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Askin Y'all For Nothin (Feat. Scarface & Don …
Cold Shoulder (Feat. Ray J)
Touch The Sky (Feat. Scarface & Hardstone)
Mexican Hustle
Deeply Rooted
Steer (Feat. Rush Davis)
Rockin' (Feat. Scarface)
Let Me Show You (Feat. Scarface)
Young Til I Die (Feat. Scarface)
Work Ethic
Grace Still Abides (Feat. Scarface)
Set The Record Straight (Feat. Scarface)
Hot Love (Feat. Scarface & Big Mike)
The Best Of Scarface
Mr. Scarface Is Back (Screwed)
Greatest Features
The Diary (Screwed)
Best Of Geto Boys & Scarface
My Homies Pt. 2 (Screwed)
Space Industry
Da Streets (Feat. Scarface) (Single)
Scarface - Single
Haze EP
Hustler Music (Feat. Scarface) - Single
Haze Ep
My Homies
My Homies (Screwed & Chopped)
The World Is Yours
Balls And My Word
Balls And My Word (Screwed And Chopped)
The Untouchable (Screwed & Chopped) (Parental…
The Diary (Screwed & Chopped)
The Last Of A Dying Breed (Screwed & Chopped)…
Mr. Scarface Is Back (Parental Advisory)
The Last Of A Dying Breed (Parental Advisory)
The World Is Yours (Parental Advisory)
My Homies Part 2 (Chopped & Screwed) (Parenta…
The Untouchable
Greatest Hits (Parental Advisory)
Dopeman Music
Emeritus (Parental Advisory)
Emeritus (Edited)
Scarface, Vol.1
M.A.D.E. (Edited)
M.A.D.E. (Parental Advisory)
Bumpin' My Music (Single) (Parental Advisory)
Bonus Audio (Comin' From Where I'm From Live …
The Fix (Parental Advisory)
The Fix (Edited)