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The Quickening
Live Fast Diarrhea
Look What I Almost Stepped In
Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
Vandal Nation - Ep
My Techno (Techno Invasion Version)
Bbc Sessions & Other Polished Turds
Shingo Japanese Remix Album
Shingo Japanese Remix
Hollywood Potato Chip
Live At The House Of Blues
Internet Dating Superstuds
Internet Dating Super Studs
Sweatin' To The Oldies: The Vandals Live
Oi To The World
Fear Of A Punk Planet
Look What I Almost Stepped In...
Fear Of A Punk Planet: Anniversary Edition
The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country …
Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes
Sweatin' To The Oldies
Hitler Bad, Vandals Good.
When In Rome, Do As The Vandals (Re-Mastered)
Peace Thru Vandalism (Re-Mastered)