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Now Playing: You've Been Trumped - Trailer 'Alone': Sam Thinks About His Pregnant Wife
2015-08-21 'Alone': Sam Returns Home
2015-08-21 'Alone': Mitch Returns Home
2015-08-15 'Alone': Lucas Returns Home
2015-08-15 'Alone': Mitch Salvages a Sea Otter Hide
2015-08-14 'Alone': Mitch Finds a Yarrow Plant
2015-08-12 'Alone': Mitch Sets Up Troutlines
2015-08-07 'Alone': Dustin Finds Pine Pitch
2015-08-05 'Alone': Alan Makes a Fish Trap
2015-08-03 'Alone': Sam Cooks a Mouse
2015-07-31 'Alone': Lucas Roasts a Seaweed Snack
2015-07-29 'Alone': Lucas Gets Sick from Clams
2015-07-27 'Alone': Alan Needs Entertainment
2015-07-24 'Alone': Dustin Explains His Decision to Leave
2015-07-22 'Alone': Drop Day: Joe
2015-07-21 'Alone': Drop Day: Mitch
2015-07-21 'Alone': Lucas Builds a Canoe
2015-07-20 'Alone': Sam Cooks Fresh Crabs
2015-07-17 'Alone': Drop Day: Sam
2015-07-13 'Alone': Drop Day: Josh
2015-07-13 'Alone': Josh Is Spooked by Bear Tracks
2015-07-13 'Alone': Mitch Cooks a Fish at Night
2015-07-12 'Alone': Wayne Discusses His Final Night
2015-07-08 'Alone': A Bear Charges at Wayne
2015-07-06 'Alone': Casting Tape: Chris
2015-07-06 'Alone': Casting Tape: Josh
2015-07-06 'Alone': Drop Day: Wayne
2015-07-06 'Alone': Drop Day: Dustin
2015-07-06 'Alone': Alan Relies on His Instincts
2015-07-03 'Alone': Casting Tape: Brant
2015-06-29 'Alone': Alan Dines on a Banana Slug
2015-06-29 'Alone': Drop Day: Alan
2015-06-29 'Alone': Drop Day: Lucas
2015-06-29 'Alone': Casting Tape: Alan
2015-06-25 'Alone': Drop Day: Brant
2015-06-22 'Alone': Drop Day: Chris
2015-06-22 'Alone': Josh Is Defeated by Fear
2015-06-22 'Alone': Sam Talks to Wolves
2015-06-19 'Alone': Wet, Cold Vancouver Island
2015-06-18 Bear Grylls Talks New Reality Show 'Get Out Alive'
2013-07-10 Why Iyanla Believes Secrets Are Killing the Pace Sisters
2013-05-19 Without a Paddle Trailer