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Birth Place: Potsdam, Germany
Years Active: 1990 - present
Genres: Medieval Metal, Folk Rock

Subway to Sally was founded in Potsdam, Germany, in the early 1990s. It is a rock band with clear folk and medieval influences, later also with gothic and metal elements added to the mix. With their continuous inclusion of oriental sounds and elements of classical music (noted for instance by the use of the arrangements of the backup vocals) and the use of instruments less frequently seen in metal bands, such as bagpipes, shawm, violin, hurdy-gurdy and lute, the band has acquired the label of medieval metal. They have released 9 studio albums, two live albums and two live DVDs. Their fame is mainly in the German-speaking countries, having played only a handful of concerts outside of that.

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Latest Tracks:
Minne Duett
On: Von Den Elben
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Wachstum Über Alles (Feat. Subway To Sally)
On: Wachstum Über Alles
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On: Nackt
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Böses Erwachen
On: Nackt
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Das Rätsel I
On: Nackt
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