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At The Bbc 1973-1975
Label: Parlophone UK
Release Date: 2011-02-07
Duration: 135:13

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Song Title       Time
1Twice Removed From Yesterday (John Peel Session)    03:54
1Fine Day (John Peel Session)    03:23
2Man Of The World (John Peel Session)    02:36
2Confessing Midnight (John Peel Session)    04:48
3Daydream (John Peel Session)    06:15
3It's Only Money (John Peel Session)    05:02
4Sinner's Song (John Peel Session)    04:11
4Gonna Be More Suspicious (John Peel Session)    02:59
5Day Of The Eagle (Bob Harris Session)    03:53
5Day Of The Eagle (Bbc In Concert)    03:53
6Little Bit Of Sympathy (Bob Harris Session)    03:18
6Bridge Of Sighs (Bbc In Concert)    06:29
7Lady Love (Bob Harris Session)    02:57
7Gonna Be More Suspicious (Bbc In Concert)    03:17
8Daydream (Bob Harris Session)    06:03
8Fine Day (Bbc In Concert)    03:39
9The Fool And Me (Bob Harris Session)    04:26
9Lady Love (Bbc In Concert)    03:03
10Alethea (Bob Harris Session)    03:22
10Daydream (Bbc In Concert)    06:44
11Too Rolling Stoned (Bob Harris Session)    05:15
11Too Rolling Stoned (Bbc In Concert)    05:48
12I Can't Wait Much Longer (Bob Harris Session)    05:59
12I Can't Wait Much Longer (Bbc In Concert)    07:08
13Bridge Of Sighs (John Peel Session)    04:55
13Alethea (Bbc In Concert)    04:39
14In This Place (John Peel Session)    04:05
14A Little Bit Of Sympathy (Bbc In Concert)    05:23
15Alethea (John Peel Session)    03:56
16Little Bit Of Sympathy (John Peel Session)    03:53