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Now Playing: George R.R. Martin Makes a Convincing Taylor Swift in 'Blank Page' Parody George R.R. Martin Makes a Convincing Taylor Swift in 'Blank Page' Parody
2015-03-05 Lady Gaga Gives Taylor Swift Amazing Love Advice
2015-03-04 Why We Love Songs With Repetitive Lyrics
2015-03-04 Taylor Swift Grants Terminally Ill 4-Year-Old's Final Wish
2015-03-04 Here's Why Taylor Swift Refuses To Talk About Katy Perry
2015-03-04 Smosh Is Bored: Google Search Fun
2015-03-03 Justin Bieber's Booze Filled 21st Birthday, Beyonce & Cara Delevingne
2015-03-03 2015 YouTube Video Music Award Winners & New Format Announced
2015-03-03 Ryan Gosling's Cute Tattoo for Baby Esmeralda
2015-03-03 Taylor Swift Shuts Down Reporter Over Katy Perry
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift: 'Your Prince Charming Will Come!'
2015-03-03 Taylor Swift Set to Become a Cat Lady
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift Profess Their Love For Each Other
2015-03-03 Taylor Swift Is Magical, Song ‘Blank Space' Makes Baby Stop Crying
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga Calls Out Taylor Swift's Love Life on Twitter
2015-03-03 Lady Gaga Gives Taylor Swift Love Advice
2015-03-03 Noel Gallagher Has a Pop at Taylor Swift's Songwriting Skills
2015-03-02 Taylor Swift Expects to Still Be Single at 30
2015-03-02 Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran Will Premiere New Videos at YouTube Music Awards
2015-03-02 Taylor Swift to Be Godmother of This Celeb's Baby
2015-03-02 10 Unforgettable Taylor Swift Magazine Covers
2015-03-01 Celebs React to the Dress Debate: Black & Blue or Gold & White?
2015-03-01 Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian Clash Over Dress Debate
2015-02-28 Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian Dance to Kanye's 2015 Brit Awards Performance
2015-02-27 Madonna Says ‘Kanye Is a Brilliant Madman'
2015-02-27 Watch Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian Get Down and More
2015-02-27 Shailene Woodley Goes Topless in Sexy Spread
2015-02-27 Kanye West -- Don't Mention Taylor Swift or Beck to Jurors ... They'll Hate Me!!!
2015-02-27 Celebrities Weigh In on the Great Dress Debate of 2015
2015-02-27 Madonna, Are You OK?! Singer Takes a Tumble on Stage at the Brit Awards
2015-02-26 Taylor Swift & Little Mix Fashion at 2015 Brit Awards
2015-02-26 Madonna Compares Taylor Swift To Herself!
2015-02-26 Taylor Swift Fulfills Promise, Donates $50K to This Cause
2015-02-26 Madonna Ranks Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & Kanye West
2015-02-26 Taylor Swift 'Can't Wait to Hang Out with Ed Sheeran' After Brit Success
2015-02-26 Madonna Covers Rolling Stone and Rates Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Kanye West
2015-02-26 Taylor Swift Kills It at the Brit Awards
2015-02-26 FAKE Taylor Swift Latte Blows Everyone's Mind – Hot Chocolate Prank - Totally Cl
2015-02-26 Taylor Swift Shakes Off Lesbian Kissing Scandal! Grammy Noms Ft. Mamrie Hart & S
2015-02-26 BOOTY IS OVEREXPOSED – Overexposed Part 1 on Drama King with Kingsley
2015-02-26 MEGHAN TRAINOR IS OVEREXPOSED – Overexposed Part 2 on Drama King with Kingsley
2015-02-26 Will Katy Perry DISS Taylor Swift & 5 Other Reasons to Care About the Superbowl
2015-02-26 Sheeran, Smith, Swift Win at BRIT Awards
2015-02-26 Latest Entertainment News: Eddie Redmayne's Winning Streak and More
2015-02-25 Taylor Swift Named Woman of the Year at Elle Style Awards
2015-02-25 Taylor Swift Named Elle Style Woman of the Year
2015-02-25 Karlie Kloss to Quit Victoria's Secret Modeling Gigs
2015-02-24 Taylor Swift Saved Ed Sheeran from the Police
2015-02-24 Taylor Swift Named IFPI Global Recording Artist of 2014
2015-02-24 Australian Prime Minister 'Shakes It Off' in Glorious New Video
2015-02-24 Taylor Swift Confesses She Loves Beyoncé "More Than the Normal Amount"
2015-02-24 Taylor Swift Gives $50,000 to New York City Schools
2015-02-24 John Travolta Gets Weird With Idina Menzel at the Oscars
2015-02-23 Celebrities: Prom Vs. Now
2015-02-22 Breaking Hair News: Camilla Belle Debuts Blonde Taylor Swift Locks
2015-02-21 Indie Rocker Dad Sings Taylor Swift for His Daughter
2015-02-21 Happy #LoveYourPet Day to Taylor Swift's Cats and All Our Favorite Celebrities' Animals!
2015-02-21 Taylor Swift & Kanye West Enjoy Dinner Together
2015-02-19 Could NYFW Serve as a Preview for Oscar Fashion?
2015-02-19 Drake's Stealth Release Flies to Top of Billboard Chart
2015-02-19 #ThrowbackThursday with Taylor Swift
2015-02-19 Top 10 Anti-Valentine's Day Songs
2015-02-18 Top 10 Valentine's Day Songs
2015-02-18 Starbucks and Taylor Swift Know You Got That "Blank Space" Lyric Wrong
2015-02-18 14 Celeb Transformations That'll Give You Hope
2015-02-18 WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift Dance for the Jumbotron
2015-02-18 Taylor Swift And Kanye West Dine Out To Discuss Musical Collaboration
2015-02-18 6 Stylish Celebs Who Are Ready For Spring
2015-02-18 Taylor Swift Shares March Vogue Cover with BFF Karlie Kloss
2015-02-18 Taylor Swift & Jimmy Fallon Caught Dancing on the Jumbotron & Draw Each Oth
2015-02-18 'SNL' 40th Anniversary Special: Watch Prince, Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney Perform at the Afterparty
2015-02-17 Florence and the Machine Ready to Release Third Record
2015-02-17 Jimmy Fallon Recaps All the FOMO You Felt Watching 'SNL 40'
2015-02-17 Taylor Swift, Jimmy Fallon & Paul McCartney "Shake It Off" Performance
2015-02-17 WATCH: Betty White and Bradley Cooper Make Out on 'SNL 40'