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Now Playing: Taylor Swift Was Dumped By Harry Styles Lockin' Lips With Carly Rae Jepsen, One Direction,&Meatloaf = Popoholics Ep. 9
2014-03-27 Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy heating up
2013-05-30 Taylor Swift Debuts Keds Collection
2013-03-26 Taylor Swift Makes $1 Million Dumping Conor Kennedy
2013-03-06 Taylor Swift Ex Conor Kennedy Arrested
2013-02-14 Taylor Swift's Ex-Valentines
2013-02-14 Taylor Swift: I Don't Chase Boys
2013-02-11 Taylor Swift Faking Harry Styles Relationship To Make Conor Kennedy Jealous?
2012-12-03 Taylor Swift Could Face Awkward Run-In With Conor Kennedy At RFK Gala
2012-11-09 Taylor Swift Gets Matching Tattoo With Rumored Boyfriend
2012-10-31 Donald Trump Sides With Taylor Swift In Breakup
2012-10-26 Single Taylor Swift Wont Give Up Mansion By The Kennedys
2012-10-26 Top WTF Moments: Taylor Swift, Lindsay Lohan, Mariah Carey
2012-10-26 Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Break Up
2012-10-25 Selena Gomez Inspired Taylor Swift To Be A Mini Cougar
2012-10-15 Taylor Swift Talks Wedding Crashing and Kidnapping With Conor Kennedy
2012-10-12 Taylor Swift's Kennedy Cheating Controversy
2012-10-10 How Young Hollywood Songstresses Style Has Evolved
2012-09-18 Kennedys Already Consider Taylor Swift Part Of The Family
2012-09-05 Taylor Swift Brings Conor Kennedy Home To Meet Her Parents
2012-08-10 Taylor Swift Brings Conor Kennedy Home to Meet the Parents!
2012-08-10 Ethel Kennedy Set Taylor Swift Up With Her Grandson

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