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''Very 'eavy... Very 'umble'' is the debut album of British hard rock band Uriah Heep. It was released in the United States as ''Uriah Heep'' with alternate sleeve artwork, and with "Bird of Prey" in place of "Lucy Blues."

The album was generally panned by the mainstream critical press upon its release, although it has since been acknowledged as an early classic of the heavy metal genre. The most famous criticism came from ''Rolling Stone'' magazine reviewer Melissa Mills, who began her review, "If this group makes it I'll have to commit suicide. From the first note you know you don't want to hear any more."

The original vinyl release was a gatefold-sleeve, featuring David Byron on the front sleeve, almost unrecognisable beneath the cobwebs.

The album was first released on the Vertigo label in the UK, as was the follow-up Salisbury, but both were quickly reissued by Bronze when the band signed to that label.

Uriah Heep
Release Date: 2009-04-07
Duration: 39:11

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1Gypsy 06:38
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2Walking In Your Shadow 04:31
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3Come Away Melinda 03:48
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4Bird Of Prey (American Album Version) 04:06
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5Dreammare 04:40
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6Real Turned On 03:39
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7I'll Keep On Trying 05:26
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8Wake Up (Set Your Sights) 06:23
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