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Former Stone Temple Pilots Singer Dies At 48

12/4/2015 9:37pm EST
Scott Weiland
Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland passed away at the age of 48 on Thursday night.

The troubled rock star's body was found in the bed of his tour bus prior to a show stop in Bloomington, Minnesota. According to first responders on the scene, Weiland suffered a cardiac arrest.

The concert was canceled at the last minute without explanation, and fans were offered refunds before the news broke.

"Scott Weiland, best known as the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, passed away in his sleep while on a tour stop in Bloomington, Minnesota, with his band The Wild...

Why Did 'Scott Weiland' Go To Jail?

8/22/2014 1:18pm EDT
Impersonator Tricks Police Into Thinking He's Rocker Scott Weila
Scott Weiland has come forward to clear his name after a man was jailed on drug charges and claimed he was the Stone Temple Pilots rocker.

Reports surfaced on Thursday that Weiland had been jailed for methamphetamine possession and burglary. Officials claimed he had been in jail for a month following his July 26 arrest.

Weiland, 46, denied the claims, explaining in a video on his website: "Hi this is Scott Weiland... I just got done reading something very interesting, a nice piece of fiction... that says I was in jail... I have actually been touring, writing and recording my new album. T...

Scott Weiland Says He Was 'Terminated' To 'Boost Ticket Sales'

3/1/2013 8:28am EST
Scott Weiland
Scott Weiland has dismissed his firing from the Stone Temple Pilots as a publicity stunt to boost ticket sales for the band's upcoming tour.

Bandmembers Dean and Rob DeLeo issued a brief statement on Wednesday, confirming the singer's tenure in the group had been "officially terminated."

Weiland was left baffled by the announcement, insisting it was impossible for him to be tossed out of the group as he "founded, fronted, and co-wrote many of its biggest hits."

The frontman insisted his lawyers looking into the situation, and now he has claimed the DeLeo brothers lied about his sacking...

Scott Weiland Says He Can't Be Fired From Stone Temple Pilots, Hires Lawyer

2/28/2013 8:47am EST
Stone Temple Pilots
Scott Weiland insists his Stone Temple Pilots bandmates can't legally fire him. On Wednesday Dean and Rob DeLeo issued a statement confirming the singer had been "officially terminated" and offered no explanation.

In his own statement, Weiland said: "I learned of my supposed 'termination' from Stone Temple Pilots this morning by reading about it in the press. Not sure how I can be 'terminated' from a band that I founded, fronted, and co-wrote many of its biggest hits, but that's something for the lawyers to figure out."

In the late 1980s Weiland and his best friend, guitarist Corey Hicock...

Stone Temple Pilots 'Officially Terminate' Scott Weiland

2/27/2013 2:48pm EST
Scott Weiland
Rockers Stone Temple Pilots have kicked frontman Scott Weiland out of the band five years after the enigmatic singer was dumped as the leader of Slash's super group Velvet Revolver.

The band issued a short statement on Wednesday, confirming that Weiland had been asked to leave, but offered no explanation. The press release read: "Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland."

The singer and his now ex-bandmates Dean and Rob DeLeo have had a tumultuous history which has included bust-ups and break-ups. The trio reunited in 2007 just before Weiland was ...

Scott Weiland: 'I Was Raped At 12'

5/18/2011 11:35pm EDT
Scott Weiland
Rocker Scott Weiland has sensationally revealed he was raped in his new memoir.

The Stone Temple Pilots star was just 12 when he was assaulted by "a high school senior," according to his new tell-all Not Dead & Not for Sale.

In an excerpt obtained by Spin magazine, Weiland recalls the rapist was "a big muscular guy, a high school senior... (who) rode the bus with me every day to school."

The rocker continues, "(He) invited me to his house. The dude raped me. It was quick, not pleasant. I was too scared to tell anyone. 'Tell anyone,' he warned, 'and you'll never have another friend in thi...

Mary Forsberg Weiland - 'Fall To Pieces: A Memoir Of Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll And Mental Illness'

3/9/2011 2:30pm EST
Though Mary Forsberg Weiland was living a life most people would kill for – worldwide fashion model, wife of modern rock icon – she was still exposed to perhaps the most toxic drug of all on a daily basis – her husband, Scott Weiland. In her new compelling tell-all, Fall to Pieces: A Memoir of Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Mental Illness, Weiland’s takes readers on an emotionally twisted rollercoaster that plays out in the vein of other rock star diaries, Red Hot Chili Peppers' frontman Anthony Kiedis’ Scar Tissue and Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx 's Heroin Diaries.

Fall to Pieces follo...

Scott Weiland To Release Memoir In March

9/13/2010 5:00pm EDT
Scott Weiland
Rocker Scott Weiland is set to reveal all about his battle with drug addiction and his newfound sobriety when his long-awaited autobiography is released next March.

The singer has talked about the tome for three years - and he's finally agreed with publishers at Simon & Schuster on a tentative release for Not Dead & Not For Sale. Weiland was kicked out of rock band Velvet Revolver in April 2008 and has since been touring as a member of the reunited Stone Temple Pilots.

However, in the months before the split, he revealed he was overwhelmed by the prospect of chronicling his life. He tol...

Scott Weiland: 'Rock & Roll Bands Perform Live'

8/30/2010 11:45pm EDT
Scott Weiland
Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has fired back at reports he is using backing tracks on the road.

The allegations were aimed at the rocker after he tumbled off the stage during a show in Ohio last week and appeared to keep singing.

Fans at the concert were stunned when Weiland continued singing seconds later without sounding flustered or breathless.

But the singer insists he's just professional.

At a concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night, Weiland addressed the rumors, stating, "There has never been a time in the 25-plus years that I have been singing with the...

Scott Weiland Wheezes In Colorado Altitude

8/14/2010 4:00pm EDT
Scott Weiland
Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland was left out of breath during the band's opening tour stop in Colorado on Tuesday after struggling to adapt to the higher altitude.

The reunited band kicked off their first big road trek in two years by hitting the stage in Morrison, a venue a mile above sea level.

The thin air caused Weiland to wheeze after rocking out to old hits like Plush, Between the Lines and Cinnamon. Taking a quick break, he told the crowd, "The altitude in this place is very interesting."

But Weiland refused to let the altitude problem slow him down and he later laun...

Stone Temple Pilots Are Back, Refreshed, Recharged And Better Than Ever

5/25/2010 10:31am EDT
Stone Temple Pilots - “Stone Temple Pilots” (Atlantic): It’s been nearly a decade (nine years to be exact) since we last heard anything from the Stone Temple Pilots, especially anything close to a new record, since their 2001 release “Shangri-La Dee-Da.” Well, with the bands eponymous sixth studio release to date, STP are back and have decided to join the ranks of those bands they once rose to stardom alongside, bands like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, who have decided to get back together and give it a go one more time. After one listen to “Stone Temple Pilots” you will realize...

Axl Rose Declares War On Ex-Manager

5/18/2010 8:54pm EDT
Axl Rose
Axl Rose has waged war against former Guns N' Roses manager Irving Azoff, accusing him of attempting to sabotage the rocker's career after he refused to reunite with the band's original members.

Azoff, the CEO of management firm Front Line, originally filed suit against Rose in March, claiming the singer reneged on an oral agreement giving him 15 percent of his earnings from a big money concert tour - a deal said to be worth $2 million.

But Rose has fired back at Azoff, accusing the music mogul of failing to properly promote the band's 2008 album "Chinese Democracy" in an alleged bid to f...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 27

10/27/2009 3:00am EDT
Kelly Osbourne
Happy Birthday to:

Singer/actress Kelly Osbourne (1984)

Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland (1967)

Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon (1958)

British actor John Cleese (1939)

Italian composer Niccolo Paganini (1782)

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'Behind the Music' Returns to VH1 - What Are Your Favorite Episodes?

4/9/2009 10:00am EDT
Behind the Music
Last month, VH1 announced plans to revive its iconic series, "Behind the Music," this summer. The network has ordered 10 new episodes which will focus mainly on newer artists, including Lil Wayne and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver.

This news got me thinking about my favorite installments from the series, so I'd like to submit this list of the Top 10 BTM episodes for your approval and/or ridicule. As always, a list like this is entirely subjective and will, hopefully, spark some spirited discussion.

10. Heart

This episode may not have the classic "rock bott...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 27

10/27/2008 3:00am EDT
Kelly Osbourne
Happy Birthday to singer/actress Kelly Osbourne (1984), Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland (1967), British pop icon and "Duran Duran" lead singer Simon Le Bon (1958), British actor John Cleese (1939), The Bell Jar author Sylvia Plath (1932), African-American actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee (1924), American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923), 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (1858), Italian composer Niccolo Paganini (1782), and British naval captain James Cook (1728).

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Commemorate GRAMMY's 50th Anniversary With 'The Ultimate GRAMMY Collection'

1/8/2008 2:12pm EST
Classic Pop
In a grand commemoration of the 50th Celebration of the GRAMMY® Awards, Shout! Factory and The Recording Academy®'s GRAMMY® Recordings announce an electrifying 7-CD series encompassing GRAMMY® winners from four of the legendary awards' major genres. With a personal introduction written by 27-time GRAMMY® winner and 50th Celebration Ambassador Quincy Jones, this series is a sumptuous ode to the biggest hits in music history and a must-have for music lovers and collectors alike.

"We look forward to celebrating the past five decades of GRAMMY®-winning music with music fans everywhere thr...

'Rock Band' Set List Finalized

10/29/2007 12:31pm EDT
Rock Band
Cambridge, Massachusetts – October 29, 2007 – Harmonix, the leading developer of music-based games, and MTV Games, a division of Viacom’s MTV Networks, along with distribution partner Electronic Arts, announced today the final song list for its highly anticipated music videogame Rock Band. Featuring the most master recordings of any music game ever by the world’s biggest rock artists, Rock Band includes 58 tracks and spans every genre of rock ranging from alternative and classic rock to heavy metal and punk. With multiple instruments and an impressive selection of online and offline game mo...

Family Values Tour Expands With Second Stage And 'Guitar Hero II' Competition!

7/4/2007 9:00am EDT
This summer's biggest tour, Family Values, has teamed up with RedOctane's Guitar Hero to sponsor a second stage on the tour with an additional five bands making a total of 13 acts performing. A likely pairing, rock's biggest outing including co-headliners Korn and Evanescence, Atreyu, Flyleaf, Hellyeah, and Trivium partnered with the ultimate rock star experience, Guitar Hero, will foster hot newcomers Five Finger Death Punch, Invitro, Twin Method and others to be announced shortly, on the second stage all for an added value and the best-priced lawn tickets of the summer at $9.99!


Chris Marsol Releases New Album, 'Butterflys, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades'

5/9/2007 9:00pm EDT
Chris Marsol
Let's face it, they've got us all figured out. It's a formula no doubt. Multiply your age by your city and state, add your disposable income level then divide that by your ethnicity and they will surely be able to determine what kind of music you listen to and how to get you to buy it. And unfortunately, we as a society rarely disappoint. Yet we all know that Nirvana fan that used to sneak in her room when no one was privy and pop in that N' Sync album, all the while publicly detesting pop music. That was our first lesson in pop culture: things are rarely as simple as they seem. We l...

Velvet Revolver To Release 'Libertad' On July 3

4/24/2007 10:30am EDT
Velvet Revolver
"The feel, the energy of Libertad is about the eternal struggle for freedom -- personal and social freedoms." So says Velvet Revolver's frontman Scott Weiland in describing the band's forthcoming album Libertad, scheduled for release July 3 on RCA Records. It will be preceded by the track "She Builds Quick Machines."

"Libertad has soul," Weiland continued. "What we're trying to say on a musical and lyrical level is clearer this time. The songs may have started out being very personal but they took on a more universal truth as they were nurtured by the five-headed beast that is Velvet R...

Army Of Anyone Extend SnoCore Tour With Hurt, Dropping Daylight, Neurosonic

1/15/2007 10:10am EST
Army Of Anyone
Army Of Anyone has announced additional dates to their upcoming headline spot on the 2007 SnoCore Tour, which also features Hurt, Dropping Daylight and Neurosonic in support. The 6-week trek--which launches January 18 in Houston—includes a February 1 performance at New York's Bowery Ballroom and a March 1 show at Los Angeles' Key Club. will sponsor the tour.

Meanwhile, Army Of Anyone--vocalist Richard Patrick, formerly of Filter; guitarist Dean DeLeo and bassist Robert DeLeo, ex-Stone Temple Pilots; and drummer Ray Luzier--continue to garner critical acclaim for their l...

Army Of Anyone To Headline 2007 Sno-Core Tour

12/31/2006 11:00am EST
Army of Anyone
SnoCore Tour is back in 2007 with headliners Army of Anyone. The tour will kick off January 18th in Houston, TX, with support from Hurt and more to be announced. The first round of dates has been released and tickets have gone on sale.

Army of Anyone (featuring vocalist Richard Patrick from Filter, guitarist Dean DeLeo and bassist Robert DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots, and drummer Ray Luzier) is supporting their debut self titled release which hit stores this past November. Previous SnoCore Tour participants include Sparta, Trapt, Finger Eleven, Helmet, Chevelle, Seether, Shinedown, an...

Happy Holidays From The Family Values Tour

11/23/2006 9:00am EST
Family Values Tour
On December 26, hard rock fans can get another taste of one of the music world's most successful tours when The Family Values Tour 2006 CD and separate DVD are released on Firm Music. The CD and DVD will feature live tracks from Korn and the Deftones, as well as select cuts from all the bands on the bill: Stone Sour, Flyleaf, Dir en grey, 10 Years, Deadsy, Bury Your Dead, Bullets and Octane and Walls of Jericho. Highlights include: one-of-a-kind duets, acoustic tracks and cover songs including a special appearance from Richard Patrick (Army of Anyone, Filter). This upcoming release marks...

Army Of Anyone Looks to Locals for Tour Support

11/22/2006 3:22pm EST
Army Of Anyone
Army Of Anyone - featuring Richard Patrick (Filter), Dean and Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) and Ray Luzier - are gearing up for a major 2007 tour in support of their self-titled debut album, available now on Firm Music. The band spent October storming radio stations across the country, checking in with fans and previewing material from their just-released debut album. They'll keep the buzz building through November and December, squeezing in club dates right up to the holidays. Come January, they'll be unveiling a tour that will take them into every part of the country, and if you've g...

Check Out "The Henry Rollins Show" On IFC

4/27/2006 11:00pm EDT
Henry Rollins
Following critical acclaim as IFC's outspoken host on Henry's Film Corner, the weekly series The Henry Rollins Show premiered on April 1 at 10:00pm ET for a 20-week run.

The format incorporates an eclectic selection of musical acts, a wider range of celebrity guests and new, original field segments. Henry Rollins, the articulate and opinionated former lead singer of "Black Flag," front man of the "Rollins Band," actor, author and spoken word artist, will continue to give us his unique take on the current state of pop culture, politics and everything entertainment, for better or wors...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 27

10/27/2005 2:20pm EDT
Kelly Osbourne
Happy Birthday to daughter of "the Prince of #$%!*@^ Darkness" Kelly Osbourne (1984), Minnesota Twins pitcher Brad Radke (1972), Velvet Revolver & Stone Temple Pilots lead singer Scott Weiland (1967), British pop icon and Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon (1958), New York crime boss John Gotti (1940), British actor John Cleese (1939), author of "The Bell Jar" Sylvia Plath (1932), African-American actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee (1924), American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein (1923), 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt (1858), Italian composer Niccolo Paganini (1782), and Briti...