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Now Playing: Cody Simpson and United Nations Host #SHAREHUMANITY Event for World Humanit Cody Simpson and United Nations Host #SHAREHUMANITY Event for World Humanit
2015-08-19 Cody Simpson Donates His Social Media Popularity To Charity
2015-08-14 Gigi Hadid Causes A Frenzy In Sydney
2015-08-04 Justin Bieber Works on Bromance with Cody Simpson
2015-07-31 Cody Simpson Breaks His Silence on Gigi Hadid & Joe Jonas
2015-07-17 Cody Simpson Explains Why Going Out With Selena Gomez Can Get Annoying
2015-07-17 Cody Simpson a Big Maybe for 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
2015-07-08 Cody Simpson -- About Selena Gomez ... Sometimes a Lick Is Just a Lick
2015-07-02 Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid Get Super Close at a Bar
2015-06-08 Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson -- Italian Restaurant Performance Molto Bene
2015-06-02 Cody Simpson -- Over Gigi Hadid ...'Single Life Is Pretty Sweet'
2015-05-29 Cody Simpson Loving Single Life Without Gigi Hadid
2015-05-29 Newly Single Gigi Hadid Hikes Off The Heartbreak With Taylor Swift
2015-05-11 Mohamed Hadid -- If Cody Simpson Wants to Marry Gigi ... He's Gotta Ask Me First
2015-05-04 This Acoustic Cody Simpson Performance Will Melt Your Heart
2015-05-01 The Music Lounge Presented by MUDD and Ocean Pacific Party
2015-04-18 Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson Get Handsy at Coachella
2015-04-14 Cody Simpson Responds to Gigi Hadid Cocaine Scandal: 'She Would Never Do Anything Like That'
2015-03-29 What Happens When We Give Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid a Selfie Stick
2015-03-26 Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner Pose in Only Towels for Vogue
2015-03-24 Cody Simpson Is Our #ManCrushMonday
2015-03-23 7 Celebs Getting Slimed at the Kids Choice Awards
2015-03-22 Gigi Hadid Vehemently Denies Snorting Cocaine in Video at Victoria's Secret Event
2015-03-18 Model Gigi Hadid Slams Blogger's Drug Accusations
2015-03-18 Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson Party With Victoria's Secret for Spring Break!
2015-03-17 Hot Couple Gigi Hadid And Cody Simpson Reunite On The Beach
2015-03-16 Hanging with Cody Simpson and Sis Alli Simpson in the Studio
2015-03-04 Cody Simpson and His Sister Play Word Association
2015-03-04 Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson Can't Stop, Won't Stop Being the Cutest
2015-02-26 From Becky G to Kylie Jenner - Who Are the Biggest "IT" Girls in Hollywood
2015-02-14 Cody Simpson Wins Valentine's Day By Serenading Gigi Hadid
2015-02-11 Justin Bieber Pranks Fans With Ellen
2015-02-06 Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry & RIhanna Party Together At The Fashion LA Awards!
2015-01-25 Rihanna, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus And Katy Perry Hit The Front Row
2015-01-23 Gigi Hadid Is Our #WCW WomanCrushWednesday
2015-01-14 Celebrities Enter 2015 with a Bang
2015-01-02 Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner Disrepectful Instagram Pics Anger Abu Dhabi Mosque
2015-01-02 Cody Simpson Defends Justin Bieber, Reveals What He's Like In Studio
2014-12-23 Miley Cyrus Slams Pregnancy & Drug Abuse Rumors
2014-12-19 Cody Simpson: Patrick Schwarzenegger Loves To Party
2014-12-17 Cody Simpson Says Things With Girlfriend Gigi Hadid Are "Amazing"
2014-12-11 Zendaya, Laura Marano and More, Then & Now!
2014-12-06 Alli Simpson and YouTube Prank Videos!
2014-11-22 Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Release Duet 'Home to Mama'
2014-11-12 First Listen: Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson 'Home to Mama'
2014-11-12 Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey & Naya Rivera Cozy Up In These Fall Fashion Trends
2014-11-08 Would You Ship Cody Simpson With Laura Marano?
2014-10-25 Justin Bieber's New Movie with David Hasselhoff?
2014-09-28 Lorde Is Hotter Than Justin Bieber & 5SOS?
2014-09-28 Justin Bieber Has Awkward Dinner with Selena Gomez & Chantel Jeffries
2014-09-26 Justin Bieber’s Schmoney Dance Workout
2014-09-19 Trouble In Paradise for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
2014-09-02 Justin Bieber Has a Prayer Group
2014-08-12 Who Are The Hottest Girls Of Summer
2014-08-05 Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Collaborating on New Song
2014-06-15 Justin Bieber Parties with Cody Simpson's Ex Gigi Hadid
2014-05-28 Cody Simpson: 5 Things You Didn't Know
2014-05-08 Q&A with Swim Daily's Gigi Hadid
2014-04-24 Gigi Hadid: 5 Things You Need To Know About Cody Simpson's Girlfriend
2014-04-12 Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson Slimed at Kids Choice Awards 2014!
2014-03-30 Top 5 Hottest Guys at Kids Choice Awards 2014
2014-03-30 7 Best Moments From the Kids Choice Awards 2014
2014-03-30 Cody Simpson & James Maslow Debut on 'DWTS'
2014-03-19 Gigi Hadid, Yolanda Foster, Cody Simpson and Stars of "Pretty Little Liars"
2014-03-19 Cody Simpson Tells Girls He'll Write Songs About Their Dating Life
2014-02-27 Kids Movie Awards - Movie Soundtrack - Vote Now
2014-02-14 Cody Simpson Lala Live Performance of La Da Dee
2013-10-08 Cody Simpson La Da Dee Music Video For Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
2013-09-23 Making The Cody Simpson Music Video
2013-09-23 Cody Simpson Is Stoked Over Song In New Movie
2013-09-22 The Art of The Celebrity Selfies
2013-09-20 Cody Simpson Reveals Details About His New Autobiography
2013-09-16 Cody Simpson Plays 'Paradise or Punishment'
2013-08-29 What's New With Ryan Beatty?
2013-08-12 Are Cody and Alli Simpson Collaborating On A Song?