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The execution of Captain Kidd.

New Jersey History's Mysteries
The legend of Captain Kidd.

Famous Scots
All about Scotland's famous pirate.

Magic Torch
A profile of Captain Kidd.

All about Captain Kidd.

Atocha Treasure Company
Captain Kidd's story.

Swashbuckler's Cove
Who was Captain Kidd?

Pirates! Fact & Legend
A biography.

Maritime History Info
Biographical information.

The Pirate's Realm
The life and times of Captain Kidd.

The Connecticut River Homepage
Captain Kidd and Clarke's Island.

The Ultimate Captain Kidd Website
Detailed info about Captain Kidd.

Historic UK
Captain William Kidd, privateer and pirate.

Scotland Vacations
A short biography.

World History Selection Page
Learn more about Captain Kidd.

Northeast Wigwam
Captain Kidd and the Mohegan indians.

Shanties and Sea Songs
Words to Captain Kidd's ballad.

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