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Adele’s Landslide Album Dominance Continues

12/15/2015 9:32am EST
Adele Rules The Billboard 200 For Third Straight Week
In news that will shock no one, Adele spends her third week atop the Billboard 200. Yep, that’s right, 25 keeps number one warm, selling another robust 695,000 copies. Per Billboard, 25 has sold more the five million copies in just three short weeks. Who would’ve thought it – an album sell more than five million copies in the current music sales climate, let alone in just three weeks? Adele, you go girl!

So with Adele making it a three-peat, she held off a reliable number one act from scoring another number one album. That’s right – Coldplay had to settle for the runner-up spot thanks to ...

Adele’s Album Sales Continue To Shock

12/8/2015 9:32am EST
Adele Sells Another Million, Tops Billboard 200 For Second Week
Okay, okay, okay – let’s just cut to the chase and be done with it! Adele retaining the top spot on the Billboard 200 will shock no one – it was inevitable. What is shocking is how many MORE copies of her blockbuster album 25 were sold in its second week of availability. Wait for it…25 sold 1.11 million more copies. Yes, that’s pure sales. Numbers are elevated even more according to Billboard when their fancy tracks/streaming formula comes into play, to the tune of 1.16 million units.

Basically, Adele is kicking everybody else’s rear. All said and done, Adele has sold more than 4 million c...

Find Out Why We Gave Rick Ross 4 Stars For 'Black Market'

12/7/2015 9:48am EST
Rick Ross Shows Grit And Consistency On 'Black Market'
In 2014, Floridian rapper Rick Ross had the most prolific year in his career, dropping two studio albums – Mastermind and Hood Billionaire. You’d think Ross would slow down, but that’s not the case as he drops his eighth studio album just a year later, Black Market. Is there any drop off after releasing so many albums in such a short amount of time? No. In fact, Black Market edges Hood Billionaire, which possessed many pros, but wasn’t the crowning achievement of Ross’ career.

“Free Enterprise” kicks off Black Market fittingly given its title as well as its overall sound. “Free Enterprise”...

New Album Releases To Check Out This Week

12/1/2015 8:00am EST
Coldplay Leads New Albums To Check Out This Week
Last week (November 27) was a quiet week for new releases thanks to two factors: (1) the thanksgiving holiday and (2) Adele’s second week following a gargantuan, historic first week of sales. This week is more in line with the stacked fourth quarter, particularly during the holiday season. The new releases are top heavy, with alt-rock band Coldplay leading the way. Here are five new releases to check out this week.

1) Coldplay, A Head Full of Dreams (Parlophone)

Alternative rock band Coldplay returns with its seventh studio album, A Head Full of Dreams. A Head Full of Dreams follows Col...

These Battle Songs Will Help You Persevere

10/4/2015 1:00pm EDT
12 Songs That Will Have You Ready For Battle
Ladies and gentlemen, get prepared to put on your armor – we’re going to battle! No, not really, but the songs featured in this article all center around battles, with some expanding to full out war. These battle songs all have a common thread – resolve – the willingness to persevere even if there are “scars” when it’s all said and done. Enjoy these 12, mostly uplifting battle songs! “Fight” songs weren’t included; only battle and war songs.

1) Bullet For My Valentine, “You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)” (Venom, 2015)

“I will not take this anymore / these words will never be ignore...

Musicians Dealing With Death Through Song

9/26/2015 4:00pm EDT
Songs About Death: 10 Songs About Dying Young
Death is dark, depressing subject matter to say the least. Honestly, it’s not the best topic for dinner conversation, dates, or generally happy occasions. Call it what it is – deadly, morbid and definitely buzz kill. Still, there have been plenty of songs that have tackled the topic of dying young. Some are literal, but many are figurative and branch out to various other topics, most prominently love. Here are 10 songs about dying young for your reading pleasure…yeah, that didn’t sound right at all!

1) The Band Perry, “If I Die Young” (The Band Perry, 2010)

To reiterate, pondering ...

10 Songs That Treat People (Mostly Women) Like They're Pieces Of Meat

9/5/2015 6:00pm EDT
10 Songs That Take Objectification Way Too Far
Admit it – we’ve all been guilty of oogling, aka checking somebody else out. Ah, the art of objectification – treating a person like they’re an ‘object of pleasure’ as opposed to a human with legitimate emotions, etc. Most often, it seems this occurs at the hand of men, though Jennifer Lopez proved on “I Luh You Papi” that guys can be objectified as well. Still, objectification can cross the line into unquestionable misogynistic territory, and the songs on this particular playlist definitely trend “left of center.” Here are 10 songs that take objectification way too far.

1) Robin Thic...

These Songs Were Made With The Cemetery In Mind

8/28/2015 3:24pm EDT
10 Songs About Death And Burial
Death is an eerie thing – understatement to the nth degree. Still, it’s real-life and as uncomfortable a topic it may be, it must be discussed. In the context of this article, death is approached from the postmortem practice of burial. There are no references to embalming, mummification or cremation. Who in their right mind would write a song about those things anyways? Well maybe somebody, but it doesn’t happen here! Still, these joints have the cemetery in mind.

1) Rick Ross featuring T.I., “Bury Me A G” (Self Made Volume 2, 2012)

On “Bury Me A G,” Rick Ross doesn’t seem to care a...

Happy Or Sad, These Songs Will Bring You To Tears

8/23/2015 2:00pm EDT
14 Songs That’ll Bring You To Tears
Sometimes you’ve just got to break down…crying that is. Tears can be therapeutic in both depressed and jubilant circumstances. The 14 songs that grace this list all encompass tears in different capacities, whether the context is happy or sad or the “tears” themselves are more metaphorical. Regardless, these songs need to be spinning on any and everybody’s tearful playlist!

1) Faith Evans, “Tears Of Joy” (R&B Divas, 2012)

Faith Evans indeed has “tears of joy” on her moving song of the same title. This is not a sad song in the least as Evans doesn’t reference pain, but jubilance, exu...

Teedra Moses Returns After 11-Year Hiatus

8/5/2015 2:00pm EDT
Review: Teedra Moses Shines On ‘Cognac & Conversation’ Following
Returning after an 11-year hiatus isn’t easy to say the least. Despite the odds being against her, New Orleans born Los Angeles bred R&B singer/songwriter Teedra Moses returns to the game in top-notch form. On sophomore album Cognac & Conversation, Moses picks up where she left off with 2004’s underrated, critically-acclaimed Complex Simplicity. The mark of a true artist is one who can return without a hitch. Teedra Moses does just that.

Over the album’s course, Moses seems to never miss. “R U Scared” opens the album soundly with an 80s sensibility and an adventurous harmonic scheme. N...

Do These Rappers Think They Are God?

7/25/2015 1:00pm EDT
13 Songs Representing 'God Status’ In Rap
“I am a god!” Okay then Kanye – If you say so! It is no secret that one of the qualifications to be a rapper is to be cocky and confident. Face it, who wants to listen to a rapper who isn’t at least a little bit conceited? Nobody. So, this list has got the conceited part nailed down firmly, as each of these 13 songs exemplify “god status.”

What is “god status” exactly? It’s this idea that, particularly in rap, of likening oneself to God as far as status or being a figurehead, without asserting to be God himself. Because rappers are often braggadocios creatures, many have released songs...

Taylor Swift Rules The ‘New’ Billboard 200

12/4/2014 12:11pm EST
Taylor Swift
Out with the old and in with the new. The Billboard 200 has changed its charting formula that doesn’t just solely include albums sales, but also streaming and digital tracks. It’s definitely a contrast, but also makes complete sense given the current music climate. The days where it just comes down to album sales and nothing more are simply done – look at albums sales in 2014 alone. Still, the good old Nielsen Soundscan tabulates the sales via the Top Album Sales Chart.

But enough technicalities – time to jump right into the Billboard 200 – new or old. The holder of the number one sp...

Review: 8 Takeaways From Rick Ross' 'Hood Billionaire'

12/1/2014 4:15pm EST
8 Takeaways From Rick Ross' 'Hood Billionaire'
Rick Ross did something that few artists were brave enough to do in 2014 – release two studio albums. Yep, everyone should be dropping his or her jaws. After dropping a fifth number one album in Mastermind earlier in 2014, he issues Hood Billionaire. Maybe Ross just wanted to flex his ‘boss-ness.’ Regardless, he has given the hip-hop world more to listen, analyze, and of course critique. After listening and analyzing Ross’ latest, here are eight takeaways.

1) Ross attempts to be conceptual

Give Ross some credit (the key word being some). To an extent, it seems on Hood Billionai...

One Direction Score Fourth Number One Album With ‘Four’

11/27/2014 9:03am EST
One Direction Score Fourth Number One Album With ‘Four’: This We
'Tis the season where album sales are elevated and the music industry breathes a sigh of relief – until the deadness of January that is. While there have been few victory laps (besides Taylor Swift’s 1989), the numbers are stronger than earlier in 2014. That said, reliable chart-topper One Direction scored a fourth number one album with Four. Although 1D got it done, there is a ‘but’ to the scenario.

Four landed at a familiar spot for 1D, but did so in somewhat underwhelming fashion. Sure the 387,000 copies the British-Irish boy band moved is exceptional, but falls below both prognostic...

Beyonce & Rick Ross Lead Albums To Check Out

11/24/2014 1:00pm EST
Beyonce & Rick Ross Lead Albums To Check Out: This Week in Music
Finally, an article that doesn’t mention the staying power of Taylor Swift’s 1989 – Oops! To quote Kanye West, “No one man should have all that power…” Then throw in that fourth studio album by those British-Irish heartthrobs One Direction who are forecast for a big debut, its ‘fourth’ number one.

Regardless, this week in music has some interesting offerings, dropping off-cycle on Monday, November 24. There are some old and some new on the list, as this seems to be the week of the reissue and the compilation – looking at you ‘Yoncé! That said Rick Ross sneaks in with another studio album...

10 Of The Most Controversial Songs Of The 10s

9/20/2014 1:00pm EDT
10 Of The Most Controversial Songs Of The 10s
Controversy has become commonplace in music, particularly in the 10s. Musicians are certainly taking more liberties, pushing the envelope more than ever before. Often, the weapon of choice is sex, but ultimately, there are few limitations to controversy anymore. Below are 10 of the more controversial songs of the 10s. Perhaps these don’t necessarily rank as the biggest offenders, but they have all raised eyebrows and/or drawn skeptics for some reason or another.

1) Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams & T.I., “Blurred Lines” (Blurred Lines, 2013)

“Blurred Lines” has controversy ...

30 Best Songs Of 2014 (So Far)

7/8/2014 8:00pm EDT
30 Best Songs Of 2014 (So Far)
2014 has delivered a wealth of exceptional new songs. Some songs truly captivate with their songwriting, while others are ‘records’ which standout because of their sound. Choosing only 30 songs out of a sea filed with truly terrific songs is difficult; this list provides 30 of the best songs from January through June 2014.

1) Sam Smith, "Stay With Me"

from In the Lonely Hour

Maybe he’s ‘too emotional’ and 'sucks at one-night stands' as he sings, but Sam Smith can definitely sing – that’s the understatement of the year. The soaring, highly relatable “Stay With Me” exemplifies Smith’...

20 Of The Dirtiest Rap Songs

6/29/2014 6:00pm EDT
20 Of The Dirtiest Rap Songs
Historically, hip-hop has no shortage of raunchiness. For years, hip-hop artists have pushed the boundaries, never being shy about spitting about a 'three-letter word’ – sex, that is. No need to blush yet – that’s what the list of 20 of the dirtiest rap songs is for! The list doesn't include every filthy rap track, but there's definitely a wealth featured in no particular order.

#1 Missy Elliott, "Work It"

from Under Construction (2002)

"Work It" is a crowning achievement for the critically acclaimed Missy Elliott. As addictive and revered as it is, "Work It" is equally risqué, ...

Rapper Rick Ross Arrested In North Carolina

6/29/2014 5:33pm EDT
Rick Ross
Rapper Rick Ross was taken into police custody on Friday night following a performance in North Carolina, where there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The rapper was busted following his set at radio 102 JAMZ' SuperJam 2014, held at the Greensboro Coliseum for failing to appear in court following an arrest for misdemeanor marijuana possession in the city in 2013.

According to TMZ, Ross was taken into police custody and later released after posting $1000 bail.

Other acts that played the event included Yo Gotti, Young Thug and Kid Ink.

Our March Playlist - Check Out The Best Songs Off The Best Albums This Month

3/31/2014 7:00pm EDT
Beck - Morning Phase
March was a rich month for music releases. After listening and reviewing multiple albums, it is always fun to pick out one big time standout. Sometimes it is a difficult choice, while other times it’s the only choice (particularly on a sub-par album). After looking back through my late-February and March reviews, I’ve compiled a playlist of one favorite from each album.



From the album Morning Phase

Note: Morning Phase was a late February release that wasn’t reviewed until March.

Folks, Beck is the man. Morning Phase was yet another stacked album from the hipster w...

Rick Ross Tops The Billboard 200 With 'Mastermind'

3/13/2014 7:51am EDT
Rick Ross
Rick Ross has landed his fifth number-one album on the Billboard 200 chart with "Mastermind."

The rapper's latest offering has kept Pharrell Williams' latest album, "G I R L," from the top spot with 179,000 copies sold in its first week, while the album topped the UK charts.

Ross joins the company of only six other rap/hip-hop stars who have five or more number-one albums, moving into fourth place on the all-time list along with Tupac Shakur and DMX. Kanye West and Nas are tied for third with six number-ones; Eminem sits at number-two with seven; and Jay-Z leads the pack with 13 overall n...

Kanye West, Big Sean & Rick Ross Rap On 'The Arsenio Hall Show'

3/8/2014 8:11am EST
Kanye West, Big Sean & Rick Ross Rap On 'The Arsenio Hall Show'
Kanye West joined Rick Ross and Big Sean for a surprise performance on "The Arsenio Hall Show" on Thursday. Hall introduced Ross and the crowd erupted when Big Sean appeared on the stage.

One minute after launching into the song "Sanctified" from Ross' album "Mastermind," West came onboard and sang his lines from the song, which included the lyrics: "Wash my sins in the blood of Jesus/ People sayin' ''Ye we need another Yeezus.'"

West and Ross have mended ways after a long feud and are collaborating on the new “War Ready,” the video of which debuted on on Friday.

The ...

Review: Rick Ross Keeps A Good Thing Going Strong On 'Mastermind'

3/6/2014 2:30pm EST
Rick Ross Mastermind
Six albums in, the best way to describe Rick Ross is that he ‘is what he is’. Ross’ high watermark artistically was his fourth LP, 2010 masterpiece Teflon Don. Up until Teflon Don, it seemed that Ross was just trying to find his artistic identity – his niche if you will. After finally finding himself, Ross spent fifth LP God Forgives, I Don’t ‘flexing’, something he carries over into Mastermind. Mastermind ultimately is another sound, enjoyable Rick Ross album, even if it lacks some of the excellent, luxurious rap of Teflon Don or even the exceptionalness of the best moments of God Forgi...

Rick Ross Suing LMFAO For Copyright Infringement

1/3/2014 3:48pm EST
Rick Ross
Rapper Rick Ross is suing party rock duo LMFAO for copyright infringement.

Ross claims that the duo's 2010 single "Party Rock Anthem," which features the line, "Everyday I'm shufflin'" directly rips off his single "Hustlin,'" off his 2006 debut album "Port of Miami, which includes the line, "Everyday I'm hustlin'."

"The use of 'Hustlin' ' in 'Party Rock Anthem' is readily apparent, despite the slight change from 'Everyday I’m hustlin' …' to 'Everyday I'm shufflin' …' and constitutes, inter alia, the creation of an unauthorized derivative work," the lawsuit reads, according to The Hollywoo...

Review: MMG 'Self Made, Vol. 3': As Money Pours In, Originality Drops A Smidgen

9/24/2013 6:20pm EDT
Let’s just cut to the chase… this is the third Maybach Music Group compilation.  That’s a statement in itself.  While the saying is that “third time’s charm”, this particular installment actually seems to be less enthralling than the previous installment. Sure, there is plenty of gangsta to respire here, but this time there is a lack of that surefire juggernaut like “Power Circle” or the coolest funeral arrangement tune “Bury Me A G”.  Maybe Rick Ross spent a little too much time counting his bread, but this feels much more like a compilation.  Oh well.

Self Made 3 opens with “Lil Snupe In...

Rick Ross Sampled Witness Testimony For Trayvon Martin Song 'I Wonder Why'

7/30/2013 6:36pm EDT
Rick Ross
Rick Ross has sampled a witness' testimony from the Trayvon Martin case in his latest track I Wonder Why.

The 37 year-old rapper's new song features the voice of Rachel Jeantel, who was the last person to talk to the unarmed African-American teenager before he was shot dead by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in 2012.

Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Martin during a trial earlier this month and the controversial verdict sparked protests across the country  

Now, Ross has aired his thoughts about the homicide in a new track, in which he draws comparisons between his lif...

Rick Ross Was A Victim Of Corporate America's True Colors.

5/6/2013 2:25am EDT
Rapper Rick Ross
I was on YouTube one day and ran across a video of R. Kelly, circa early 2002, in a Reebok commercial. Here was the biggest R&B star on the planet on a commercial with one of the biggest sports equipment companies on the plant, as well. But, I couldn't help but think that maybe that was the first and last commercial he made for the company, before he was more and likely dropped stemming his future child pornography charges. R. Kelly was at his peak until that infamous sex tape was released, and now, 11 years later, Reebok had to pull its urban puppeteer Rick Ross under allegations he promot...

Rick Ross Admits Date Rape Lyrics Were 'Offensive,' Releases Official Apology

4/13/2013 3:00pm EDT
Rick Ross
After making light of date rape in the lyrics of a new song, Rick Ross has issued an official apology to his former business partners at Reebok and women's rights organisations.
On Thursday, the sneaker giant dropped Ross following the controversy surrounding lyrics on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O."
Activists urged Reebok execs to fire the hip-hop star, and Ross has come forward to acknowledge the hurt and pain his lyrics have caused.
He released a statement on Friday that reads: "Before I am an artist, I am a father, a son, and a brother to some of the most cherished women in the world. So for...

Reebok Drops Rick Ross Over Rape Lyrics

4/11/2013 10:31pm EDT
Rick Ross
Athletic giant Reebok has dropped Rick Ross from its list of brand spokesmen after the rapper's insensitive lyrics in Rocko's newest single, "U.O.E.N.O. (You Ain't Even Know It)" caused a controversy last week.

The song in question features a ryhme that glorifies date rape, which prompted womens rights activists to start a petition last week call on Reebok to drop Ross as an ambassador for the company.

Ross rhymed, "Put Molly (slang for the drug ecstasy) all in the champagne. She ain't even know it. I took her home and I enjoy that. She ain't even know it."

The petition resulted in over ...

Women's Rights Activists Protest Reebok After Rick Ross's Unapologetic Explanation Of Rape Lyrics

4/5/2013 2:07pm EDT
Rick Ross
Rick Ross has issued an apology after coming under fire over his controversial lyrics that were featured in rapper Rocko's latest single, "U.O.E.N.O. (You Ain't Even Know It)."

The song, which features a ryhme that condones date rape, prompted womens rights activists to start a petition earlier this week and to call on athletic giant Reebok to drop Ross from his sponsorship deal with them. The petition garnered 72,000 signatures and over 100 activists from women's rights groups UltraViolet and NOW delivered it to Reebok's New York City flagship store on Thursday.

The offensive lyric name-...