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Birth Place: Arkansas
Years Active: 2003-present
Genres: Industrial Metal

Scum of the Earth is a heavy metal band headed by former Rob Zombie guitarist, Mike Riggs, who was born in 1970 and hails from Arkansas, and John Tempesta. The band formed in 2003 when Rob Zombie decided to put his musical career on hold while he focused on writing and directing movies. Rob Zombie’s musical influence is a thread that runs through Scum of The Earth's music, with Tempesta citing the reason for the band’s formation as a way to continue on with ‘Rob Zombie-style' music making.

Scum of the Earth incorporates infectious rhythms, industrial-influenced searing metal, funk, hip-hop, guitar solos, percussive bass lines and Riggs' trademark blood-steeped tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Further similarities to Rob Zombie’s style are the over-the-top sense of fun, a dark sense of humor, and a fascination with horror films, and the occult.

In 2004, Scum of the Earth's debut album, “Blah...Blah...Blah...Love Songs for the New Millennium,” was released by Eclipse Records. The first single off the album, "Get Your Dead On" was an infectious hit. Scum Of The Earth’s follow-up in 2007 “Sleeze Freak” was marked by a new lineup. The band is currently working on new music.