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Ghosts Of Mars
Assault On Precinct 13
Escape From L.A.: Original Score
The Fog (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) …
Halloween II - 04 Laurie And Jimmy
Halloween II - 03 He Know's Where She Is
Halloween III - Chariots Of Pumpkins
Halloween II - 05 Still He Kills
Prince Of Darkness - Team Assembly
Halloween II - 10 The Shape Stalks Again
Halloween - Theme From The Motion Picture (Fe…
Halloween III Open - Close
Halloween Motion Picture Soundtrack
Seasons/Haunt My Home
Fairy Tales Forgotten
Halloween II - 30th Anniversary Expanded Orig…
They Live - Expanded Original Motion Picture …
Prince Of Darkness - Complete Original Motion…
Halloween III: Complete Original Motion Pictu…
The Essential John Carpenter Film Music Colle…