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Now Playing: American Music Awards 2011 Red Carpet Gene Simmons' Home Searched Over Possible Child Porn, Rocker Not Suspected
2015-08-21 Search Warrant Served at Home of Gene Simmons
2015-08-21 Gene Simmons' Home Searched by Police
2015-08-21 Search Warrant Served at Home of Gene Simmons
2015-08-21 LA Police Search Kiss Rocker's Home, Family Not Target
2015-08-21 Search Warrant Served at Gene Simmons' Home
2015-08-21 Johnny Depp, Gene Simmons Play Kiss Classics for Charity
2015-08-18 Top 10 Celebrities Who Could Have Had Alternate Careers
2015-08-02 Kiss Rock Out for Scooby-Doo Gang
2015-07-21 Surprising Celebrity Ex-Teachers
2015-06-04 Simmons, Sambora Tip Mayweather for the Win
2015-04-30 KISS: The Secret of Our Success
2015-04-30 Things You May Not Know About Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
2014-11-07 Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Couples
2014-10-28 Paul Stanley's First Impression of Gene Simmons: "I Didn't Like Him"
2014-10-27 Top 10 Famous Douchebags
2014-10-19 The Positive Female Image Gene Simmons' Daughter Is Trying To Inspire
2014-10-16 Amber Rose Is Single and Ready to Mingle
2014-09-26 Do You Know These Bands' Original Names?
2014-09-21 WSJ Exclusive: '4th and Loud' TV Clip
2014-08-08 Gene Simmons Knocks Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
2014-05-29 The New Class of Rockers
2014-04-11 Kiss And Tell: Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Talk Shop
2014-01-12 Gene Simmons on KISS 40th Anniversary Tour
2013-10-04 On This Day: August 25
2013-08-25 Scarface Dreams of Starting a Rock Band With Kiss' Gene Simmons
2013-04-24 Celebrities and Their Sex Tapes
2013-04-18 Gene Simmons Talks New Prank TV Show 'Busted'
2013-04-09 Celebrities and Their Sex Tapes
2012-11-07 Who Are Your Favorite Celebrities Voting For?
2012-11-05 Guilty Pleasures: New Jersey Housewives Season Finale
2012-09-28 What Is Gene Simmons Doing With His Lips
2012-09-01 Kiss Say Their Coffee Table Book Is Really a Coffee Table
2012-07-04 Gene Simmons on Not Appearing in Rock of Ages
2012-06-24 Sophie Simmons Auditions For X-Factor
2012-06-18 KISS Speaks With Inside Edition Backstage at Dancing with The Stars
2012-04-15 KISS Front-Man Gene Simmons Disses Rihanna
2012-03-22 Before They Were Heavy Metal Stars!
2012-03-20 Gene Simmons Planning to Form an All-Star Band
2012-03-02 American Music Awards 2011 Red Carpet
2011-12-08 Red Carpet Interviews at the American Music Awards 2007
2011-11-21 2011 Power of Comedy: Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed
2011-11-21 Celeb Says What?
2011-10-13 Gene and Shannon Simmons Cut Wedding Cake
2011-10-09 Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed's Post Wedding Interview
2011-10-09 Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Tie The Knot
2011-10-03 The Show Girl Talks Off the Map, Candice Accola and Gene Simmons
2011-09-13 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2011-09-05 Celeb Says What
2011-08-25 Gene Simmons Calls Michael Jackson A Pedophile & Is Dropped from Tribute Show