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Did Prince Charles & Barbra Steisand Have An Affair?

4/18/2016 4:26pm EDT
Prince Charles & Barbra Streisand Once So Close, Princess Diana
A new book out reveals that Prince Charles had a decades-long “infatuation” with Barbra Streisand. The two were allegedly so close that a confidante of Princess Diana's said she “would not have been surprised if they had an affair.”

Page Six reports on the riveting rumors making a comeback.

Charles and Streisand first met in 1974 after Charles was given his choice any Hollywood star he'd like to meet. He was 26 and a Naval officer docking in L.A. at the time. According to Game of Crowns by Christopher Andersen, there were different accounts of Charles meeting up with Striesand.

Prince Ch...

Word Is Prince Charles' Wife Wants A Divorce And You Won't Believe How Much Money

1/12/2016 3:38am EST
Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Demands Divorce From 'Loser' Pr
We begin the week with a twisted rumor about the British Royal Family. Brace yourself: Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly demanded a divorce from Prince Charles. "Insiders" say the Duchess of Cornwall, in a boozed fit, dumped the Prince of Wales for -- brace yourself again -- losing the crown to Will & Kate.

The National Enquirer wrote that Camilla split from her "hapless husband" and taunted him to no end. "You're a loser! You lost us the Crown! Camilla allegedly screamed in rage.

Wait, it gets better. Spies said the Duchess also made an outlandish demand as part of the divorce: she want...

Prince Charles Embarrassed Princes William & Harry At School

12/27/2015 1:05pm EST
Prince Charles
Princes William and Harry say their father can be embarrassing. The two royals reveal in a telling interview that Prince Charles had some cringe-worthy moments when they were a lot younger.

People magazine reports that Prince William and Prince Harry were interviewed in a documentary that's slated to air in mid-January. The show is called “When Ant and Dec Met The Prince: 40 Years of the Prince's Trust.”

In the program, William and Harry talk candidly with Ant and Dec about their father. Ant and Dec are a British comedy pair who “also serve as ambassadors for Prince Charles's foundation, ...

Would You Buy A Three-Decade Old Piece Of Cake? What If It Was From Princess Diana's Wedding?

12/15/2015 9:21am EST
34-Year-Old Piece Of Cake From Princess Diana & Prince Charles'
Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles is selling a piece of cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding. The 34-year-old slice of cake will start with an opening bid of $1,000 at the auction later this week.

The 1981 treat is a fruitcake with cream cheese frosting. The cake was created by then-Naval Armed Forces baker David Avery and is stored in a silver presentation box.

The cake includes the original gift note, which reads: "With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses The Prince & Princess of Wales."

The cake, which is older than the couple's eldest son, Prince William, i...

So, Diana's Private Letters Say This Man Is Prince Harry's Biological Father?

11/27/2015 10:39am EST
Prince Harry Paternity Scandal: Reportedly, Lady Di's Hocked Lov
A Prince Harry paternity scandal is, well, jaw-dropping, to say the least. The latest rumor about the redheaded -- and the bearded -- royal bachelor is that he is not the son of Prince Charles.

According to a tabloid report, the late Princess Diana's longtime romantic interest, James Hewitt, was busted in the act of selling eight private love letters from Lady Di. Reportedly, the intimate handwritten notes involve her struggles and feelings of being held captive in a marriage to Charles during their marital crisis.

Diana's ex is described as being "cash-strapped," and used the letters t...

Kate Middleton May Not Be Queen If This Woman Has A Say

10/11/2015 9:58am EDT
Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Middleton
Make it stop! Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Kate Middleton feud rumors are in the news again and show no signs of slowing down.

Now, a tabloid via Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that Prince Charles' wife, Camilla Parkers Bowes' elaborate scheme to deny Will and Kate succession to the throne is working. And yes, she reportedly still hates Princess Kate Middleton and has another secret in the closet: the Duchess of Cornwall (Queen of England hopeful) allegedly has a secret lover -- with a big bankroll and clout in government.

So, who is the Duchess' lover with parliamentary pull?


Gossip: Is Prince Charles Losing The Throne To Son William?

9/10/2015 8:32am EDT
The Royal Family
Rumors started circulating on Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth II was ready to hand over the throne to Prince William and Kate Middleton instead of Prince Charles -- gossip that sounds ridiculous and has been debunked.

OK! magazine reported that the Queen was planning on "stepping down from the throne" in April and instead of having her son take her place she wants her grandson to take over the job.

An insider alleged: "The idea of having Charles step aside for the good of the monarchy had been whispered about, but they never believed it would happen."

The source added, "It’s been a tough ...

Photos Of Princess Diana & Prince Charles Hit The Auction Block

8/11/2015 11:58am EDT
Princess Diana & Prince Charles
Several photographs taken behind the scenes at Prince Charles and Princess Diana's 1981 wedding are being offered to the public at auction.

The 14 images were taken by Lord Lichfield, the only one allowed to take photos at the event. The pictures feature the newlyweds in unguarded moments during the celebration. One image shows the couple on Buckingham Palace looking at the crowd. Another features Diana carrying a tiny bridesmaid. A third shows Queen Eilzabeth II watching the festivities on television.

The Prince of Wales and Princess Diana decided not to include these particular images i...

Prince Charles Very Excited And Happy He Has A Granddaughter

5/11/2015 8:25am EDT
Prince Charles Was Hoping For A Granddaughter To 'Spoil' And 'Lo
There are about a billion people giddy over the birth of Princess Charlotte, the new royal baby born to Kate Middleton and Prince William. But there's none more giddy than her grandpa- Prince Charles!

(OK sure, maybe her parents are more giddy than anyone else. Just bear with us).

Prince Charles, in his first public appearance since the royal baby's birth, couldn't help but gush about the new addition to the family. Because according to the Prince, he was hoping for a granddaughter.

Why? Because he's planning on young Princess Charlotte looking after him when he's old and loopy. "I was h...

William And Kate Are Making Prince Charles Upset Because Of This

3/6/2015 7:03pm EST
Is Prince Charles Being Cut Out Of Prince George's Life?
When Prince George was born to Great Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton two years ago, William's father Prince Charles described becoming a grandfather as "a unique moment in anyone's life."

But now it seems that the Prince of Wales feels he has had far too few moments to spend time with his grandson. The Daily Mail reported this week that Charles has become upset at the small role he occupies in Prince George's life, especially when compared to how influential Kate's parents have apparently become in Prince George's life.

According to the Daily Mail, some in the Royal Family hav...

7 Reasons Why We Still Mourn Princess Diana

8/3/2014 2:00pm EDT
Almost 20 Years Later, 7 Reasons Why We Still Mourn Princess Dia
Just after midnight on August 31, 1997, a car carrying Diana Princess of Wales, and her fiancé Dodi Fayed crashed in a Paris tunnel. The paparazzi were blamed, the royal family was said to be involved, even international terrorists were rumored to have had a hand in this tragedy. Regardless of who or what was to blame for the tragedy, the death of Princess Diana took away a sense of innocence in celebrity and history that the public at large still mourns to this day. Although it is almost 20 years after, here are 7 reasons why we still mourn the loss of the "People's Princess."

7. Dian...

Royal Rumors – Windsors Create Perfect Firestorm Around the World

5/26/2014 10:17am EDT
Prince Charles
The House of Windsor is at it again! Prince Charles and the Cambridges have yet again caused a flurry of scandal and additional work for royal courtiers. Prince Charles has caused a perfect diplomatic storm when he recently compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, due to President Putin’s recent territorial annexation of the Ukraine to Russia! Meanwhile, Duchess Kate of Cambridge has been facing trepidation over the knowledge that a photo of her bare buttocks is at the moment subject to a bidding war between private buyers! The alleged photo is of Kate’s bare bottom is fro...

Royal Roundup: Prince Charles Ordered To Show Government Correspondence and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Attack Press Photographers

3/22/2014 7:52pm EDT
Kate Middleton
Prince Charles has been ordered to make his correspondence with various politicians public! The Guardian Newspaper filed a motion in the British courts to have Prince Charles forced to make possible involvement in politics public and make his letters available to the British (and international) media for publishing! The Prince is a notoriously opinionated royal and has never made his opinions on a variety of issues a secret. There have been requests for disclosure of his correspondence in the past, but the ironically fiercely private prince has guarded his responses from government official...

Anticipation Builds For The Royal Baby

7/12/2013 2:48pm EDT
Royal Baby Photographers
Photographers have been busy setting up ladders and chairs and jockeying for the best position outside of St. Mary's Hospital in London in preparation for the new addition to England's Royal Family.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, are expecting their first child any day now, and despite no official announcement, Middleton's due date is believed to be very soon. Some say it's July 13; while Kate's mom, Carole Middleton, has reportedly said that the baby's zodiac sign will be Leo, according to to the UK's Mirror -- which means the little prince or princess...
READ MORE Donates $800,000 To Prince Charles' Charity

6/21/2012 12:36pm EDT
Rapper has handed $800,000 of his fee from appearing on Britain's The Voice to Charles, Prince Of Wales' charity.

The Black Eyed Peas star served as a mentor on the reality show earlier this year, but rather than keep his wages, he's donated the cash to The Prince's Trust to fund a technology program for young people.

The rapper says, "As a judge on The Voice, the people of the U.K. have welcomed me into their sitting rooms week after week and I feel very much at home here. Working with The Prince's Trust, I am joining the mission to help transform the lives of disadvantaged y...

Kate Middleton Makes First Solo Public Appearances While Prince William Is Away

3/4/2012 9:00am EST
Kate Middleton
Less than a year since Kate Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge, she's winning hearts – and heartfelt admiration – as she steps confidently out into the royal spotlight for the first time without Prince William's steady guidance. In this week's issue of PEOPLE, Kate makes her first solo royal appearances, where she charms and impresses, proving to be a bright new jewel in the royal crown. The warm smile; the quick laugh; the steady, connected gaze – this commoner turned princess is showing that she's better than good at her job.

While William serves a six-week stint with the Royal ...

Colin Firth Lands CBE Honor

1/26/2012 11:24am EST
Colin Firth
The King's Speech star Colin Firth came face-to-face with a real-life prince on Thursday as he was honored with a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) medal at Buckingham Palace in London.

The actor was the guest of honor at Queen Elizabeth II's royal residence, where he was recognized for his services to drama.

He was given the award by the monarch's son, Charles, Prince of Wales.

Firth was accompanied to the ceremony by his wife Livia, who had earlier 'tweeted' a picture of the couple in their smart clothes ahead of the prize giving.

And in a post on her blog for Vog...

Prince Philip Recovering After Emergency Surgery

12/24/2011 2:47pm EST
Prince Philip
British royal Prince Philip is recovering in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery to treat a blocked coronary artery.

Queen Elizabeth II's 90-year-old husband was airlifted by helicopter from Sandringham Palace to Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire, England on Friday night after complaining about chest pains.

The Duke of Edinburgh was fitted with a coronary stent during the "minimally invasive" operation.

The Queen, 85, visited the Duke in hospital early on Saturday, accompanied by their daughter Princess Anne, and sons Princes Edward and Andrew.

Prince Charles and his wife, Cam...

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Heads To America

10/26/2011 3:27pm EDT
Princess Diana
Diana, Princess Of Wales' wedding dress is to be put on display during a special exhibit in Connecticut.

The iconic gown and diamond tiara the late royal wore when she exchanged vows with Prince Charles in 1981 will be featured at the Foxwoods Resort Casino as part of the Diana, A Celebration collection.

The exhibit will also feature the beloved royal's home movies, rare photos, family heirlooms, personal mementos and designer outfits, which are currently on loan from her family's Althorp estate.

The exhibit will run until January 15th.

Princess Diana Blockbuster In The Works?

10/5/2011 12:55pm EDT
Princess Diana
The man behind The Madness Of King George is planning a big budget movie about the breakdown of Diana, Princess Of Wales' marriage to Prince Charles.

Producer Stephen Evans, who worked on the 1994 historical hit, as well as period pieces Twelfth Night and The Wings of the Dove, has set his sights on creating the first feature film about the beloved late royal since her death in 1997.

The $50 million movie will focus on the time leading up to the princess' divorce from the heir to the British throne in 1996, according to Britain's Guardian newspaper.

Crime novelist Philip Kerr is onboa...

Prince Charles Attends Wedding Of Steve Winwood's Daughter

9/11/2011 7:30pm EDT
Steve Winwood
Rock legend Steve Winwood beamed with pride as he gave away his daughter at a star-studded wedding on Saturday.

The singer watched as his daughter Mary-Clare married entrepreneur Ben Elliott at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Northleach, England.

The couple shared its happy day with singer Jamie Cullum and his wife Sophie Dahl as well as members of Britain's royal family - guests included Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, whose son Tom Parker Bowles was best man.

The bride and groom became engaged on a trip to India in March.

Prince William & Kate Move Into Their New Home (Photos)

7/20/2011 2:00pm EDT
Prince William and Catherine
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, have moved into Kensington Palace in London. William lived there as a child with his brother Harry, father Charles, and mother Princess Diana.

The palace has been refurbished for the newlyweds, who celebrate their three-month anniversary on July 29. But they're only taking over a tiny part of the residence. They'll live in an apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The couple recently completed a whirlwind tour of Canada and Los Angeles.

Remembering Princess Diana On What Would Have Been Her 50th Birthday (Photos)

7/1/2011 8:30am EDT
Happy Birthday Princess Diana
Happy Birthday to Princess Diana, who would have turned 50 today. In addition to her tumultous relationship with ex-husband Prince Charles, her keen eye for fashion, and her offspring Princes William and Harry, she is also remembered for her charity work.

Begining in the 1980s, Diana devoted her time to numerous organizations, including less popular charities catering to AIDS and leprosy. She also aided homeless youth, drug addicts, and the elderly.

Perhaps one of the most famous images of Diana was taken while she supported the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Her work resulted...

David Beckham Crowned Best-Dressed British Star

6/13/2011 8:07am EDT
David Beckham
David Beckham has topped a poll to find the most stylish male star in the U.K., while British royal Prince William was crowned the country's worst dressed.

Soccer ace Beckham came top in a survey of British fans, who named him the most fashionable celebrity male, ahead of Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson.

Meanwhile, newlywed Prince William was slated for his uninspiring uniform of shirts and jackets.

A spokesperson for retail chain Peacocks, which conducted the poll, says, "William should be more adventurous."

William's father, Prince Charles, was also listed in the Top 10 worst-dress...

Stars Honor 'Idol' Creator Simon Fuller For His Walk Of Fame Honor

5/21/2011 10:30am EDT
Simon Fuller
Annie Lennox and Jennifer Lopez have both taken out full page ads in the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter to congratulate Simon Fuller on his upcoming Hollywood Walk of Fame honor.

The British music mogul will unveil his star on Monday.

The trade paper also features tributes to the man behind "American Idol" and the Spice Girls from Prince Charles, former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Lisa Marie Presley, Lennox and Victoria and David Beckham.

Prince Charles calls Fuller "a great entrepreneur who is a genius of creativity and marketing," adding, "He has helped me stage several fund...

Prince William & Princess Catherine Kiss Twice On Buckingham Palace Balcony (Photo)

4/29/2011 8:51am EDT
Prince William & Princess Catherine
Royal newlyweds Prince William and Catherine Middleton thrilled fans by kissing twice on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following their wedding on Friday.

The couple - who are now officially the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - appeared on the terrace alongside Queen Elizabeth II and relatives of the bride and groom 90 minutes after their nuptials at London's Westminster Abbey.

As hundreds of thousands of flag-waving well-wishers converged outside the palace gates and on The Mall below, the prince sparked a deafening cheer as he leaned in and kissed his blushing bride on the lips. Two mi...

Royal Couple Prince William & Kate Middleton Wed As World Watches (See Photos)

4/29/2011 8:12am EDT
Katherine Middleton
Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton sealed their love on Friday by exchanging vows in front of a worldwide audience of two billion. The second-in-line to the British throne and his long-term sweetheart became husband and wife in a traditional ceremony at London's Westminster Abbey.

The couple, who began dating in 2003 after they met while studying at university, married in front of a hushed congregation of 1,900 guests, including Britain's royal family, 50 foreign heads of state from across the world, and an array of close friends and showbiz pals.

Outside the abbey, an estim...

Kate Middleton Will Do Her Own Make-Up For Royal Wedding

4/28/2011 10:18pm EDT
Kate Middleton
Bride-to-be Kate Middleton has opted to do her own make-up on her royal wedding day.

The future princess, who will wed Prince William at Westminster Abbey in London on Friday, has elected to forgo the special treatment after receiving one-on-one lessons with a famed London make-up artist.

Middleton's wedding planner, Mark Niemierko, tells, "I heard that Arabella Preston was called in by a mutual friend of hers and Kate's. She's had about three or four lessons with Kate at her private flat in Chelsea and has also gone, very privately to Clarence House.

"Arabella was supposed to...

Watch A Live Stream Of The Royal Wedding Here!

4/28/2011 8:00pm EDT
Kate Middleton
What will Kate Middleton's wedding dress look like? Will she kiss Prince William at the alter? See it all live on ABC on Friday, April 29, as the network streams live coverage of the royal wedding starting at 4 a.m.

Will you be watching the big event? One famous U.S. pop star will - Justin Bieber! He said, "I'm going to be in a hotel but will have it on TV. I'm going to order some British food, like fish and chips, or an English breakfast.

"It's going to be an amazing day. It's the biggest wedding I've known and people in the U.S. are crazy for it."

Meanwhile, Elton John insists he's...

Kimberley Walsh To Host Royal Wedding Party

4/26/2011 3:51pm EDT
Kimberley Walsh
Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh is hosting a party for her pals on Friday to celebrate Prince William's wedding.

The British royal will exchange vows with Kate Middleton at London's Westminster Abbey and singer Walsh is gathering all her friends together to watch the nuptials on TV.

She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "Royal wedding fever has hit - I'm so excited! I've met Prince Charles a few times, so it's a shame I didn't get an invite - I'll have to settle for watching it at home."

"I've been nominated to hold a party and I've got a magnum of champagne to crack open. I can't wait t...