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Genres: Alternative/Indie, Rock

Snapcase is a hardcore punk band from Buffalo, New York formed in 1989. Originally the band was comprised of teenage friends: vocalist Daryl Taberski, guitarists Scott Dressler and Jon Salemi, bassist Bob Whiteside, and drummer Tim Redmond. Snapcase built up a local and enthusiastic following among the hardcore punk scene in New York, which got them signed to the Chicago record label, Victory Records in 1992. Snapcase released their debut album, “Lookinglasself” in 1995, followed quickly by the EP “Steps” later that year. The band had gone through some line-up changes since signing with Victory and after “Steps” Dressler left the band to go to graduate school, and was replaced by Frank Vicario of Buffalo, NY.

1997 saw the release of Snapcase's second offering, “Progression Through Unlearning,” which was considered to be revolutionary by many fans of hardcore punk rock. The band hit the road in support of the album and performed at the Vans Warped Tour. 1998 saw the band resumed touring, and open up for the Deftones, gaining a stronger fan base along the way. “Designs for Automotion,” came in 2000 followed by yet another tour.

In 2002, the band focused all of their creative energy on their new album, “End Transmission,” with Brian McTernan imprinting his mark on the finishing sound. Redmond officially left the band soon after the release of the album and was permanently replaced by Lythberg. Another year of touring ensued and In 2003 Snapcase opened for Bad Religion. The band's fifth and final album, “Bright Flashes was released in November 2003; touring, label changes, line-up changes, and creative differences had finally taken its toll on Snapcase, after fourteen years the band decided to part ways.

The band's final show in January 2005 in Buffalo, NY featured appearances by nearly every member who had ever played in the band. For the next two years all members of Snapcase, previous and present, went on to other jobs and new careers. However, 2007 marked a brief reunion, performing three concerts, and as of 2011 Snapcase were supporting Sick Of It All.