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'The X Factor' Recap: Tate Stevens Wins + Year-End Awards

12/21/2012 9:49am EST
X FACTOR season two winner Tate Stevens
It took awhile, but I finally got it right.

All year, I had a group as a winner. First it was Emblem3. Last it was Emblem3. I’m still kind of in shock that they didn’t win despite the fact that they were voted off last week. I thought everything in the conventional culture was aiming in their winning this show. One Direction. Two Direction. Emblem3. It’s a natural progression and I think only one of those groups is fictitious.

But that did not happen. Instead it was Tate Stevens, and I probably should have seen it coming. These shows have long trended toward the White Guy with the Guitar ...

The 'X Factor' Recap: A Slugfest On The Finale

12/20/2012 9:14am EST
Finalist Carly Rpse Sonenclar, Tate Stevens and Fifth Harmony on
No intro today. Instead, donate to the Sandy Hook Relief Fund.

And now…Let’s get to the recap!

Carly Rose’s First Song: “Feelin’ Good” by Michael Buble

LA Reid Said: You topped everything you did so far.

Britney Said: It’s shocking how bright your star is.

Demi Said: You’re going to inspire so many young girls to follow their dreams.

Simon Said: You sang it better tonight than you did the first time.

The Verdict:

I can barely watch this.

Ever since they started putting the sub-18s on these talent shows I just can’t stand it: Little kids doing moves and attempting to have swagger li...

'The X Factor' Recap: Emblem3 Goes Home In A Shocker

12/14/2012 7:17am EST
Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens and Carly Rose Sonenclar advance to
To me, this was the most shocking result I've ever seen in a reality show.

Yes, this was my own prediction, my own prediction from the very beginning to be exact, but just because it was mine alone, doesn't mean it was wrong.

After looking at the success of One Direction, it seemed to me that Simon Cowell and the rest of this show's producers were going to do their damndest this year to recreate that success with a boy group of their own. In Emblem3. they seemed to have that perfect group: A pop trio of cute boys who could actually deliver the musical and performance goods.

From the outs...

'The X Factor' Semifinals: The Final Four Underwhelm

12/13/2012 11:00am EST
'The X-Factor' Recap: The Final Four Underwhelm
As we’ve reached the final four, it’s time to come to a harsh reality: The talent this season is about as bad as we’ve ever seen on a singing show.

Look at what we’ve come down to. A middle-of-the-road country singer, a teeny-bopper girl, a group of three male airheads, and a thrown together girl group who only recently discovered harmony.

That’s it? That’s what we’re supposed to be choosing between? I think the reason ‘The Voice’ took off is because everybody on it is really good. Granted, that’s because everybody on that show is a legitimate recording artist already, just you haven’t he...

'The X Factor' Recap: The Final Four Are Set

12/7/2012 9:52am EST
Cece Frey (C) is eliminated on THE X FACTOR
For the first time all year, I was completely right.

It's not like it was that hard. There's a very clear top three in this competition: Tate, Emblem3 and Carly Rose are poised to battle it out on the final show. That made it incredibly easy to predict the results of last night's show. Sorry for the spoiler everyone, I guess I don't know my own powers sometimes.

Okay, enough of the self-congratulaion. Let's bid a fond farewell to Leopard Face. Actually, a not-so-fond farewell.

Leopard Face was the biggest disappointment in this competition. Not only because of the fact that she couldn't ...

'The X Factor' Top 3 Talk Elimination Before Tonight's Results (Video)

12/6/2012 3:52pm EST
Emblem 3
'The X Factor' is heating up as two of the top 6 contestants are going home tonight. Last week, Diamond White fought for survival by sending home Vino Alan and securing herself in the last spot. CeCe Frey made a comeback and was safe at number five while Fifth Harmony was voted at number four. The boys from Emblem3 have been successfully climbing the leader board and were ranked at number three last week. Tate Stevens continues to fight for that number one spot but came in at number two, with Ms. Carly Rose Sonenclar holding the top spot for two weeks in a row.

We caught up with last week'...

The Top 12 Perform on 'The X Factor' Diva Week

11/15/2012 5:49pm EST
Emblem3 performs live The X Factor
It’s Diva week on “The X Factor” when the 12 acts take on the songs from some of the biggest divas in the music business.

Last week in reality show history, “The X Factor” revealed the rankings of each act; this week the acts are looking to improve on many of those ratings as they channel their inner diva and avoid the double elimination on results night.

Again having “technical difficulties” – music tracks and backup singers drowning out the singers – “The X Factor” warbled through the night as the judges discussed the performances.

First to take the stage was young adult Jennel Garcia...