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Birth Place: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Genres: Roots Rock, Country Rock, Rock And Roll, Surf Rock

Webb Wilder (born John Webb McMurray, May 19, 1954, Hattiesburg, Mississippi) is a musician who mixes the sounds of country, surf guitar and rock & roll into a style known as "swampedelic". His first album, ''It Came From Nashville,'' was released in 1986.

Wilder frequently works with writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist R.S. Field, and early reviews (including one in Trouser Press) speculated Field and Wilder were the same person. Though this rumour was disproven years ago, Field and Wilder still occasionally have to answer questions about their respective identities.

Wilder also produced an award-winning collection of short films under the title of ''Corn Flicks''. Wilder's ''Corn Flicks'' consists of three stories: ''Private Eye'', ''Horror Hayride'' and ''Aunt Hallie''.

He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.