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''Beethoven's Last Night'' is a concept album by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, released in 2000. The album tells the fictional story of Ludwig van Beethoven on the last night of his life, as the devil, Mephistopheles, comes to collect his soul. With the help of Fate and her son Twist, Beethoven unwittingly tricks the devil and is allowed to keep his soul which he had thought lost, but that the devil had no claim on. The album is a rock opera featuring many classical crossover rock songs which are clearly based on melodies from classical music, particularly Beethoven's works.

Beethoven's Last Night
Label: Lava/Atlantic
Release Date: 2007-09-04
Duration: 73:08

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Song Title       Time
1Overture    02:57
2Midnight    02:10
3Fate    01:15
4What Good This Deafness    01:47
5Mephistopheles    03:43
6What Is Eternal    04:40
7The Moment    02:47
8Vienna    03:32
9Mozart    03:18
10The Dreams Of Candlelight    04:05
11Requiem (The Fifth)    02:59
12I'll Keep Your Secrets    04:15
13The Dark    04:23
14Fur Elise    00:41
15After The Fall    04:35
16A Last Illusion    05:27
17This Is Who You Are    03:59
18Beethoven    02:56
19Mephistophele's Return    04:25
20Misery    02:44
21Who Is This Child    04:34
22A Final Dream    01:56