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Steven Tyler Gets Real About His Past Drug Addiction

1/27/2016 9:20am EST
Steven Tyler
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler admits he makes a big effort to stay drug free. During an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, the frontman revealed he isn't 100 percent sure he won't slip up and start using again.

"I was a humongous, to-die-for drug addict," he explained, "but I keep it in check. I've got a 12-step thing that I do. (I'm) out of the rabbit hole."

When Stern asked if he felt "confident" he's done with drugs for good, Tyler said: "That I don't, I'm just a hit record away... It's so hard to survive in this world. People want a little release. I don't blame people for ge...

Liv Tyler Reveals How She Discovered Steven Tyler Was Her Dad

11/27/2015 3:29pm EST
Liv Tyler Found Out Steven Tyler Was Her Father While Watching A
When it comes to famous father-daughter pairings in showbiz, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and his actress daughter Liv Tyler immediately come to mind. But it turns out that little Liz didn't know that Steven was her biological father until she was 8 years old, and she figured it out while watching her father on stage.

Liv Tyler recently discussed the revelation on an episode of British TV program 'The Jonathan Ross Show'.

"It's quite an emotional story, honestly, the whole thing," she told the host. "My mother was very young when she had me and there was a little bit of confusion abou...

Donald Trump Needs A New Campaign Song

10/12/2015 11:03pm EDT
Steven Tyler Aerosmith
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler may or may not support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, but he doesn't want "The Donald" to use his song "Dream On" during campaign events.

According to the the Associated Press, Tyler's attorneys fired off a second "cease and desist" letter to Trump's campaign committee last weekend. Trump's team reportedly ignored the first demand letter and kept playing the song at his events.

Not that Trump needs a legendary tune to get the crowds going when he speaks, but who can blame him for picking "Dream On" as his campaign song? Rolling Stone ranked...

Steven Tyler Sings With A Russian Street Performer In Moscow (Watch!)

9/7/2015 8:16pm EDT
Steven Tyler
Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler surprised a street busker in Moscow over the weekend when he joined him to sing the band's 1997 hit "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing."

A short video posted to YouTube showed the singer and street musician in mid song amidst the cheers of fans who gathered around them.

Aerosmith were in the Russian capital over the weekend for a concert in the city, and the streets were filled with over 100,000 fans to see the show.

The band chronicled their trip on Facebook, posting several photos of the band and the crew from its Blue Army tour. Some band members have already ...

Chelsea Tyler's Wedding Pictures Are Absolutely Gorgeous

7/2/2015 12:55am EDT
Chelsea Tyler
Chelsea Tyler, daughter to Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler and little sister of actress Liv Tyler, got married to Jon Foster last week. Now, according to The Daily Mail, she's been sharing her wedding photos online- and they're absolutely gorgeous!

"Last week I got to marry the most wonderful, incredible creature I've ever known. There are no words. I adore you to infinity and beyond," Chelsea wrote alongside a beautiful black and white photo of her and her now-hubby in the middle of an embrace (is that their first dance as husband and wife? First kiss? could be either).

Last week I got t...

Steven Tyler's Pants Rule The Night

4/21/2015 8:29am EDT
Why Would Steven Tyler Wear 'Human Face Pants' To the 2015 ACM A
Steven Tyler, why are you wearing the pants of an insane person?

We may never know. But we do know this: at Sunday night's Academy of Country Music Awards, the Aerosmith frontman blew everyone else out of the water. Not with his music (Tyler wasn't nominated for anything), but with his wardrobe choices.

Seen above, the always-flamboyant singer was seen rocking a pair of pants with a pop-art design: a woman's face, complete with deep red lips and wavy blonde hair.

Yeah, it's weird, but Tyler's owning it (probably).

The singer from Aerosmith might not seem like an obvious attendee at a co...

Aerosmith Frontman Has A New Trick Up His Sleeve

4/7/2015 1:01pm EDT
Steven tyler
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is going country. The rocker has signed a major deal with Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Label Group. The singer has officially teamed up with Dot Records, which Borchetta and his label partners revived in 2014.

Tyler revealed the news to Rolling Stone Country, saying: "There was an immediate connection with Scott and Big Machine... and Dot Records is the right fit.

My earliest influences put me somewhere between the Everly Brothers and the Carter Family, and this project is all about me paying homage to my country roots.

"I've been working with some f---in...

How Did Liv Tyler Reveal Her Newborn Son's Name?

2/22/2015 10:30am EST
Liv Tyler Reveals Newborn Son's Nautical Name
Liv Tyler has revealed her newborn son's name and it has a nautical theme. The 37 year old actress and her boyfriend David Gardner welcomed a healthy baby boy just two weeks ago.

In an Instagram post and photo, Tyler showed the baby's tiny hand clutching an anchor symbol pendant with the message “Sailor Gene Gardner” explaining the infants cute name.

This is the couples first child together, Tyler has two other sons Milo 10 and Gray, 7 from a previous marriage.

20 Celebrity Lushes

9/23/2014 1:15pm EDT
20 Celebrity Lushes
Celebrities are like regular people in that they occasionally overindulge in things they should consume in moderation.

But too many stars have battled drug addiction and alcoholism, and although many are currently sober, some still struggle to stay clean.

Lindsay Lohan, who charmed audiences with films such as "The Parent Trap," "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie Fully Loaded," has been to rehab six times to battle her addictions.

She told Oprah Winfrey in 2013: "(Alcohol) in the past was the gateway to other things, for me... I tried cocaine with alcohol... It allowed me to drink more. I think...

Steven Tyler's Feather Headdress, World Cup Goofiness & Other Crazy Hats In Entertainment

6/16/2014 12:00pm EDT
Steven Tyler's Feather Headdress, World Cup Goofiness & Other Cr
Summertime means celebrities step out in all kinds of crazy headwear. Aerosmith performed at a music festival in Donnington Park, England, over the weekend with frontman Steven Tyler wearing a Native American headdress.

He must not have followed the Pharrell Willams Elle magazine controversy.

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing, and fans are showing their pride by dressing in strange costumes, including making hats with Barbie dolls glued all over them.

Actress Kate Winslet followed British tradition by wearing a black and white fascinator to the Prix de Diane (Diane Prize) in Chantilly,...

16 Hollywood Stars & Their Supercars

4/25/2014 3:00pm EDT
16 Hollywood Stars & Their Supercars
Honda. Ford. Chevy. These are all household names. We see them every day driving to work, or while going to grab a cup of coffee on the corner, or from our office window. They don't do anything special to really grab your attention - they just exist to get us from point A to point B. And for most of us, that's just fine.

But for those who can afford it, vehicles offer something else - status. And those vehicles are fast and loud, and they grab -no- command attention wherever they go. Whether it's through sleek, formula 1-like styling, or monstrous engines that roar like lions and move like...

Fashion Fails: Paris Hilton, Madonna, Pharrell, More

2/1/2014 3:03pm EST
Paris Hilton
It's Fashion Fail Time! That means we take a break from letting you know how good all of your favorite stars look to show the other side of fashion: the fails!

Of course the looks from last Sunday's Grammy Awards are going to dominate this week's fails. First we have Paris Hilton, who ruined a beautiful white gown by adding faux-nude panels. Now it just looks tacky.

Madonna tried her best Colonel Sanders impression during the Grammys. Beautiful song, sure, but her outfit was ugly. Her red carpet look wasn't much better.

Someone loved Pharrell's hat enough to create a twitter acco...

Style Watch: Pregnant Fergie Looks Like She Raided Steven Tyler's Closet

8/21/2013 8:36am EDT
Fergie attended the "Scenic Route" premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday, and she looked more like a rock star than a pop star at the event.

The pregnant Black Eyed Peas singer channeled Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler with a scarf wrapped around her waist, black leather pants, and a studded leather jacket. She completed her look with pointy, silver tipped shoes.

Fergie, 38, and Josh Duhamel, 40, are expected to welcome their new little one in September, and the actor couldn't be happier.  The singer recently told E! News: "He sings and talks to my belly all the time. He's very complimentary. I'...

Aerosmith Cancel Indonesia Concert Over Security Fears

5/6/2013 11:45am EDT
Rockers Aerosmith have axed an upcoming show in Jakarta, Indonesia, over security fears.

The band announced the cancellation after police arrested two suspected militants who planned to bomb an embassy in the nation's capital city.

Steven Tyler and company were scheduled to perform at the Jakarta Inernational Expo in Kemayoran, and the band released a statement via the website of the event promoter, Ismaya Live.

"Unfortunately, we have to cancel our upcoming show in Jakarta. We want to apologize to all our fans who were expecting to see us and hope that one day we can make it up to them,...

Steven Tyler Praises Hawaiian Privacy Law: 'I Can Go To Maui And Walk Around Naked'

3/12/2013 4:38pm EDT
Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler has spoken out about new laws he introduced in his adopted Hawaii that prevent paparazzi from targeting celebrities.

Senate members voted in favor of the rocker's bill to protect the privacy of vacationing stars in the state last week and now the so-called Steven Tyler Act will go to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Tyler was so determined to get the new legislation, which will make it easier for holidaying celebrities to sue snappers who try to photograph them, passed in the state he testified in a Hawaii court last month.

And he's still celebrating the vi...

Hawaiian Senate Passes Steven Tyler's Privacy Act

3/6/2013 8:43am EST
Steven Tyler
Senate members in Hawaii have voted in favor of Steven Tyler's proposed bill to protect the privacy of celebrities vacationing in the state.

The so-called Steven Tyler Act will now go to the House of Representatives for consideration after state Senate officials announced the passing of the bill on Tuesday.

According to Yahoo! News, 23 of the 25 state Senate members voted in favor of the legislation, which will make it easier for stars to sue snappers who try to photograph them while in the islands.

Tyler, who has a property on Maui, testified in a Hawaii court last month, explaining,...

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler And Joe Perry Headed To Songwriters Hall Of Fame

2/22/2013 12:08pm EST
Tyler and Perry
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are heading to the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The duo has been one of rock music's most successful songwriting tandems for the last 40 years, penning numerous classic hits like "Dream On," "Sweet Emotion," and "Walk This Way" along with such cheeky hits as "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)," "Love In An Elevator," and "Big Ten Inch Record."

Tyler and Perry will be inducted as part of the 2013 class, which includes Foreigner's Lou Gramm and Mick Jones.

This year's other inductees include Holly Knight, who penned hits for the likes of Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler...

Steven Tyler, John Legend, Jenny McCarthy & More Auction Valentine's Day Dates For Charity

2/4/2013 12:10pm EST
John Legend
From dinner and a movie with Steven Tyler to a double date with John Legend and Chrissy Teigan, the stars are sure spreading the love as they gear up for's 5th Annual Valentine's Day Auction, featuring more than 50 experiences that give back to charity. Whether paired up or celebrating solo, you can bid on some incredible celeb TLC now through February 11th at: .

Share The Love Auction highlights include:

Let Steven Tyler be your date for dinner and a movie in LA or Maui

Join John Legend and Chrissy Teigan for a romantic double date in N...

Steven Tyler Splits From Fiancee Erin Brady

1/13/2013 6:50pm EST
Steven Tyler
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is single again after reportedly breaking off his engagement to Erin Brady.

The rocker proposed to Brady on Christmas Day in 2011 but their relationship was rumored to be on the rocks late last year.

A spokesman for the star dismissed split rumors in October, putting the couple's problems down to the usual "trials and tribulations in a relationship", but New York Post gossip column Page Six now reports they have separated.

A source tells the publication, "It's over for good this time... They're still friendly but they're going their own ways. The engagemen...

The Top 10 Celebrity Twitter Feuds Of 2012

12/12/2012 12:07pm EST
Kim Kardashian and Jon Hamm
There have been celebrity feuds since there have been celebrities, but before the rise of social media these feuds were held through snappy comments in magazines and newspapers. Now, with the popularity of Twitter, millions can watch their favorite celebrities duke it out in real-time! These are the Top 10 Celebrity Twitter Feuds of 2012!

Jon Hamm vs Kim Kardashian

This petty feud started when Hamm told Elle in an interview, “Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated. Being a f—ing idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you’re...

Steven Tyler Apologizes To Nicki Minaj, Says He's Not A Racist

11/29/2012 8:57am EST
Steven Tyler
Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, who stepped down as a judge on "American Idol" earlier this year, started a Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj earlier this week when he suggested she would not be able to spot the next great artist if he showed up on stage in front of her.

He tweeted, "If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield. Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out."

Tyler has since issued a public apology and insists his comments have been misconstrued because he never intended to insult Minaj.

Minaj promptly fired bac...

Nicki Minaj Tells Ex 'Idol' Judge Steven Tyler To 'F' Himself In Twitter Feud

11/27/2012 9:56am EST
Nicki Minaj
The new season of "American Idol" hasn't even aired yet, but Nicki Minaj is making a lot of people angry, including former judge Steven Tyler.

The Aerosmith singer commented on the animosity between Minaj and Mariah Carey, saying they should get along for the benefit of the contestants.

He tweeted, "I know that they've got something going on on the judges' panel; it shouldn't be that, it should be the opposite. They should have something going on, which is called 'camaraderie'.

"These kids, they just got out of a car from the Midwest somewhere and they're in New York City, they're scared...

11 Stars Who Will Never Be People's 'Sexiest Man Alive'

11/15/2012 2:04pm EST
Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum was named this year's Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, the 24th guy to earn the superficial title.

Tatum joins the likes of George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt on the list; which has been around for 27 years now; and we thought we'd have a little fun with it and come up with a list of the top 10 guys we think (and are pretty sure) will never be named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People -- or any other publication, for that matter.

It may seem a little mean, but it's all in the name of good humor; and if anybody can take it, it's these...

The Eurythmics Among 2013 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Nominees

10/11/2012 9:53am EDT
Steven Tyler, Annie Lennox and Stevie Nicks are among the artists who will be competing for a place in the 2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Tyler is joined in the list of nominees by his Aerosmith bandmate and writing partner Joe Perry, while Lennox's Eurythmics collaborator Dave Stewart is also included, along with Nicks' Fleetwood Mac co-stars Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie.

Blues legend B.B. King and The Kinks' Ray Davies are also among the nominees for the 2013 inductees.

Voting ends in December and the chosen artists will be inducted at a gala ceremony in New York City on J...

10 Stars Who Have Been Injured On The Job

8/19/2012 12:00pm EDT
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man
Early this week, production was halted on the set of "Iron Man 3" after its star Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle while performing a stunt. Marvel Studios confirmed this Thursday, saying there will be a short delay in film production. With all the things going on in movie sets and concert stages, being a star can sometimes be hazardous. Here are 10 other celebrities who were hurt while performing their jobs.

During the filming of "The Green Lantern," Ryan Reynolds separated his shoulder and he popped it back into place during the scene. He told People magazine, "My last injury was ...

Toby Keith Turns Down 'American Idol'

7/31/2012 8:56am EDT
Toby Keith
Who will join Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson on the "American Idol" judging panel? Not country star Toby Keith. Keith's publicist has confirmed reports he was asked to work on the new season of the singing competition but didn't accept.

Keith was offered to fill the slot recently vacated by Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, but he turned producers down. The country's star rep told that Keith was "flattered" by the invitation but didn't feel it was the right fit.

But "Idol" execs have been considering other big names in the music business, including country star Brad Paisley...

Steven Tyler Says He Only Did 'American Idol' For The Money

7/30/2012 10:48pm EDT
Steven Tyler
Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler has parted ways with the American Idol producers by revealing the TV talent show wasn't all fun.

The "Love in an Elevator" singer quit the show after two seasons earlier this month - a day before fellow judge Jennifer Lopez followed him out the door - and he is now admitting he only agreed to sit alongside J.Lo and Randy Jackson for the cash, and to give his bandmates the chance to calm down after he announced plans for a hiatus.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "It was something to do while the storm blew by, to be honest... not my cup of tea.

"I loved it a...

Mariah Carey Confirmed To Judge On 'American Idol'

7/23/2012 3:59pm EDT
Mariah Carey
It's official - Mariah Carey has signed on as an American Idol judge. reports that the singer's deal is for $12 million - close to what Jennifer Lopez made on her first season of the show.

Fox boss Kevin Reilly made the announcement during the TV Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills on Monday.

"I am so excited to be on Idol," she tells USA Today. "I can't wait to get started in a couple of months."

Just a week ago, Mimi's husband Nick Cannon said that Idol couldn't afford her; saying, "I ain't letting her outta the house for less than $100 million."

The signing fills...

Rumor Patrol: Justin Bieber Sued, Mick Jagger's Conquests, More

7/14/2012 10:03am EDT
Justin Bieber
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Justin Bieber Sued: Is a woman actually blaming Bieber for her hearing loss, claiming the pop star urged fans to scream at high levels?

Verdict: True. Yup, an Oregon woman is seeking over $9 million from Bieber, claiming he hung from a gondola and waved his hands to urge the crowd to shriek louder and louder, ultimately damaging her ears. It's not the first odd lawsuit we've heard of.

Mick Jagger'...

Steven Tyler Calls It Quits: Announces He's Leaving 'American Idol' To Focus On Aerosmith

7/12/2012 10:54pm EDT
Steven Tyler
Rock legend Steven Tyler announced Thursday that he won't be returning as a judge for the 12th season of American Idol. The news comes as no surprise after fellow judge Jennifer Lopez all but confirmed that she won't be back either and numerous reports and rumors that producers are looking to revamp the show in order to compete with Simon Cowell's The X Factor.

The Aerosmith frontman released a statement detailing his plans to head back to his band and is ready to rock the world again.

"After some long, hard, thoughts, I've decided it's time for me to let go of my mistress American Idol b...