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Sia criticises Sarah Palin for using her song during political event
Author Joe McGinniss dies at 71
Top newsman Martin Bashir resigns over Sarah Palin remarks
Sarah Palin Rejoining Fox News
Website Reveals Personal Finances Of Celebs Including Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Political Figures
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Sarah Palin Thank you, Jake Tapper, for covering this shocking story about anti-Semitic propaganda distributed by pro-Russian militants in Ukraine demanding Jews “register” their religion and property. Our U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine confirmed the story. The rest of the media must pursue this story and demand answers from the Obama administration as to what our President’s intention now is in light of this atrocious development that harkens back to frightening times for Jews. Our government’s priorities are so skewed. The Middle East is a tinderbox; Russia flagrantly invades a sovereign nation, and we just draw more invisible red lines daring bad guys not to cross; we’re fed dishonest domestic denials as we discover our own government is spying on and harassing innocent U.S. citizens; our porous national borders are ignored while clueless politicians excitedly plan welcoming parties and more rewards for illegal foreigners to simply step right on over those borders; Democrats boast about our fake and jobless economic recovery, etc., etc. Yet the top priority of the President (he who is the face of the Democrat Party) and his bureaucrats seems to focus on heavy handedly lassoing Nevada cows to stick it to an American rancher. Meanwhile, the President’s minion, the most powerful man in the U.S. Senate who hails from the great state of Nevada, calls patriotic Americans “terrorists” as we try to get facts on the Bundy ranch cows and controversy in his state. Really? Prioritize much, Democrats? Here’s the article to Jake Tapper’s report on the story in Ukraine: - Sarah Palin

US Ambassador to Ukraine Confirms to CNN: Pro Russian Government Anti-Semitic Leaflets Are 'Real...
On Thursday the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt addressed reports that Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk that has been taken over by pro-Russian militants were handled leaflets and told they have to "register." Pyatt confirmed this to CNN's Jake Tapper and said the leaflets are…
Thursday 17th of April 2014 09:59:11 PM
Sarah Palin Tune in tonight for two episodes of “Amazing America” on Sportsman Channel. At 8:00pm, Benny Spies meets pirate hunter Barry Clifford who found millions and millions in pirate booty, in only 16 feet of water! Mark visits the most amazing taxidermy you’ve ever seen! Then at 8:30pm, Benny gets the 007 experience in some amazing armored vehicles at the Texas Armoring Corporation. And some like it hot, but not Jerry – watch as he takes on the challenges at the Brayton Fire Academy. The unique people you'll meet tonight will inspire you with their energy and innovation. Thank God we have the freedom in America – like nowhere else on earth – to pursue our dreams!

Thursday 17th of April 2014 01:00:04 PM

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