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Now Playing: Is It Possible to Steal Taylor Swift's Thunder? Is It Possible to Steal Taylor Swift's Thunder?
2015-10-04 Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez Aren't on Speaking Terms?
2015-10-02 Kelsea Ballerini On Taylor Swift's Advice to Her, And Which Guy She's Calling 'Dibs' On
2015-10-01 Taylor Swift Just Gave $50,000 To Her Dancer's Nephew Who Is Battling Cancer!
2015-10-01 Warning: Taylor's $50,000 Surprise Is a Tear-Jerker
2015-10-01 5 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Having An Awesome Year
2015-10-01 Taylor Swift Surprises Audience With Nelly, Raps and Dances to 'Hot in Herre' With Haim
2015-09-30 Taylor Swift Turns Up the Heat With Nelly and Haim
2015-09-30 Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Beyonce Top VS List
2015-09-25 The Best Celebrity Haircuts of 2014
2015-09-24 29 of Taylor Swift's Tour Guests So Far
2015-09-24 Karlie Kloss Plays Either/Or with YouTubers
2015-09-24 Selena Gomez's Sexy 'Same Old Love' Music Video - Kendall Jenner Dating Michael
2015-09-24 Selena Gomez Can't Be Thankful Enough for Her BFF Taylor Swift
2015-09-24 Taylor Swift Meets Adorable Dancing Fan!
2015-09-23 Selena Gomez Opens up About Her Powerful Girl Squad
2015-09-23 Taylor Swift Finally Meets Her Dancing 7-Year-Old Fan, Dylan, Who Loves to Shake It Off
2015-09-22 Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow Have a 'Friends' Reunion at the Emmys
2015-09-21 From Taylor Swift To Kendall Jenner This Summers Best Instagrams
2015-09-21 Ryan Adams' 1989 Is Out
2015-09-21 Clueless Guys Identify Members of Taylor Swift's Squad
2015-09-20 Should Taylor Swift Butt-Grab Get You Fired?
2015-09-19 Rihanna Will Never Join Taylor Swift's Squad
2015-09-18 Ryan Adam's Covers Taylor Swift's ''Bad Blood,'' Plus Find Out When He Plans to Release His 1989 Album!
2015-09-18 Rihanna Is Not Interested in Joining Taylor Swift's Squad
2015-09-18 Rihanna Talks Unfinished Album
2015-09-18 Rihanna Talks Unfinished Album, Taylor Swift, Working With Kanye...
2015-09-18 Rihanna and Taylor Swift Will Never Share the Stage
2015-09-17 Don't Expect to See Rihanna Joining Taylor Swift's Squad Any Time Soon
2015-09-17 Taylor Swift Tells All! Spills On How She Scores Special Tour Guests
2015-09-17 5 Times Kanye Managed To Piss Everyone Off
2015-09-17 11 Neighborhoods Celebrities Can't Get Enough Of
2015-09-16 Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift to Face Off (Again!) at MTV EMAs
2015-09-16 Taylor Swift Rules MTV EMA Nominations
2015-09-16 Shiny Addition Join's Taylor Swift's Squad
2015-09-15 3 Celebs Taylor Swift Must Bring Onstage in LA
2015-08-21 Taylor Swift Shows Just How Far She's Come With 1 Perfect Picture
2015-08-21 Taylor Swift Names Her Iconic Dance Move
2015-08-21 Taylor Swift Parody Video Star Welcomes Even MORE People to the Stage
2015-08-21 Kylie Jenner $10-Million for Sex Tape? Harry Styles Secret Message to Taylor
2015-08-21 Zayn Malik Vs Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris – Twitter Feud
2015-08-19 Taylor Swift Chokes Up On Stage During Emotional Performance of 'Ronan'
2015-08-19 Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Is a Douchebag
2015-08-19 The Calvin Harris Vs. Zayn Malik Feud
2015-08-18 Calvin Harris Feuds with Zayn Malik Over Girlfriend Taylor Swift on Twitter
2015-08-18 Taylor Fued Between Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris
2015-08-18 Britney Spears Says She Dreams of Being A Movie Star
2015-08-18 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step: Nicki Minaj Rocks & Magical Girls Save the World
2015-08-17 Fifth Harmony Fangirls Over Performing with Taylor Swift and Sings Little Mix!
2015-08-17 Godmother Taylor Swift Dedicates Song to Jaime King's Son
2015-08-17 Julia Roberts Joins Taylor Swift on Stage
2015-08-17 Taylor Swift Dedicates a Song to Her Godson, Jaime King's Son, During Her Concert
2015-08-17 Taylor Swift Dedicates Song to Jamie King's Newborn Baby During Performance
2015-08-17 Zayn Malik Love Triangle W/ Kendall & Selena? Taylor Wants Calvin to DUMP Friend
2015-08-14 The Women Taking Over Celeb Land
2015-08-14 Cara Delevigne's Silly Faces Revealed Online in Birthday Surprise
2015-08-13 Celebrities Who Go Above & Beyond For Their Fans
2015-08-13 The Coolest Celebrity Girl Squads
2015-08-12 Anna Faris Talks Chris Pratt Cheating Rumors
2015-08-12 Gigi Hadid Plans Joe Jonas A Surprise Birthday Party
2015-08-12 Is America Turning on Taylor Swift?
2015-08-12 Gigi Hadid Surprises Joe Jonas With a Star-Studded Soccer Bash!
2015-08-12 Taylor Swift Can't Stop Grinning on Her Cute Date With Calvin Harris
2015-08-12 Taylor Swift Has No Room For Those Without a Moral Code
2015-08-12 Does Miley Cyrus Have Bad Blood for Taylor Swift?
2015-08-11 Miley Cyrus Disses Taylor Swift? - Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Meek Mill's Baby?
2015-08-11 Miley Cyrus Slams Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Music Video
2015-08-10 Miley Cyrus Questions Taylor Swift's Role Model Qualities
2015-08-10 Miley Cyrus Thinks Taylor Swift Is a Bad Role Model
2015-08-10 Miley Cyrus Slams Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Video
2015-08-10 Taylor Swift Is Looking to Buy a Castle in Scotland!
2015-08-10 Taylor Swift In China: Will She Shake Off '1989' From Her Clothing Brand?
2015-08-07 Taylor Swift Grabbed by Aggressive Fans During Concert
2015-08-07 Gigi Hadid Talks BFF Taylor Swift
2015-08-06 Taylor Swif And, Misty Copeland Lead Vanity Fair Best-Dressed Newcomers