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Critical Beatdown (Re-Issue) (Extended Version)
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 2007-03-06
Duration: 75:52

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Song Title       Time
1Watch Me Now    04:50
2Ease Back    03:25
3Ego Trippin' (Original 12-Inch Version)    05:27
4Moe Luv's Theme    02:20
5Kool Keith Housing Things    03:17
6Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Remix)    01:53
7Feelin' It    03:33
8One Minute Less    01:59
9Ain't It Good To You    03:34
10Funky (Remix)    03:42
11Give The Drummer Some    03:46
12Break North    03:25
13Critical Beatdown    03:44
14When I Burn    03:02
15Ced-Gee (Delta Force One)    02:48
16Funky (Original 12-Inch Version)    04:47
17Bait    04:27
18A Chorus Line (Original 12-Inch Version)    06:04
19Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Hip House Club Mix)    04:23
20Ego Trippin' (Bonus Beats)    01:11
21Mentally Mad (Original 12-Inch Version)    05:06