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Now Playing: Celebrity Weddings of 2010 Carrie Underwood's Cover Shoot
2014-04-16 The new class of rockers
2014-04-11 The New Class of Rockers
2014-04-11 What Happens When Hollywood Goes Country
2014-04-04 Nikki Reed -- I'm Lifting My Legs In The Air ... Now That I'm Single
2014-03-30 On This Day: March 10
2014-03-10 Social Stars Spread Their Wings At New York Fashion Week
2014-02-09 Celebrity Sightings at NYFW Rebecca Minkhoff Show
2014-02-08 Carrie Underwood Is New Global Brand Ambassador for Almay
2014-01-21 NBC to Follow Up 'Sound of Music' with 'Peter Pan'
2014-01-20 Top-Earning American Idol Alum?
2014-01-15 Everybody Loves Heidi Klum - At Least At The PCAs
2014-01-09 Carrie Underwood Vows to Win Oscar After Acting Backlash
2014-01-08 Taylor Swift Tops The List Of Most Charitable Celebrities
2013-12-27 Idina Menzel Wants To Be A Part Of The Upcoming Wicked Film
2013-12-26 Julie Andrews Vs. Carrie Underwood: Whose Sound Of Music Ratings Were Bigger?
2013-12-23 Julie Andrews Did Not Tune In To Sound Of Music Live
2013-12-11 Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2013-12-11 'Firewall & Iceberg': Episode 3 - Sound of Music Live
2013-12-11 Firewall&Iceberg episode 3 - Sound of Music Live
2013-12-10 NBC Planning Another Live Musical After 'Sound of Music'
2013-12-10 Carrie Underwood Praying for 'Sound of Music Live!' Critics
2013-12-09 At NBC, The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Cha-Ching!
2013-12-08 The Must List for December 5, 2013: 'The Sound of Music' Live
2013-12-08 Carrie Underwood As Maria In Sound Of Music Live! Was"Painful To Watch,"Tweets Star Of O...
2013-12-07 Carrie Underwood Responds to Harsh 'Sound of Music' Criticism
2013-12-07 Sound Of Bleh? Underwood Gets Mixed Reviews
2013-12-07 Carrie Underwood As Maria In Sound Of Music Live! Was "Painful To Watch," Tweets Star Of Original Movie
2013-12-07 Anne Hathaway Was The Von Trapp Familys Choice For The Sound Of Music
2013-12-06 Carrie Underwood Slammed by Von Trapp Family
2013-12-06 How Do Celebrities Think Carrie Underwood Did In 'Sound Of Music Live'?
2013-12-06 The Hills Were (Sort Of) Alive With NBC's 'Sound Of Music'
2013-12-06 Top 3 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2013-11-30 Twitter Sounds Off on 'The Sound of Music Live!'
2013-12-06 'Sound Of Music' Panned By Critics
2013-12-06 InsideThe Sound of Music Live! Rehearsals with Carrie Underwood
2013-12-04 Carrie Underwood Climbs 'Sound Of Music' Mountain
2013-12-03 Carrie Underwood Injured On Sound of Music Set
2013-12-03 Top 4 Music Stories of the Day
2013-12-03 Carrie Underwood Climbs 'Sound of Music' Mountain
2013-12-03 Carrie Underwood Addresses All The Sound Of Music Hate She's Getting!
2013-11-30 Carrie Underwood's December 2013 Redbook Magazine Cover Shoot
2013-11-27 Joan Jett Switching Macy's Parade Floats After Protest
2013-11-17 Stephen Moyer Is Ready To Sink His Teeth Into Directing The Season 7 Premiere Of True Blood!
2013-11-12 Kellie Pickler Drops New Album
2013-11-11 2013 CMAs: Best Dressed Celebrities, Featuring Taylor Swift
2013-11-08 CMA Highlights: Paisley Sexts Urban and More
2013-11-08 'Blurred Lines' Gets the 'Duck Dynasty' Treatment at CMA Awards
2013-11-07 Taylor Swift Looks Red Hot at the CMA Awards
2013-11-07 Amy Poehler Interviews Carrie Underwood at Emmys
2013-09-23 Carrie Underwood Mistakes Prom Dress For 2013 Emmys Dress
2013-09-23 Carrie Underwood Performs "Yesterday" at 2013 Emmy Awards
2013-09-23 Carrie Underwood's Creepy Airbrushed Sound Of Music Poster Will Haunt Your Dreams!
2013-09-17 Carrie Underwood's Major Tumble on Stage
2013-09-06 Carrie Underwood Falls on Stage
2013-09-06 Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley to Host the CMA Awards Again
2013-08-14 Carrie Underwood Gets Political and Tweets Governor
2013-07-01 Kim Kardashian Reveals Baby's Gender
2013-06-09 Pregnant Kim Kardashian Steps Out for Doctor's Visit in Chic Maternity Look
2013-06-08 Stars Walk the Red Carpet at Annual CMT Awards
2013-06-07 Carrie Underwood Sets The Record Straight On American Idol Rumors
2013-06-07 Snooki Is Looking for Next Big Music Star
2013-06-06 Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert Win Big at CMT Awards
2013-06-06 Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Her Father's Recovery in 'Cosmopolitan'
2013-05-29 Carrie Underwood Performs with the Rolling Stones
2013-05-29 Carrie Underwood To Donate $1 Million To Relief Fund In Oklahoma
2013-05-24 Carrie Underwood Donates $1 Million To Red Cross For Oklahoma Relief
2013-05-24 Carrie Underwood Reveals College Nickname
2013-05-16 Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Thoughts On Being A Mom
2013-05-16 Carrie Underwood Thinks She's Too Young To Have Children
2013-05-14 Carrie Underwood: I'm Not Old Enough To Have Kids
2013-05-14 Carrie Underwood Takes Over 'Sunday Night Football' Theme Song
2013-05-09 Carrie Underwood Takes To Twitter To Show Outrage Over State Politics
2013-04-24 Why Is Carrie Underwood in a Twitter Fight? And More Headlines!
2013-04-24 State Rep Tells Carrie Underwood To 'Stick to Singing'
2013-04-24 Carrie Underwood Dazzles at ACM Awards
2013-04-08 Carrie Underwood Wants a Birthday Do-Over
2013-04-03 Carrie Underwood Would Quit Music To Save Her Marriage
2013-04-03 Carrie Underwood's Obsession "Freaks People Out"
2013-03-14 Carrie Underwood's Response To Taylor Swift Feud
2013-02-12 2013 Grammys: Carrie Underwood
2013-02-11 Carrie Underwood Wears $31 Million in Jewels at Grammys 2013
2013-02-11 Carrie Underwood's Grammy Projection Dress Steals Attention
2013-02-11 How They Made Carrie Underwood's Glowing Grammys Gown
2013-02-11 Do Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood Hate Each Other?
2013-02-09 Carrie Underwood Defends Her Husband's Honor
2013-01-23 Carrie Underwood's Gay Marriage Stance Explained
2013-01-21 Carrie Underwood Reveals Awful Name People Call Her Husband, Mike Fisher
2013-01-18 Carrie Underwood Hates Husband Mocking
2013-01-18 Carrie Underwood Denies 'Nashville' Character Is Modeled After Her
2013-01-16 Behind-the-Scenes: Carrie Underwood's Cover Shoot
2013-01-16 Why Carrie Underwood Says Husband Will Never Cheat
2013-01-15 Carrie Underwood Sells Her American Idol Home
2013-01-05 Carrie Underwood Sold Her "Normal Person" House, Purchases HUGE Property
2013-01-02 Carrie Underwood Leaks 'Real Housewives Of Nashville' Show Plans
2012-12-19 Why Carrie Underwood And NHL Husband Forced Are To Be Apart
2012-12-08 Kym Karath on Carrie Underwood as Maria Von Trapp
2012-12-03 Carrie Underwood Stars in "Sound of Music" Remake
2012-12-01 Carrie Underwood to Star in 'Sound of Music Remake
2012-11-30 Highlights from the 40th American Music Awards

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