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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Albums

Beethoven's Last Night (Deluxe)
Label: Rhino Atlantic
Release Date: 2014-08-27
Duration: 116:14

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Song Title       Time
1Overture (Lp Version)    02:57
2Midnight Narration    01:37
3Midnight (Lp Version)    02:10
4Fate (Lp Version)    01:15
5What Good This Deafness Narration    00:44
6What Good This Deafness (Lp Version)    01:47
7Memphistopheles Narration    03:11
8Mephistopheles (Lp Version)    03:43
9What Is Eternal Narration    04:42
10What Is Eternal (Lp Version)    04:40
11The Moment Narration    04:36
12The Moment (Lp Version)    02:47
13Vienna Narration    02:50
14Vienna (Lp Version)    03:32
15Mozart Narration    00:33
16Mozart (Lp Version)    03:18
17The Dreams Of Candelight Narration    00:28
18The Dreams Of Candlelight (Lp Version)    04:05
19Requiem (The Fifth) Narration    01:12
20Requiem (The Fifth) (Lp Version) (The Fifth Lp Version)    02:59
21I'll Keep Your Secrets Narration    00:33
22I'll Keep Your Secrets (Lp Version)    04:15
23The Dark Narration    00:52
24The Dark (Lp Version)    04:23
25Fur Elise Narration    02:34
26Fur Elise (Lp Version)    00:41
27After The Fall Narration    00:51
28After The Fall (Lp Version)    04:35
29A Last Illusion Narration    01:24
30A Last Illusion (Lp Version)    05:27
31This Is Who You Are Narration    00:44
32This Is Who You Are (Lp Version)    03:59
33Beethoven (Lp Version)    02:56
34Memphistopheles' Return Narration    01:02
35Mephistopheles' Return (Lp Version)    04:25
36Misery Narration    04:01
37Misery (Lp Version)    02:44
38Who Is This Child Narration    00:51
39Who Is This Child (Lp Version)    04:34
40A Final Dream Narration    09:18
41A Final Dream (Lp Version)    01:56
42Ending Narration    01:02