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Now Playing: Justin Bieber Stars in 'Zoolander 2' Justin Bieber Stars in 'Zoolander 2'
2015-04-30 10 Celebrity Birth Names That Will Shock You
2015-04-30 Vanilla Ice -- Cool Down, Native Americans ... Adam Sandler's Not Trying to Be Kevin Costner
2015-04-27 Vanilla Ice on 'Ridiculous 6': 'This Movie Isn't 'Dances With Wolves''
2015-04-27 10 Celebrities Who Have A Lucrative Side Gig Flipping Houses
2015-04-07 Top 10 Rappers Who Fell Off the Map
2015-03-15 Vanilla Ice Arrested for Home Burglary
2015-02-19 Rapper Vanilla Ice Arrested on Burglary Charges in South Florida
2015-02-19 Timberwolves' Lucky Charm ... Vanilla Ice
2014-11-07 Honest Trailers: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze'
2014-08-06 Vanilla Ice Reviews the New 'TMNT' Rap
2014-08-05 TMNT Movie Trailer Reveals New Turtle Origin
2014-03-28 Inside The Most Epic Party Of All Time
2014-02-24 Vanilla Ice Says Amish Have Great 'MacGyver' Skills
2013-10-09 Top 10 Ridiculous 1990s Music Videos
2013-10-06 Vanilla Ice Rips Justin Bieber Once Again
2013-10-01 Vanilla Ice Inks Miley Cyrus' Name on His Feet
2013-09-30 Vanilla Ice To Make A Comeback TV Performance
2013-09-12 Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby Sung By Movie Characters
2013-07-23 Kid Rock Says Bieber Will Have 'Long Ride Down' Like Vanilla Ice
2013-06-20 Justin Bieber Dressed In Leather
2013-06-04 Rappers' Real Names
2013-04-28 'Vanilla Ice Goes Amish'
2013-04-24 Vanilla Ice Talks About His Role in 'That's My Boy'
2012-06-13 Vanilla Ice Freestyles In "That's My Boy"
2012-06-13 Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg on R-Rated Choices in "That's My Boy"
2012-06-12 Celeb Says What?
2012-02-02 Vanilla Ice Bashes Justin Bieber: "He'll Soon Be Forgotten"
2011-07-22 July 14th: The Iceman Cometh
2011-07-14 SNTV - Rives leaves Dancing On Ice
2011-01-17 SNTV - Celeb says what?
2010-12-24 SNTV - See who is Dancing On Ice