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With Blood Comes Cleansing Biography

Birth Place: Albany, Georgia, United States
Years Active: Since 2005
Genres: Deathcore

With Blood Comes Cleansing were a Christian metal-core band that came together in February 2005. The band hailed from Auburn, AL, and consisted of vocalist Dean Atkinson, bass player Dennis Frazier, drummer Matt Fidler, and guitarists Jeremy Sims and Scott Erickson. With Blood Comes Cleansing's sound was a raw, and often shocking, mix of metal-core and thrash with an over arching Christian message. The band's debut EP “Golgotha,” which was released by Blood & Ink Records in 2006, lead to a bigger record deal with the Victory Records, who put out the band's first full-length album “Horror” in 2008.

After hitting the road and touring for a while in support of the record the band went through some line-up changes. On July 10, 2008, With Blood Comes Cleansing decided to stop touring full time and focus on their personal endeavors. Dean moved to Chicago, IL with his wife Therese but has recently returned to South Georgia. Dennis, Scott and Spence are all living in Albany, GA as well. Michael and Jeremy currently live in Atlanta, GA. The band continues to play shows whenever possible but has no future plans to make a comeback or release any new records.