L. Frank Baum

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Birth Name: L. Frank Baum
Born: 05/15/1856
Birth Place: Chittenango, New York, USA
Death Place: Hollywood, California, USA
Died: 05/06/1919

Born Lyman Frank Baum in the village of Chittenago, NY on May 15, 1856, he was the seventh of nine children by businessman Benjamin Baum and his wife, Cynthia. A shy child who struggled with health issues, Baum - who preferred to be called Frank rather than his actual given name - was home schooled and spent much of his childhood in his father's library. There, he discovered a wealth of classic fairy tales, but found their violent content and heavy-headed moral lessons distasteful, which prompted him to rewrite the stories in a more whimsical fashion for the enjoyment of his siblings and other children. This aversion to frightening elements in children's literature would later inform much of... Continue Bio >>

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