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Now Playing: Pope Benedict XVI to Resign for Health Reasons

http://cdn.blinkx.com/static/b/39/Bloomberg/20130211/1859665455/bloomberg_1.jpg Pope Benedict XVI to Resign for Health Reasons
http://cdn.blinkx.com/static/b/26/ITN/20100915/1760289599/itn.jpg SuBo says singing for Pope is a dream come true
http://cdn.blinkx.com/static/b/20/ITN/20100426/1732665391/itn.jpg Susan Boyle to perform for Pope?
http://cdn.blinkx.com/static/b/19/MediaByteswithShellyPalmer/20100127/1711167591/mediabyteswithshellypalmer.jpg Pope Benedict Urges Priests to Use Facebook, Twitter : MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer January 26, 201...
http://cdn.blinkx.com/static/b/02/Headzup/20071219/47538205/headzup.jpg Headzup: Fred And The Pope, Global Warming Is Overblown

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