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Statement recasts Billy the Kid doubts.

Billy the Kid mystery revisited.

Santa Fe Online
On the trail of Billy the Kid.

USA Today
Posse still hunting Billy the Kid.

About Billy the Kid
Summary of the life of Billy the Kid.

History Buff
A biography.

Biographical information.

Discovery Channel
Who was the Kid?

Page Wise
Billy the Kid's biography.

Bad Hombres
The life and times of Billy the Kid.

The Handbook of Texas
Learn more about the outlaw.

Frontier Trails
All about Billy the Kid.

Black Mask
The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, by Pat Garrett.

America's Library
Info about the Kid's murders and more.

Billy the Kid Outlaw Legend
The arrests of Billy the Kid.

About Billy the Kid
Think you know all about Billy the Kid?

Discovery Channel
Test your knowledge.

About Billy the Kid
FAQ about Billy the Kid.

Eyewitness to History
The death of Billy the Kid, 1881.

Find A Grave
Info about Billy the Kid's final resting place.

Scribe's Tribute to Billy the Kid
Many interviews, accounts by those who knew the outlaw.

Bivouac Books
Was Billy the Kid really killed at Chickamauga?

About Billy the Kid
1880s interviews.

The Billy the Kid Museum
Info about the New Mexico museum.

Picture History
An image of the outlaw.

Billy the Kid Outlaw Legend
Alleged photos of Billy the Kid.

Billy the Kid Outlaw Legend
Quotes of Billy the Kid, his friends, and enemies.

About Billy the Kid
Letters exactly as Billy the Kid wrote them.

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