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Birth Place: United States
Years Active: 1986–present
Genres: Funk, Pop, Rock

Wendy & Lisa (occasionally known as Girl Bros.) are a musical duo consisting of Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman. Perhaps best known for working with Prince in the 1980s, Melvoin and Coleman began their post-Revolution music career in 1986.

They have released five full-length albums of their own, the most recent being ''White Flags of Winter Chimneys'', released in December 2008.

They currently score the music for the NBC series ''Heroes'' and ''Mercy'', as well as Showtime's ''Nurse Jackie''. They have also been featured on several soundtracks and scores, including the soundtrack for the film ''Toys'', which featured one of their bigger hits, "The Closing Of The Year", and most recently the full-length ''Heroes: Original Score'', released in April 2009 and composed entirely of Wendy & Lisa's full-length compositions for each of the show's characters.