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Famous Native Americans Indians Tribute Page
Chronology of Black Elk's life.

American Writers
A short biography.

Black Elk
The story of Black Elk.

Spiritwalk Teachers
A biography.

Houghton Mifflin
All about the holy man, traditional healer, visionary.

The Wild West
Black Elk's biography.

Black Elk Speaks
Read Black Elk Speaks.

Spiritwalk Teachers
Excerpts from Black Elk Speaks.

American Writers
Info about Black Elk Speaks.

Black Elk
An overview of Black Elk Speaks.

Olive Leaf
Nicholas Black Elk, catechist.

Near-Death Experiences & the Afterlife
Black Elk's near-death experience.

Native American Prophecies
Info about Black Elk's visions.

Spiritwalk Teachers
Memorable quotes.

Quote World
A page of quotes.

Wisdeom Quotes
Quotes by Black Elk.

Earth prayer and the Sunset.

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