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Birth Place: New York City, New York, Colombia, France
Years Active: 2001 - present
Genres: Hip Hop

In the beginning of 2001, in the streets of Queens, New York City a rap group was formed under the name "''Tres Coronas''" (which literally translates to Three Crowns) by three young rappers from Colombia (P.N.O. and Rocca) and Dominican Republic (Reychesta).

With their only goal in mind to “crown” in the world of rap in Spanish and Latin America Tres Coronas began to release various mixtapes that were independently sold in certain parts of the United States, Colombia, France and Spain. Through this, they formed their own music label entitled ''Parcero Productions''. Soon, Tres Coronas gained huge popularity as an underground rap group throughout much of Latin America (especially Colombia and Ecuador), Europe, Spain, France and New York City, slowly living up to their goal of 'crowning' in these markets.

After releasing several mixtapes, they made guest appearances in more mainstream productions such as ''Chosen Few: El Documental'', Hip Hop En Tu Idioma and The Draft 2005. After seeing success in these albums, they decided to tap into the American hip hop market, by releasing their first major label album (under Machete Music) entitled Nuestra Cosa. The album did so well in the respective markets that it would later be re-released as a CD/DVD including five music videos and a documentary about the album and Tres Coronas.