazine cites a report from Life & Style magazine claiming that the prince's sister-in-law Kate Middleton doesn't think the two should be dating.

The insider revealed: "Kate doesn’t like Cressida at all. It’s not just that she thinks Cressida isn’t a love match for Harry. It goes deeper than that. She doesn’t want her in the family."

The Duchess of Camb...

Kate Middleton Reportedly Helping Brother-In-Law Find True Love

10/5/2015 8:47am EDT
Matchmaker Kate Middleton: Is Duchess Helping Prince Harry Find
The Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been on a mission to help her brother-in-law Prince Harry settle down with one woman.

Celeb Dirty Laundry cites a report from The GLOBE claiming that Kate Middelton feels Chelsy Davy is "the one" for the prince as opposed to another ex, Cressida Bonas.

A source revealed: "Kate has been secretly vetting the pair for months, to decide who will make his perfect wife. Chelsy’s the one. He can’t live without her."

The Prince, 31, and Davy, 29, allegedly reconnected in Africa while Harry was on a three-month tour over the summer. They met in 2004 and dat...

Prince Harry: 'It Will Happen When It Will Happen'

10/1/2015 8:46am EDT
Prince Harry Not Ready For Marriage Just Yet
Prince Harry, who was always known as "the spare" to his older brother Prince William, is getting tired of answering constant questions about when he is going to settle down and start a family of his own.

"It will happen when it will happen," he said to People Magazine.

During an interview with Britain's ITV, the prince was asked if he was close to settling down anytime soon. He sternly answered, "no."

"There are a lot of things to get done before settling down. Another seven miles to walk now, which I'm not looking forward to…8! Everyone looks forward to settling down, but in the meanti...

Why Is Harry Ticked Off With Will And Kate In This Picture?

9/27/2015 1:16pm EDT
Even Harry Is Irked By Will And Kate Cheering For Wales Not Team
Prince Harry has had it up to here with Will and Kate.

Harry joined Prince William and Kate Middleton over the weekend to take in the action at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Pictures emerged from the event that told a story without words, but full of attitude. Apparently, Prince Harry is Team England while his brother and sister-in-law are in Wales' corner. Who knew?

The young Royals are devout sports fanatics, and one would think they are united in who they root for to win. Apparently, not -- and the truth showed on Harry's face. One such picture shows the prince looking unimpressed while K...

Prince Harry Linked To Another Ex-Girlfriend

9/17/2015 11:52am EDT
Is Prince Harry Back With Ex-Girlfriend Cressida Bonas? Royal Ce
Prince Harry is one of royalty's most eligible bachelors, and there's constant speculation about who he's dating. The latest rumor? He and ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas are back on.

The prince celebrated his 31st birthday at a pub in London on Wednesday with Bonas and several friends, so of course people think they're dating again.

The Sun published pictures of Bonas arriving at the pub and claimed she attended an after party at Kensington Palace -- but she reportedly didn't spend the night.

According to People, the former couple are not getting back together and "are part of the same gro...

British Royals To Attend 'Spectre' Premiere

9/16/2015 8:31am EDT
Kate Middleton, Princes William & Harry To Attend 'Spectre' Prem
The latest James Bond film, "Spectre," is making its London premiere on Oct. 26, and several popular British royals will walk the red carpet at the event.

According to palace officials, Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and Prince Harry will all attend the event, reported the New York Times. The film's opening will benefit British charity the Cinema and Television Benevolent fund.

The official Kensington Palace twitter page also announced the news:

The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry will attend the world premiere of #SPECTRE in aid of @thectbf on Oct 26

Why Is Prince Harry A Bad Uncle?

9/1/2015 11:35am EDT
Prince Harry
Prince Harry was noticeably absent from Princess Charlotte's christening earlier this summer and didn't even meet the infant until she was three weeks old. But he has a good excuse. The royal has been busy working on some conservation projects in Southern Africa since June.

Harry's work has included tracking lions in the Palmwag Reserve in Namibia. He also spent some time at the Khulula Care for Wilde Center.

The prince even joked that he was a bad uncle for not being around for some of the milestone moments in his niece's life.

According to the Mail On Sunday (via Hello) Simson Uri-Khob...

Who Is Prince Harry's Rumored Girlfriend?

8/20/2015 11:59am EDT
Prince Harry's Secret Romance: British Royal Reportedly Dating A
Earlier this summer, Prince Harry was spotted at a polo match with English actress Jenna Coleman, and now the two are reportedly dating in secret.

According to Life & Style, the romance is a bit of a scandal because of Coleman's past work-related escapades.

An insider revealed: "Jenna has already been topless on television. She was also in a sex scene and there are plenty of risqué viral videos of her online."

The prince is allegedly keeping the relationship on the down low.

"Although the British public adores her and she would make a wonderful princess, Harry told his aides not to tal...

Prince Harry & 'Game Of Thrones' Rumors Heat Up

8/6/2015 10:04am EDT
Prince Harry Offered 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Cameo?
Prince Harry is a huge fan of HBO's "Game Of Thrones," and show producers are reportedly looking for a way to give him a cameo on the hugely popular fantasy series.

Say, what?

British website the Daily Star reported the news back in May, and for some reason the rumor is popping up once again.

An insider revealed: "Harry has been offered a cameo in the sixth series of Game Of Thrones, which starts filming in Northern Ireland this summer. At the moment he's not made a decision, but the offer is on the table. There are plenty of opportunities for him to take up a role."

Show creators DB We...

Prince Harry Wears Temporary Butt Tattoos & More Royal Secrets Revealed

7/27/2015 11:05am EDT
Duchess Kate & Prince William
What really goes on behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace? The bodyguards who protect Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family have revealed some interesting secrets about one of the world's most fascinating families.

According to an article titled "Royal Bodyguards Tell All" by Star magazine, Prince Harry is a big fan of wearing temporary tattoos because permanent ones are not allowed. His favorite spot to display them? His butt!

OK! magazine reports that William is so charitable, that he occasionally likes to take care of people without...

Michael And Carole Middleton Attended, But Where Was Kate Middleton?

7/3/2015 2:33pm EDT
Princess Kate's Parents Take In Wimbledon 2015 Ahead Of Princess
The British Royals have not attended the Wimbledon Championships yet. But Michael and Carole Middleton, the parents of Princess Kate Middleton, took in some tennis on Thursday at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's parents, were on hand to witness a milestone, albeit a dreadful one, in professional tennis: the defeat of Rafael Nadal (No. 10 in the world) by Dustin Brown, and un-seeded player.

Michael & Carole Middleton sit in the Royal Boc on Centre Court on day four of the 2015 Wimbledon Championships

— Me and the...

What Name Is Missing From Baby Charlotte's Guest List?

6/29/2015 10:02pm EDT
Royal Christening: Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince William Invite
The darling Princess Charlotte is receiving a royal christening on July 5, and Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are over the moon.

The nearly 2-month-old little sister to Prince George is taking part in a traditional baptism that allows the public to -- hopefully -- get a glimpse at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second-born.

A statement of Prince Charlotte's christening released to the public on Monday.

"The Duke and Duchess are hugely grateful for the warm wishes they have received since Princess Charlotte's birth – many of them from local people in Norfolk – and are de...

Are Harry And Jenna The Next Royal Couple?

6/19/2015 3:58pm EDT
Prince Harry Dating Jenna Coleman? Harry and 'Doctor Who' Actres
Prince Harry and Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman were spotted (with sparks flying) a few weeks ago. According to Us Weekly, they've been spending quite a bit of time together since then… could we have a new royal couple on our hands?

Multiple sources for Us Weekly claim that Harry and Jenna haven't been able to pull themselves apart, ever since meeting at a polo match at the end of May. Here's what one source revealed, after spotting the couple together for a night out (a date, maybe?) at a bar on June 4. "They were really close. Harry was happy she could make it,. They were laughing and see...

FLOTUS Has Tea With A Prince

6/16/2015 1:25pm EDT
Prince Harry Hosts Michelle Obama For Tea At Kensington Palace
Prince Harry invited First Lady Michelle Obama to Kensington Palace Tuesday morning for tea -- and to discuss an important cause.

Obama and her daughters Malia, 16, and Sasha, 14, along with the First Lady's mother, Marian Robinson, visited the prince to chat about the Let Girls Learn campaign, which promotes adolescent girls' education around the world.

The pair also talked about supporting veterans and their families, reported People magazine.

Obama later visited the Mulberry School for Girls in East London, where she gave a speech and answered students' questions. She encouraged the ...

Prince Harry Flirting With 'Doctor Who' Actress?

6/8/2015 1:43pm EDT
Prince Harry Gets Frisky With 'Doctor Who' Star Jenna Coleman At
Prince Harry was caught flirting with "Doctor Who" star Jenna Coleman last weekend- and now there might be love in the air! the Prince was attending the Audi Polo Match on May 31, when The Sun caught him getting handsy with the "Doctor Who" actress.

According to a source for The Sun, Harry "took her by the hand and led her away from the crowd in the sponsor's tent. It was a very flirty, very tactile encounter. She was leaning into him and he had his hand on her knee. From their body language it looked like they were really enjoying each other's company."

The British tabloid also published...