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Celebrities That Turn 40 In 2013

January 2nd, 2013 1:37pm EST
Kate Beckinsale
What were you doing 40 years ago in 1973? Our guess is that many of you reading weren't even born yet? Taking a look back at history, here were a few things going on in the world that year.

The biggest story was then President Richard Nixon told the world he was "not a crook," as the Watergate hearings began. Also that year George Steinbrenner purchased the New York Yankees for a mere $12 million from CBS. Popular films included The Exorcist, The Sting, Live and Let Die and Bobby squealed like a pig in Deliverance. Top TV shows in 73' included The Odd Couple, The Partridge Family, Columbo,...

T.I. Saved Creed Singer Scott Stapp's Life After Balcony Fall

October 5th, 2012 9:45pm EDT
Creed frontman Scott Stapp has credited rapper T.I. with saving his life after falling from a hotel balcony while high on drugs and booze.

The "With Arms Wide Open" singer was left with a cracked skull, fractured hip, and a broken nose when he took a tumble from his balcony on the 16th floor of Miami, Florida's Delano Hotel in the middle of a drug binge in 2006.

In his new memoirs, "Sinner's Creed," the rocker recalls his brush with death, explaining he was attempting to escape from an imaginary intruder when he lost his grip on the railing and plummeted onto a concrete ledge below.


Creed's Scott Stapp To Release Tell-All Memoir

August 14th, 2012 3:31pm EDT
Scott Stapp
Creed singer Scott Stapp is to release his first autobiography in October.

The With Arms Wide Open singer recruited Marvin Gaye biographer David Ritz, a Rolling Stone contributor, to help him write Sinner's Creed, which he insists is a no-holds barred account of his life's highs and lows.

The book will chronicle Stapp's suicide attempts, his battle with alcohol abuse and his tough childhood.

Stapp says, "My memoir reveals never before released details about my life and the challenges I've faced before coming to grips and finding sobriety."

Kat De Luna Tops Worst National Anthem Performance Poll

July 2nd, 2010 11:30am EDT
Kat De Luna
Kat De Luna's rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner has topped a new online list of the most awful National Anthem performances ever.

The singer hit the low notes when she belted out America's patriotic tune at a 2008 Dallas Cowboys football game - and now her take on Francis Scott Key's poem put to music has been named the Worst National Anthem Performance by

The poll was compiled to coincide with the Independence Day weekend. Editors call the Dominican star's attempt at the anthem "a spectacular failure."

They write, "She tries too hard to hit the notes that only a ra...

Scott Stapp To Be A Dad Again

December 22nd, 2009 2:49pm EST
Scott Stapp To Be A Dad Again
Creed frontman Scott Stapp is to be a dad for the third time - his model wife Jaclyn Nesheiwat is pregnant.

Stapp, 36, and the Miss USA 2004 winner are expecting their new addition, their second child together, next July.

Confirming the happy news to, the rocker says, "When Jaclyn told me we were having another baby, I was overwhelmed with joy and again reminded what this life is for. We are so thankful for God's blessings."

The couple married in February 2006, and share two-year-old daughter, Milan. Stapp also has an 11-year-old son, Jagger, from his first marria...

Creed Confirm Reunion

April 27th, 2009 11:58am EDT
Rockers Creed have confirmed they are reuniting for a new album and tour this summer, ending months of speculation.

The group split in 2004 but rumors began circulating in December about plans for a major 2009 comeback tour.

Now frontman Scott Stamp reveals the reports are true and they are working on a new record titled Full Circle - although they refuse to call their chart return a reunion. He tells, "We never felt like we weren't together. We're not looking at this as a reunion. It's more of a rebirth."

And Stapp insists the band members have settled the diff...

Collateral Damage From Robert Plant's Decision To Nix Zep Reunion

December 25th, 2008 5:00pm EST
Led Zeppelin
Since the surviving members of Led Zeppelin reformed last December for a one-off show to pay tribute to late Atlantic Records founder and legend Ahmet Ertegun, the man who discovered and brought us some of the most talented artists of all-time (seriously, we really could use another Ahmet right about now-- but since the almighty dollar overshadows the need for actual talent we can forget that) and gave a handful of folks in England the greatest holiday gift ever, there has been a weekly story about the band going on tour. And not going on tour. But wanting to tour. And not wanting to tour. ...

Tis The Season For... Things We Love (To Hate!)

December 24th, 2008 5:45pm EST
Pearl Harbor
With the holiday season upon us in full force, we thought it would be totally inappropriate if we came up with this list of things in the entertainment world that totally annoy us, repulse us, bother us, and that we just plain can't stand. Yeah, "hate" is a really strong word so we aren't going to use that any further than just hyperbole for our headline here.

But seriously, we get tired of hearing about the celebs, despise these films and cannot stand either the music or image of the bands and musicians listed below. Be sure to add your comments at let us know who you can't stand at ...

Creed To Reform For 2009 Dates?

December 3rd, 2008 5:02pm EST
Rockers Creed are reportedly in negotiations for a major reunion tour just days after guitarist Mark Tremonti insisted there were no plans to reform the "My Sacrifice" band.

Rumors about a reunion were sparked by reports that Myles Kennedy, the singer of Creed offshoot Alter Bridge, was rehearsing to replace Robert Plant in a top secret 2009 Led Zeppelin tour.

But Tremonti insists any Led Zeppelin venture, including Kennedy, would not end Alter Bridge, the band he formed after the Creed split.

And he recently announced that there would be no Creed reunion, stating, "We've rea...

Scott Stapp To Have Assault Charges Dropped?

December 6th, 2007 3:04pm EST
Scott Stapp
Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp will not stand trial for domestic assault charges, because he and his wife Jaclyn have rekindled their romance. The rocker is due in court on February 5 in relation to a May incident, in which he is alleged to have thrown a bottle of Orangina at his wife's head, narrowly missing the former beauty queen.

In her emergency call to Florida police, Jaclyn claimed Stapp had been high on marijuana and other drugs when he returned home from a night of wild partying. The felony assault charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor after Stapp agreed to undergo drug...

Mark Tremonti Dismisses A Creed Reunion

November 20th, 2007 9:47am EST
Mark Tremonti
Rocker Mark Tremonti has ruled out a Creed reunion, because he "just can't trust" the band's former singer Scott Stapp. Guitarist Tremonti and his Creed band mates bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips left the Christian rock band in 2004 to form Alter Bridge. And Tremonti is determined to keep troubled Stapp, who has had numerous run-ins with the law in recent years, out of his life.

He says, "I've got some text messages (from Stapp) here and there wishing us well and stuff. But I've seen it all before. I've seen him reach out and try to be a nice guy, then the next mont...

Starpulse Examines The Celebrity Sex Tape Phenomenon

November 6th, 2007 11:18am EST
Paris Hilton
They spend their careers in front of the camera. They live their lives with the paparazzi hovering. Is it any wonder that when celebrities get intimate they sometimes forget to stop the tapes from rolling?

In the last few years, the celebrity sex tape has become a booming business. There seems to be no limit to the number of stars getting caught in the act - and instead of hiding away until the scandal dies down, many see their home movies as a ticket to greater stardom and a major payday.

It certainly worked for Paris Hilton. The heiress was just another New York socialite, popp...

Sting Voted Worst Lyricist

October 10th, 2007 9:39am EDT
The Police star Sting is the worst lyricist of all time, according to a new poll. The school teacher-turned-rock star was criticized for name-dropping Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov in the Don't Stand So Close to Me and quoting a Volvo bumper sticker in If You Love Someone Set Them Free.

The singer beat Rush drummer Neil Peart, Creed front man Scott Stapp and Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher to top the Blender magazine poll.

A spokeswoman for Sting did not respond to a request for comment.

-Check out the entire list at

-More Sting News

(This news arti...

Kid Rock Laughs Off Embarrassing Sex Tape

October 5th, 2007 9:19am EDT
Kid Rock
Kid Rock blames his nice-guy persona for making him the star of an embarrassing sex tape he still hasn't seen. The rap-rocker and former Creed star Scott Stapp were caught on camera getting pleasured by a groupie, and Rock still can't believe he was foolish enough to agree to the filmed sex session, which ended up online.

He says, "That wasn't me, that was f&$#ing Scott Stapp or whoever was videotaping that. I remember saying, 'Dude, what's up with the camera?' I'm a nice guy. It's kind of like I had one Twinkie left, and I let him have half. How nice is that? It's like watching someo...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 8

August 8th, 2007 3:00am EDT
The Edge
Swiss tennis player Roger Federer (1981), Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi (1981), "Dancing With The Stars" winner Drew Lachey (1976), N Sync singer J.C. Chasez (1976), former Creed singer Scott Stapp (1973), Poison drummer Rikki Rockett (1961), U2 guitarist Dave "The Edge" Evans (1961), actor Keith Carradine (1949), singer Connie Stevens (1938), "The Graduate" star Dustin Hoffman (1937), country singer Mel Tillis (1932), actor Rory Calhoun (1922; d. 1999), actress/swimmer Esther Williams (1921), and Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata (1879; d. 1919).

Scott Stapp Issues Public Apology

May 24th, 2007 4:16pm EDT
Scott Stapp
Former Creed star Scott Stapp has publicly apologized to police and fans following his domestic violence arrest at the weekend. The rocker's wife, former Miss New York beauty queen Jaclyn Nesheiwat, begged the authorities to call at the Florida home she shares with Stapp after the drunk singer allegedly started throwing bottles at her in a row.

Stapp was arrested and initially charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony. This was later reduced to a misdemeanor.

Now, four days after the incident, Stapp has issued a personal statement thanking his family for suppo...

Scott Stapp Settles Sex Tape Suit

April 3rd, 2007 10:00am EDT
Scott Stapp
Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp has reached a settlement in his lawsuit over a 1999 sex tape featuring the rocker and ex-pal Kid Rock romping with four groupies. In February 2006, adult film company 'World Wide Red Light District' acquired a copy of the raunchy footage, filmed during a Miami, Florida stop of the musicians' joint tour, and announced plans to release it.

Kid Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, immediately obtained a temporary ban on the distribution of the sex tape, claiming Stapp was the last person to have possession of the video.

On Friday, Stapp, 33, settled his ...

Singer Scott Stapp & Wife Welcome Daughter

January 5th, 2007 8:49am EST
Scott Stapp
Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp and his wife Jaclyn are celebrating the New Year in style after welcoming their first child together yesterday. Daughter Milan Hayat Stapp was born in Miami, Florida at approximately 1 p.m. local time.

Stapp's representative says the baby's name has a significant meaning, explaining, "Milan has been chosen from Scott's Cherokee heritage for its definition, which is 'to have the creativity of God.' Hayat is from Jaclyn's Jordanian upbringing and is simply 'to give life.'"

Stapp, 33, and Jaclyn, 26, wed in February on the waterfront in Biscayne Ba...

Celebrity Birthdays, August 8

August 8th, 2006 3:00am EDT
The Edge
Swiss tennis player Roger Federer (1981), Australian singer Vanessa Amorosi (1981), "Dancing With The Stars" winner Drew Lachey (1976), N Sync singer J.C. Chasez (1976), former Creed singer Scott Stapp (1973), Poison drummer Rikki Rockett (1961), U2 guitarist Dave "The Edge" Evans (1961), actor Keith Carradine (1949), singer Connie Stevens (1938), "The Graduate" star Dustin Hoffman (1937), country singer Mel Tillis (1932), actor Rory Calhoun (1922; d. 1999), actress/swimmer Esther Williams (1921), and Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata (1879; d. 1919).

Kid Rock Extends Sex Tape Blocking Order

March 20th, 2006 1:18pm EST
Kid Rock
Rap-rocker Kid Rock has reached an agreement to extend a temporary ban on the distribution of an explicit sex tape which shows the star and former Creed singer Scott Stapp romping with four women.

Last month Rock won a court ruling which prevents distribution company World Wide Red Light District from releasing the raunchy video, which features Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, and Stapp talking while indulging in sexual acts with several ladies on a tour bus in Miami, Florida, in 1999.

Under the latest agreement, the current ban imposed by Judge John Feikens in a Detroit, Michigan...

Kid Rock Amazed at Scott Stapp's Sex Tape Conspiracy Theory

March 6th, 2006 10:54am EST
Kid Rock
LATEST: Kid Rock has ridiculed Scott Stapp's claims their infamous sex tape was released to sabotage his solo career, insisting the former Creed frontman should take responsibility for his actions.

The tape, which sees the rockers romping with a succession of strippers, is currently in the hands of World Wide Red Light District, but Rock successfully won a temporary injunction banning its distribution late last month (Feb06).

And Rock, who was once engaged to marry Pamela Anderson, is amazed by Stapp's convoluted conspiracy theory.

He says, "I'm like, what are you talking abo...

Woman Sues Scott Stapp Over Sex Tape

March 6th, 2006 10:01am EST
Scott Stapp
An unidentified female who claims to star alongside rockers Scott Stapp and Kid Rock in a sex tape, has sued the former Creed frontman for invasion of privacy. The mystery woman filed suit in Miami, Florida, on Thursday, two weeks after adult distribution company Worldwide Red Light District announced plans to sell the video, which features the musicians performing sexual acts with four strippers on a tour bus in 1999.

Following the firm's announcement and posting of a 40-second preview of the video on their website, Kid Rock successfully won a temporary ban on the tape's distribution,...

Kid Rock Blames Scott Stapp for Sex Tape

March 3rd, 2006 1:40pm EST
Kid Rock
Kid Rock has branded former Creed frontman Scott Stapp an "idiot" for allowing the sex tape of the pair romping with strippers to be released. The steamy film was snapped up by World Wide Red Light District, the company behind the release of Paris Hilton's sex tape, "1 Night In Paris."

Although the two rockers won a temporary court order banning distribution, parts of the tape had already been leaked onto the internet. And, according to Rock, Stapp filmed and kept the tape. He fumes, "He's the idiot because (the tape is) out. I'm holding him responsible."

(This news article provid...

Sex Tape Was Intended To Ruin His Solo Career, Creed Frontman Claims

March 2nd, 2006 9:34am EST
Scott Stapp
Kid Rock and Scott Stapp's stripper sex video was released in a bid to sabotage their careers, according to the former Creed frontman. Stapp is convinced the 1999 home movie was stolen from him and sold to pornography purveyors World Wide Red Light District by jealous music rivals fearful of his impact as a solo star.

Last month Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, and Stapp won a temporary ban to prevent distribution of the tape. World Wide Red Light District were also behind socialite Paris Hilton's infamous video "1 Night In Paris."

Stapp says, "Obviously someone wants to hurt me an...

Kid Rock Parties With Hulk Hogan

March 1st, 2006 9:16am EST
Kid Rock
Kid Rock celebrated being single this weekend by partying with ten models and WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan. The rocker turned up with his glamorous posse at a Hollywood club and was joined by the legendary 'Hulkster' and his daughter Brooke.

Rock, who recently split with Jimmy Choo divorcée Tamara Mellon, wound up taking to the decks and spinning records at the Hard Rock Hotel for an hour.

According to New York Post newspaper, he was later overheard telling someone in his entourage: "It does not get better than this - babes, booze and music."

Meanwhile, Kid Rock and Scott Stapp w...

Aww, Shucks! Kid Rock Bans Distribution of Explicit Sex Tape

February 22nd, 2006 2:00pm EST
Kid Rock
Kid Rock won a temporary ban on the distribution of an explicit sex tape, which features the star and fellow singer Scott Stapp romping with four women. Last week, distribution company Red Light District announced plans to release the raunchy video, which features Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, and former Creed frontman Stapp talking while indulging in sexual acts with several ladies on a tour bus in Miami, Florida, in 1999.

Yesterday Kid Rock filed a lawsuit in Michigan's Detroit District Court against Red Light District - who famously sold Paris Hilton's sex video "1 Night In Paris"...

Coming Soon: Scott Stapp & Kid Rock Sex Tape

February 17th, 2006 10:34am EST
Scott Stapp
A steamy sex tape, which allegedly shows former Creed frontman Scott Stapp and rocker Kid Rock involved in explicit sex acts with groupies, is set to be released.

The boss of the company behind the release of Paris Hilton's sex tape, 1 Night In Paris, claims to have acquired the saucy footage, in which the two rockers are heard talking to one another during sexual encounters on a tour bus.

The tape was made when Kid Rock and Stapp toured together six years ago.

David Joseph, the president of distribution company Red Light District says, "We acquired the tape from a third part...

Scott Stapp Arrested For Public Intoxication

February 13th, 2006 7:09pm EST
Scott Stapp in Creed
Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp was arrested on Saturday (Feb. 11) at the Los Angeles airport for public intoxication - while trying to leave on his honeymoon. Polices sources say the rocker tried to board a plane, but was allegedly so drunk that airline personnel refused to let him on.

Sources say Stapp was "antagonistic, boisterous and pissed off." The singer was taken to a local police station, where he demanded a blood-alcohol test and blew a .18 - more than twice the legal limit.

The Grammy Award winner married former Miss New York Jaclyn Nesheiwat, on Friday night (Feb. 1...

Scott Stapp Marries Former Miss New York

February 13th, 2006 11:08am EST
Scott Stapp in Creed
Former Creed frontman Scott Stapp married former Miss New York Jaclyn Nesheiwat in Miami, Florida, on Friday, February 10, 2006. The singer, 32, wed Nesheiwat, 25, in a romantic black-tie ceremony at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, on the waterfront of Biscayne Bay, according to People magazine.

Stapp's seven-year-old son Jagger - whose mother is the rocker's first wife Hillaree Burns - performed best man duties. Stapp left Creed in 2004 and his solo album The Great Divide (click for review) went on to go double platinum.

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News N...

Scott Stapp Gets In Drunken Fight With 311

December 1st, 2005 4:59pm EST
Scott Stapp
Rumors have been flying around the web that former Creed frontman Scott Stapp was involved in a drunken altercation with members of the band 311. Well, there appears to be truth in the buzz, as this statement has just been posted on 311's official blog:

"We did not intend to discuss this incident publicly, but since rumors are beginning to spread we'd like to set the record straight. On November 24th, 311 had the day off in Baltimore, Maryland. Chad Sexton, SA Martinez & P-Nut were relaxing in a hotel lounge with their wives and friends watching a basketball game on television. Scott S...

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