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Kris Jenner accused of cheating on Bruce Jenner

October 14th, 2013 10:20am EDT
Bruce Jenner
Kris Jenner's sister has alleged the star cheated on Bruce Jenner.
Karen Houghton alleges 57-year-old Kris confessed to her that she'd had an affair during her 22-year marriage to the former Olympic athletics champion, following news the couple who have daughters Kendall, 17, and Kylie,16, together have separated.
Karen told Star magazine: "Kris has admitted to cheating. It's so funny because I could never see a guy cheating on her. She's so powerful."
Karen believes Bruce has been faithful throughout their relationship, and although the pair have insisted they are not getting a divorce Kar...

Kris and Bruce Jenner separate due to shift in attitude

October 10th, 2013 6:20pm EDT
Bruce Jenner
Kris Jenner puts her separation with Bruce Jenner down to a "shift in the way" they treated one another.
The former couple, who have two daughters, Kendall, 17, and Kyle, 16, together recently confirmed that they have separated after 22 years of marriage but the Kardashian matriarch insists it was an amicable split while admitting things have changed.
Kris told PEOPLE magazine: "There was definitely a shift in the way we treated each other. We will always be the best of friends, because that's the dynamic of our relationship. We definitely get along as a family and with the kids; we're so ...

Kris and Bruce Jenner had a 'business marriage'?

October 10th, 2013 3:20pm EDT
Bruce Jenner
Kris and Bruce Jenner had a "business marriage."
The former couple, who have two daughters, Kendall, 17, and Kyle, 16, together recently confirmed that they have separated after 22 years of marriage and Pam Behan, the former Jenner nanny who lived with them for five years, claims the marriage lasted this long because they had "their own reasons" to keep it going.
She told "Yeah, they pretty much [led separate lives]. At the beginning, yes they were in love, but it wasn't super duper lovey-dovey.
"I do kind of think it was a business marriage and they each had their own ...

Bruce and Kris Jenner's conflict of interests

October 9th, 2013 2:20am EDT
Kris Jenner
Bruce and Kris Jenner's marriage ended because of clashing interests.
The Olympic gold medallist allegedly got fed up of the showbiz matriarch's obsession with Hollywood and propelling her children - Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall and Kylie - to stardom thanks to their reality show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'.
Meanwhile, the 63-year-old star is a "simple man" who prefers to spend time indulging in his sporting pastimes - golf, racing cars and RC helicopters - and was finding the limelight and constant media attention "extremely uncomfortable."
A family source told TMZ: "[Kris'] on...

Athlete and Celebrity Couples: What Draws Them Together?

September 15th, 2008 10:45am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, Punky Brewster and mismatched Converse. Some things just go together, like the perennial pairing of athletes and starlets. Why do the athletically inclined always seem to end up with Hollywood's prettiest young things? There must be something aside from the obvious draw of bulging biceps, movie premiers, and the thrill of evading the paparazzi.

The athlete/starlet combination is hardly a new one. Perhaps the most well known, and most romanticized, incarnation took place when Joe DiMaggio fell in love with Marilyn Monroe. Even though th...

Linda Thompson Pens Song For Pete Doherty

August 9th, 2007 2:49pm EDT
Linda Thompson
Folk legend Linda Thompson used the troubled life of British rocker Pete Doherty as inspiration for her new song.

The singer admits she wrote the tune, named after his band Babyshambles, after finding Doherty "touching" during a chance meeting at a work event. Thompson claims Doherty gets a "rotten rap" from the media and advises him to move on from his relationship with on/off lover Kate Moss.

She says, "Yeah, I did, a song called Babyshambles I think it's going on some Japanese version of the album. I find him quite touching. He gets a rotten rap. I worked with him on a TV sho...

Fascinating Facts

June 14th, 2007 9:00pm EDT
Kiefer Sutherland
24 star Kiefer Sutherland will make a speech on stage at the memorial concert for late British royal Diana, Princess Of Wales at Wembley Stadium on July 1.

Musician Prince has reunited with collaborators Wendy & Lisa to work on his new album Planet Earth - to be released on July 16 - for the first time since his 1987 landmark album Sign 'O' The Times.

Angelina Jolie wore a $26 dress to the New York City premier of her latest movie A Mighty Heart last night.

Ellen DeGeneres is to launch a line of greetings cards next week. The 32 cards feature images of the U.S. comedienne and...

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