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Now Playing: Swift And Friends Leave Mark on Park Swift And Friends Leave Mark on Park
2015-06-29 Taylor Swift Performs Style at Concert with Kendall, Cara, Gigi and More!
2015-06-29 Taylor Swift Welcomes Famous Friends on Stage in Hyde Park
2015-06-29 Gigi Hadid Is the Ultimate Bikini Babe
2015-06-29 Taylor Swift Cozies Up to Calvin Harris on a Boat With Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss
2015-06-29 Taylor Swift Had A Surprise Supermodel Finale For Her Hyde Park Gig
2015-06-29 Karlie Kloss Plays Fifth Wheel To Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas' Double Date
2015-06-29 Taylor Swift Performs at BST Hyde Park
2015-06-28 Taylor Swift Stuns on Stage With Kendall Jenner and Their Famous BFFs
2015-06-28 Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran Enjoy a Night Out Together, But Was It a Date?
2015-06-27 Taylor Swift, Britney Spears Rumored to Headline the Super Bowl
2015-06-27 Gigi Hadid Is A Beach Beauty On Calvin Harris Video Set
2015-06-26 Past Fourth of July Celebrations with Your Favorite Stars
2015-06-26 Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are the Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple
2015-06-26 Bey and Jay Dethroned by Hot Couple Calvin and Taylor
2015-06-26 Get the Hottest Celeb Diet and Fitness Secrets!
2015-06-25 Calvin Harris Is Cat-Sitting For Girlfriend Taylor Swift!
2015-06-24 Britney Spears Has a Rebound Guy Already?
2015-06-24 See Selena Gomez's Hilarious Taylor Swift Impression
2015-06-24 What Makes a Good Summer Song?
2015-06-24 Miguel: Taylor Swift Is Getting Me Paid!
2015-06-24 Taylor Swift Has Inspired a Peace Treaty Between Indie Labels and Apple Music
2015-06-24 Calvin Harris Is the Purr-Fect Boyfriend and Cat-Sits for Taylor Swift
2015-06-24 Taylor Swift Rants on Tumblr
2015-06-23 No One Agrees What Taylor Swift's Victory Over Apple Means
2015-06-23 Impact of Apple's Change of Heart on Music Service
2015-06-23 Check Out These Celebrity Summer Vacation Homes
2015-06-23 Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs
2015-06-23 Taylor Swift Responds to Double Standards After Apple Win
2015-06-23 Apple Bows to Taylor Swift
2015-06-22 Apple Music Changes Policy After Taylor Swift Stand and More
2015-06-22 Apple Music Changes Tune After Taylor Swift Threat
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift Has Forced Apple to Rethink It's No Payment Policy for New Music Service
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift Keeps 1989 off Apple
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift Has Convinced Apple to Swiftly Change Royalty Policy
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift Gets Apple to Pay Royalties for Streaming Service
2015-06-22 Other Problems Fairy Godmother Taylor Swift Should Fix Now
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift Battles Apple Music Over '1989'... And Wins
2015-06-22 Apple Music Bows to Taylor Swift, Will Pay Artists During Free Trial
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift Calling Out Apple Pays Off for Musicians
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift Pens Open Letter to Apple; Changes Music Streaming Policy
2015-06-22 Celebs Are Bowing Down to Taylor Swift for Convincing Apple to Pay Artists
2015-06-22 Calvin Harris Praises "His Girl" Taylor Swift
2015-06-22 Taylor Swift to Apple: Pay Artists for Free Trials
2015-06-21 Taylor Swift Shuts Down Tabloid's Sexist Clickbait Article
2015-06-21 Swift Pulls Album From Apple Music
2015-06-21 Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Song In The Works? - Ariana Grande New Track (DHR)
2015-06-20 Taylor Swift Helped These Two Fans Give the Ultimate Pregnancy Announcement
2015-06-20 Taylor Swift Refuses To Take Part In Apple Music
2015-06-20 Celebrities Support Charleston After Tragic Shooting
2015-06-19 Taylor Swift's Handwritten Thank You Notes Aren't Going Unnoticed
2015-06-19 Taylor Swift Impresses Local Radio Hosts with Hand-Written Thank You Notes
2015-06-19 Underground: Taylor Swift
2015-06-19 Top 10 Reasons Kanye West Is Hated
2015-06-18 Taylor Swift Chic At LAX But Will Miss Her Cats While Away
2015-06-18 21 Surprising Celebrity Friendships
2015-06-17 Rita Ora Opens Up on Her Relationship With Calvin Harris
2015-06-17 The Snap: How Did Beyoncé, Miley, Nicki End Up in 'Bitch, I'm Madonna?'
2015-06-17 Taylor Swift Wore a Harness to a Lunch Date With Selena Gomez – Because She's Always Ready for Adventure!
2015-06-17 Madonna's New Music Video to Feature Katy Perry, Beyoncé
2015-06-17 Taylor Swift Is Ready For A Fight During Lunch With Selena Gomez
2015-06-17 Watching Cat Videos Boosts Energy and Positivity
2015-06-17 Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas Reunite on Double Date With Their Exes
2015-06-17 Not Even Taylor Swift Can Dethrone Twerking Madonna
2015-06-17 Perrie & Zayn NOT Getting Married?! - Selena Gomez New Music Video Tease (DHR)
2015-06-16 Taylor Swift's Cat Olivia Benson Meets the Actress Who Plays Olivia Benson
2015-06-15 Taylor Swift Donates 15k to Hero Firefighter
2015-06-12 Taylor Swift Donates $15,000 to Firefighter Who Saved His Own Family
2015-06-12 7 Stars With the Hottest Summer Beach Bodies
2015-06-11 Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris PDA Instagram Pic - Nicki Minaj DISSED By Ex Safare
2015-06-11 Taylor Swift Smiley After Sharing Instagram Snap With Calvin Harris
2015-06-11 Taylor Swift Shares First Photo with Calvin Harris
2015-06-11 Taylor Swift Shares First Instagram Photo with Calvin Harris
2015-06-11 Just Best Friends or More? Taylor Swift Shares Pic of Calvin Harris for Best Friends Day
2015-06-10 Miley Naked With A Pig - Katy Perry Dissing Taylor In 1984 Track?