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Celebrities That Turn 40 In 2015

1/1/2015 10:00am EST
Celebrities That Turn 40 In 2015
Welcome to 2015 – Big milestones start at around forty so we thought we'd take a look back to the year of 1975 to see who was born that year and what major events transpired.

In 1975 the Vietnam War officially ended as communist forces took Saigon. The average price of gasoline that year was .72 cents while work on the Alaska Pipe Line began. Other historic notes included BIC's launch of the first disposable razor; Microsoft became a registered trademark; Motorola obtained the first portable mobile phone patent; the Altair 8800 microcomputer was released and Ex-teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa va...

These Celebrity Baby Names Are Just Terrible

6/25/2013 12:21pm EDT
18 Terrible Celebrity Baby Names
Rapper Lil' Kim just welcomed her first child, and of course she had to be creative with her daughter's name. The singer stunned fans with her pregnancy back in February and now she has stunned us again with the moniker Royal Reign.

We wouldn't expect any less from one of the most powerful women in hip hop. She's bold and larger than life. Even though her daughter wasn't royal bred doesn't mean she can't be Royal, right? Just ask Lorde.

Now, before you get all Judgey McJudgerson and claim this to be the worst celebrity baby name of all time, take a look at 16 famous offspring who are wal...

Jamie Oliver Discovers Treasure Trove In Restaurant Basement

2/14/2012 8:48am EST
Jamie Oliver
British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has struck gold while building his latest restaurant after discovering a $1.8 million treasure haul in the basement, including master tapes by rockers New Order.

The TV star is converting an old bank in Manchester, England into an eatery and builders discovered hundreds of safety deposit boxes dating back to 1935 while renovating the property.

After failing to trace any of the owners, officials from the Bank of England drilled open the boxes and found thousands of dollars worth of gold, jewelry and master tapes by bands such as Joy Division and New Or...

Danny DeVito Supports Healthy Food In Public Schools

5/20/2011 11:37am EDT
Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito is throwing his support behind celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's campaign to improve food in American public schools.

The British chef and TV personality has been trying to convince U.S. officials to revamp school lunches to include more nutritious options for students.

DeVito has now pledged to help Oliver on his food crusade, insisting it's important for kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

In a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, DeVito writes, "Got up again to talk about Jamie Oliver and his passion about getting kids to start on a good diet and fight th...

ABC Yanks 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution' For 'DWTS' Recaps

5/4/2011 9:46am EDT
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Sad news today: Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd reports that ABC has removed Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution from its May schedule. The series, which pulled in 5 million viewers with its last scheduled airing (only the second episode of its season!), will be replaced by more Dancing With The Stars recap shows.

5 million viewers isn't stellar, but it certainly wasn't anything to sneeze at. To give you an idea of where those figures fall, let's consult last night's broadcast ratings: 5 million is more than any of the new episodes NBC aired last night (Chuck saw 4.12, The Event 4.02 an...

The Return Of 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution'

4/13/2011 2:31pm EDT
Food Revolution
Call it "Jamie Oliver vs. the Los Angeles Unified School District."

Last year, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was honestly educational, compelling television. In last night's premiere, the drama surrounding the show nearly threatened to overshadow the needed message. Or was that a message of its own?

I'm not what you would call a "health nut." My general attitude toward food is that I don't want to become someone who has to think so much about what I'm eating that I don't enjoy it anymore. And I think this is hilarious. So I'm not writing this entry to rhapsodize about the celebrit...

'Bachelor' Bachelorettes Let Loose On Season Villain Michelle Money – Reality TV Highlights, March 6-12, 2011

3/12/2011 3:09pm EST
Michelle Money,
“Bachelor” fans wait all season for the truth to spill out during each season’s Women Tell All special, and this season’s special was no exception; although, the truth that came out may not have been the truth viewers were expecting.

Yes, the women came down hard on Michelle Money for all the cruel things she said during the season, but it wasn’t really the things she said that bothered them; what bothered the women was that the Michelle that got to know in the house was NOTHING like the woman they saw in episodes. They felt confused by her two personalities and were beyond hurt that she w...

Jessica Biel Named A 'Champion' By Fitness Magazine

1/28/2011 9:15am EST
Jessica Biel
Actress Jessica Biel and top chef Jamie Oliver are among the healthy names making Fitness Magazine's second annual "Champions" list.

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin and reality TV trainer Jillian Michaels also make the grade on the 2011 line-up.

British cook Oliver has been named the Food Revolutionary for "overhauling lunch menus" on his Emmy Award-winning TV show, "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution."

Biel lands the Action Heroine prize for being "a true defender of the environment."

Click for more great Jessica Biel pictures:

2010 Year In Entertainment Review: September

1/2/2011 1:00pm EST
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga was the big winner and talking point at the MTV Video Music Awards this month - she picked up eight accolades and stunned everyone by taking to the stage in a meat dress. Meanwhile, Penelope Cruz confirmed the news she was pregnant with Javier Bardem's baby, and Angelina Jolie - who visited flood-ravaged Pakistan - was named Best Celebrity Role Model in an online poll.

George Michael began his eight-week prison sentence in London after being found guilty of cannabis possession and driving under the influence of drugs, and Guns N' Roses were booed and bottled offstage in Ireland a...

TV Chef Jamie Oliver's Wife Gives Birth To Baby Boy

9/15/2010 11:27pm EDT
Jamie Oliver
Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has welcomed a baby boy into his brood of girls.

The Brit was at his wife Jools' side as she gave birth to little Buddy on Wednesday, and he announced the happy news on his Twitter.com page, writing, "It's a baby boy guys !!! im shock (sic), were all very happy, mum was amazing and both are well and happy!

"Mr Buddy Oliver... full name to come from mum.... big love."

The couple is already parents to three girls; Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom Rainbow.

The Olivers wed in June 2000.

Betty White Wins Fifth Emmy

8/22/2010 5:27pm EDT
Betty White
Veteran actress Betty White picked up her fifth Emmy on Saturday - walking away with a trophy at the 2010 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards for her work hosting "Saturday Night Live."

The "Golden Girls" favorite has enjoyed a huge career resurgence over the last 12 months, and was the subject of a Facebook.com campaign to get her to front the hit comedy sketch show.

And her fans' dedication was worth it - White won the prize for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her appearance on the show in May.

Another host who went home a winner on Saturday was Neil Patrick Harris - he picked up ...

Who Is Jamie Oliver?

8/17/2010 3:05pm EDT
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver is a name that most chefs in the industry are familiar with. He makes rustic and down-to-earth food with his Cooking Channel show "Jamie at Home" and he does it with a purpose. Most of his dishes utilize ingredients from the garden at his home, and they are things anyone could be comfortable making. However, Jamie is much more famous in the states for several other revolutions in the hospitality industry, such as ABC's "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution", that deserve a closer look.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Food is sustenance; it allows us to live. But today, food has beco...

Our Favorite Food Nerds

8/12/2010 5:00pm EDT
Wylie Dufresne
The food world is vast and immense, and there are many things we can learn from those that are leading the way. Food nerds make up a small portion of this group of culinary contributors, but what they add to the industry is a way to think about food that the world has never really, truly touched on before. It is a combination of dedication, exploration, and digestion that brings out the “king” in cooking.

1. Wiley Dufresne

There would be no mention of food nerds without mentioning Wylie Dufresne. Wylie is mostly responsible for popularizing the method of cooking known elegantly as molecul...

The Cooking Channel Makes Foodies Drool

6/25/2010 1:00pm EDT
Mario Batali
Sure, Food Network was all fine and good...until the smut of reality TV descended like a cloud of smog. So Scripps Network had the idea to give foodies what they were looking for: more time in the kitchen with talented chefs using unique ingredients from around the world. Thus, The Cooking Channel.

Old School

Food Network fans will recognize some shows like Everyday Italian, Tyler's Ultimate and even Emeril Live, but the new lineup for The Cooking Channel boasts some new hosts and old school hosts. For those of us who remember Food Network when it began in 1996, there are several extremel...

Ricky Gervais: 'They Know Why They're Fat And They Like It'

4/1/2010 2:53pm EDT
Ricky Gervais
Ricky Gervais is convinced celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's new U.S. TV show about healthy eating is doomed to fail - because Americans enjoy eating foods that make them fat.

Oliver has campaigned for years against obesity and unhealthy eating in his native U.K., and now he's attempting to curb poor diet habits with his new U.S. series, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Comedian Gervais admires Oliver's ambition, but he's certain the chef's new show will flop.

The Office creator says, "He's (Oliver's) a friend of mine and a fellow Brit. He's over here (in the U.S.) trying to educate fat pe...

Slideshow: Our Favorite Food Celebrities

8/14/2009 9:52am EDT
Julia Child
The roots of food culture and the success of a chef's celebrity status finds its genesis with culinary wizard Julia Child. The woman is a legend and a hero in kitchens around the globe, both commercial and private. She is a popular culture icon, quoted and imitated by many, from Dan Aykroyd's portrayal on Saturday Night Live, to Dr. Huxtable liberally applying her well-known accent whilst cooking a turkey on The Cosby Show.

The most recent cinematic shrine to Child, Julie & Julia, reminds cooks and chefs everywhere, man or woman, why they have a inextinguishable passion for food. We...

An Evening Of Deliciousness: Top Five Food Network Shows You Should Be Watching

2/28/2008 2:00pm EST
Jamie At Home
At one point you’ve probably clicked on the Food Network. Maybe you even stopped when you were in between shows, or you tuned in if you were really really hungry and wanted to satisfy the eye. You probably even enjoyed a show or two and said, “Wow, I bet I could make that!” It’s what makes the Food Network so delightful and what makes you flip back to see what may happen next.

Here’s a list of the top five shows that will bring that level of joy, devotion and enthusiasm to learn every single time:

5. Paula’s Home Cookin’ 4:30 pm Central

Paula Deen is one southern belle who yo...

Celebrity Birthdays, May 27

5/27/2007 3:00am EDT
Paul Bettany
Happy Birthday to British TV Chef Jamie Oliver (1975), Outkast half Andre 3000 (1975), late TLC singer Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (1971; d. 2002), "The Da Vinci Code" actor Paul Bettany (1971), "Shakespeare in Love" star Joseph Fiennes (1970), Oakland A's slugger Frank Thomas (1968), Houston Astros star Jeff Bagwell (1968), comedian Adam Carolla (1964), "Frasier" actress Peri Gilpin (1961), actress Linnea Quigley (1958), Crowded House singer Neil Finn (1958), Siouxie and the Banshees frontwoman Siouxie Sioux (1957), WWE star Eric Bischoff (1955), Canadian musician Bruce Cockburn (1945), actor Br...

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Most Fashionable Parents

1/26/2007 10:50am EST
Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have been voted the most fashionable parents in showbiz. The Wind It Up singer and British rocker - who have an eight-month-old son Kingston - beat Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to the title, in a poll conducted by baby product brand Cosatto.

Brad and Angelina have two adopted children, Maddox, five, and two-year-old Zahara, and biological daughter Shiloh Nouvel, eight months. Victoria and David Beckham - who have three sons, Brooklyn, seven, Romeo, four, and Cruz, almost two - came in at number three, while Madonna and Guy Ritchie took fourth place.


Celebrity Birthdays, May 27

5/27/2006 3:00am EDT
Paul Bettany
Happy Birthday to British TV Chef Jamie Oliver (1975), Outkast half Andre 3000 (1975), late TLC singer Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (1971; d. 2002), "The Da Vinci Code" actor Paul Bettany (1971), "Shakespeare in Love" star Joseph Fiennes (1970), Oakland A's slugger Frank Thomas (1968), Houston Astros star Jeff Bagwell (1968), comedian Adam Carolla (1964), "Frasier" actress Peri Gilpin (1961), actress Linnea Quigley (1958), Crowded House singer Neil Finn (1958), Siouxie and the Banshees frontwoman Siouxie Sioux (1957), WWE star Eric Bischoff (1955), Canadian musician Bruce Cockburn (1945), actor Br...

Bob Geldof Is The Best Celebrity Dad

4/11/2006 10:21am EDT
Bob Geldof
Sir Bob Geldof has been voted the best celebrity dad in an online poll. The Irish star received 23 per cent of the total vote in the poll, conducted by website remind4u.com. Bob, father of Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie, won the admiration of voters for adopting the orphaned daughter of his late ex-wife Paula Yates and her deceased rock star lover Michael Hutchence. Full Top Ten Below!

Geldof's adoration for his girls and fierce protectiveness earned him first place ahead of England football ace David Beckham, who scooped second spot with 20 per cent of the votes. The online greeti...

Brits Name Homer Simpson 'Man of the Decade'

10/24/2005 9:19am EDT
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson of The Simpsons has been named man of the decade. The doughnut-loving cartoon dad was given a place in the poll by Britain's Men's Health magazine to find the greatest males of the past 10 years. In the 10 categories, Homer won the title of Philosopher Of The Decade, while Live 8 organiser Sir Bob Geldof, iPod creator Jonathan Ive, TV chef Jamie Oliver and England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson also made the Top 10.

Editor Morgan Rees said: "These are people of real substance and solid achievement rather than temporary fame. The people on our list have used their ta...