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Friendly Strangers: The Warner Bros. Recordings
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Release Date: 2013-01-22
Duration: 99:39

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Song Title       Time
1One Woman Man (Remastered Lp Version)    03:16
2High On A Hillside (Remastered Lp Version)    02:55
3Vehicle (Remastered Single Version)    02:57
4Lead Me Home Gently (Remastered Single Version)    02:58
5Vehicle    02:58
6Factory Band (Remastered Lp Version)    03:04
7The Sky Is Falling (Remastered Lp Version)    02:50
8Home (Remastered Lp Version)    03:40
9Wooden Ships/Dharma For One (Remastered Lp Version)    07:16
10Bald Medusa (Remastered Lp Version)    03:03
11Aire Of Good Feeling (Remastered Lp Version)    03:16
12Time For Thinking (Remastered Lp Version)    02:32
13Symphony For Eleanor (Eleanor Rigby) (Remastered Lp Version)    09:45
14Superman    03:02
15Melody (Remastered Lp Version)    02:50
16Friends Of Feeling    03:49
17Ogre    04:15
18L.A. Goodbye    02:52
19Hymn For Her    04:04
20Mrs. Grayson's Farm    05:20
21Giddy-Up Ride Me (Remastered Lp Version)    02:59
22We Are Pillows    03:13
23Prelude To Freedom    00:29
24Freedom Sweet    03:32
25Tie-Dye Princess    11:44
26Radio Spot (Remastered Lp Version)    01:00