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Now Playing: Kim Kardashian Considers Surrogacy as Struggle to Get Pregnant Continues Kim Kardashian Considers Surrogacy as Struggle to Get Pregnant Continues
2015-05-27 Kimye Celebrate 1st Anniversary the Most Intimate Way... Social Media
2015-05-26 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Celebrate Wedding Anniversary on Social Media
2015-05-26 13 Celebs Who Didn't Make It Down the Aisle
2015-05-25 Kim Kardashian Celebrates Anniversary With A Series Of Old Photos
2015-05-25 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Kim Kardashian on Kanye West
2015-05-25 Kim Kardashian Displays Anniversary Preparation When Taking The Kids To Ballet
2015-05-22 Kim Kardashian Has One Rule on Social Media; Don't Badmouth North
2015-05-22 Beyonce Is Feeling Herself in Sexy Music Video
2015-05-21 Kanye West: I Didn't Curse THAT Much!!
2015-05-20 Kanye West: I Didn't Curse That Much, Billboard Unfairly Censored Me
2015-05-20 Kanye West Fuming Over Awards Show Censorship
2015-05-20 Kanye West Rips Billboard Music Awards Over Censhorship
2015-05-20 Lil Wayne & Ray J -- Hot New Collaboration ... We're Cuckoo for the Coco
2015-05-20 Airport Style Tips From The Superstars Taking Travel Chic To New Heights
2015-05-20 Kim Kardashian Made the First Move on Kanye West
2015-05-20 Kim Kardashian Says She Made the First Move on Kanye West
2015-05-20 Kanye West Shuts Down Power House Concert
2015-05-19 Kim and Kanye Sleeping In Different Beds?
2015-05-19 Kanye West Lights Up the 2015 Billboard Music Awards With 'All Day'
2015-05-18 Kanye West Gets Bleeped, Kendall and Kylie Jenner Get Booed at the BBMAs
2015-05-18 Billboard Music Awards: Taylor Swift Dominates in Vegas
2015-05-18 Billboard Music Awards -- 'He's Kanye! What Are We Supposed to Do?'
2015-05-18 Kendall and Kylie Jenner Booed at Billboard Music Awards
2015-05-18 Kendall and Kylie Jenner Get Booed, Kanye West Censored at 2015 Billboard Music Awards
2015-05-18 Best Moments from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards
2015-05-18 Kimye Renewing Their Wedding Vows on First Anniversary
2015-05-17 How Nutritionist to the Stars Dr. Goglia Whips Kim Kardashian & Chris Pratt Into Shape
2015-05-13 Dana Carvey Impersonates John Lennon & Paul McCartney Discussing Kanye West
2015-05-13 Kanye West Receives an Honorary Doctorate
2015-05-12 Kanye West Fills Kim Kardashian's Room with Roses for Mother's Day
2015-05-11 Sunday Night Kanye Almost Let Himself Look Happy for a Second
2015-05-11 Kanye West Sent Kim Kardashian Thousands of Roses for Mother's Day
2015-05-11 Kanye West Gets Caught Smiling on Camera Hilariously Stops Immediately
2015-05-11 How To Block The Kardashians From Your Feed
2015-05-09 How Jay Z Can Make Me Subscribe to Tidal
2015-05-09 Kanye West Isn't Leaving Roc Nation
2015-05-08 Josh Groban Gushes Over Girlfriend Kat Dennings: 'We Share a Great Sense of Humor'
2015-05-08 Selfish Kim Kardashian Makes Fans Day At Book Signing
2015-05-08 Stromae Is Ready to Take Over the U.S. -- Get to Know the Belgian Superstar!
2015-05-08 Kim Kardashian: Even Protesters Buy My New Book
2015-05-08 Make Your Mother a Mixtape for Mothers Day!
2015-05-08 Anna Wintour "Adores" Kanye West
2015-05-07 Kim Kardashian's Best Spring Style Looks
2015-05-07 Kanye West Thanked Cher For Using Auto-Tune
2015-05-07 WTF Met Gala Fashion & Drama - Justin Bieber Sends Flirty Message To Selena DHR
2015-05-06 Kim Kardashian A Top 10 Author With Selfie Book Selfish
2015-05-06 Met Gala Fashion: Beyonce, Rihanna and JLo Dazzle on Red Carpet
2015-05-05 Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian Break Selfie Ban at Met Gala
2015-05-05 Blur's 'Magic Whip' Tops Album Chart and More
2015-05-04 Paul McCartney Says Writing with Kanye West Was Like Working with John Lennon
2015-05-04 A Taylor Swift Kanye West Collaboration Is in The Works
2015-05-01 North West Begins Life as Fashionista Early Already Knows Her Style
2015-05-01 Is This Taylor Swift and Kanye West Collaboration Happening or What?!
2015-05-01 Paul McCartney Compares Kanye to Lennon
2015-05-01 2015 Met Gala: Insider Scoop on Fashion's Biggest Night!
2015-05-01 Taylor Swift Talks Collaboration and Respect For Kanye West
2015-04-30 Top 10 Celebrity Business Fails
2015-04-29 Justin Bieber Joins Cast of Zoolander 2
2015-04-29 Rihanna's Super Sexy Bikini Shoot in Hawaii
2015-04-28 Does North West Take Selfies? Kim Kardashian Spills
2015-04-25 Bruce Jenner: Kanye West Helped Kim Kardashian Understand His Transition
2015-04-25 Bruce Jenner -- Kim Had a Breakthrough ... Thanks to Kanye
2015-04-25 100th Anniversary Armenian Genocide: Kim & Kanye Help Raise Awareness
2015-04-24 Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Make Time 100 Gala Family Time
2015-04-23 Jay Z and Beyonce's Joint Album May End Up Saving Tidal
2015-04-23 What Did Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Really Think of Amy Schumer's ''Funny'' Red Carpet Prank?
2015-04-23 Questlove -- Kanye West Was On Troll Patrol ... Against Amy Schumer
2015-04-23 Questlove -- Kanye West Was On Troll Patrol ... Against Amy Schumer
2015-04-23 You've Got To See Kim Kardashian's Face When Amy Schumer Fell At Her Feet On The Red Carpet
2015-04-23 Stunts, Surprises and Well Wishes from Time Magazine's Red Carpet
2015-04-23 Jay Z's Tidal App Flops: Music Streaming Service Drops Out of ITunes' Top 700 Chart
2015-04-22 Influencers Kim Kardashian And Kanye West At The TIME 100 Gala
2015-04-22 Amy Schumer Pranks Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at Time 100 Gala
2015-04-22 Amber Rose Hits London For Some Serious Partying