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Lindsay Lohan Slams Joan Rivers

7/14/2010 10:30am EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has taken aim at Joan Rivers after the comedienne hit out at the actress over her personal problems.

The Get a Clue star was sentenced to 90 days behind bars for violating the terms of her probation on a 2007 DUI arrest and is due to surrender to authorities on July 20th to begin her prison term at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California. On Friday, Rivers sparked a war of words by writing on her page, "Lindsay Lohan is so dumb. Her idea of being sworn in is cursing at the judge."

The star's ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson was quick to stic...

Lindsay Lohan Dating Hot Israeli Girl?

7/6/2010 1:29pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating Eilat Anschel, a former member of the Israeli Defense Force. According to, they met a while ago in Los Angeles, but the couple has been getting serious over the past month.

Eilat has been Lindsay's "shoulder to cry on" since the whole SCRAM debacle. And now Lindsay's reportedly obsessed with her new gal pal.

Samantha Ronson still "loves" ex-girlfriend Lindsay, but insists the public interest in their romance turned their relationship into a "headache." Their tumultuous romance came to an end last year and the split has been less than civil - th...

Samantha Ronson Says Being With Lindsay Lohan Gave Her A Headache

7/6/2010 8:50am EDT
Samantha Ronson
Samantha Ronson still "loves" ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, but insists the public interest in their romance turned their relationship into a "headache."

The actress shocked fans when she began dating the DJ in 2008, and the pair quickly became one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood.

Their tumultuous romance came to an end last year and the split has been less than civil - the pair has reportedly been involved in several altercations on the Los Angeles club scene.

But the celebrity DJ, sister of superproducer Mark Ronson, insists she bears no ill will towards her ex, even thoug...

Lindsay Lohan Dating A Cougar?

5/18/2010 11:33am EDT
Lindsay Lohan & Idrani
Lindsay Lohan is dating celebrity photographer and reality TV star Indrani, according to the snapper's business partner.

The actress has been secretly seeing Indrani, real name Julia I. Pal-Chaudhur, since the women worked together on a photoshoot last autumn, reports the New York Post.

The 36 year old, who is half of the respected photography duo Markus Klinko and Indrani, is the second woman to be seriously linked to Lohan, 23 - who ended her tumultuous on/off relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson last year.

Indrani is coy about the rumours, telling the newspaper the pair has "been spen...

Lindsay Lohan Involved In Another Nightclub Squabble

5/17/2010 4:30pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Actress Lindsay Lohan risked ejection from another nightclub during a recent night out in New York - after reportedly throwing a drink on model Jessica Stam.

The Mean Girls star was partying at Manhattan celebrity nightspot 1Oak last Thursday when she allegedly got into an altercation with Stam's boyfriend, New York Rangers ice hockey player Aaron Voros, and tossed her drink on the model. The incident is said to have infuriated club bosses, who attempted to calm the actress down before leaving shortly after.

A source tells the New York Post, "Lindsay threw a fit because she wanted to be...

Matt Dillon Dating Charlotte Ronson?

5/14/2010 8:29am EDT
Matt Dillon
Actor Matt Dillon has sparked rumors he's dating celebrity fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, after the pair was seen getting close during a recent night out in Los Angeles.

Dillon and Ronson - twin sister of DJ Samantha - were snapped enjoying dinner on May 2nd at Los Angeles restaurant Madeo.

The pair was first spotted together in February at the designer's New York City fashion show. And according to Star magazine, the duo have been dating quietly for months.

A source says, "He pursued her, and it really paid off."

Dillon has previously dated actresses Cameron Diaz and Eliza Dush...

Tito Ortiz & Jenna Jameson Are Back Together & Hollywood's Other Dysfunctional Couples

5/11/2010 8:53am EDT
Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz
If you're like most Americans, Mother's Day can be a day for touching sentiment, love and over priced brunches. If you're Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson, it's apparently a day to show off your crazy and dysfunctional relationship. Just this past Sunday, Jameson and Ortiz were snapped walking hand in hand enjoying a beautiful Mother's day on the beach with their twin sons.

For those of you who can't keep up, Ortiz was arrested on April 26, but fast forward only a few short weeks to May 9, Mother's Day, and now the once alleged wife beater and prescription drug addict are back together and ...

Lindsay Lohan Accuses Samantha Ronson Of Banishing Her From Club

5/3/2010 10:30am EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has blasted her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson in an online rant - accusing the DJ of having her ejected from a Hollywood party last week.

The Mean Girls star was attending a birthday bash thrown by music producer Timbaland at Los Angeles night club Drai's last Wednesday night. However, the actress alleges her former lover contacted officials at the venue, and had her removed from the party.

In a series of posts on her page, Lohan writes, "I'm pretty sure that Samantha Ronson just threw a fit @ 33 years old... Asked me, after being here just for Timbaland's birt...

Lindsay Lohan 'Banned From Club'

4/26/2010 8:37am EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has allegedly been banned from a club in Los Angeles after throwing a drink over her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson during a night out.

The Mean Girls actress was partying at hot spot Trousdale in the early hours of Saturday morning when she reportedly stormed up to her former lover and threw her glass at her.

Lohan's actions are said to have infuriated bosses at the venue, who allegedly asked her to leave, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

A source tells the publication, "Samantha was DJ-ing and went to sit with her friends when Lindsay stormed over and ...

Samantha Ronson 'Spit' In Lindsay Lohan's Face?

4/21/2010 2:45pm EDT
Samantha Ronson
Lindsay Lohan has sent the rumor mill into overdrive after suggesting her lesbian ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson spent the night with one of Miley Cyrus' former boyfriends.

The Mean Girls star, who split from the celebrity DJ last year, sparked the gossip after taking to her page in the early hours of Wednesday to blast Ronson for allegedly spitting in her face.

However, that's not all Lohan was fuming about - the actress claimed Ronson abandoned her in a club to leave with another man, although she stopped short of naming the mystery male.

She wrote, "tonight @ my friernds...

Lindsay Lohan Denies New DJ Romance

3/5/2010 11:48am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has laughed off reports she has a new DJ lover after she was linked to British music-mixer Gareth Geno. The Mean Girls actress 'came out' as bisexual in 2008 after she struck up a tumultuous relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.

The on/off romance came to an end last year and she's since been linked to numerous eligible bachelors including Gerard Butler, Kevin Connolly and Jason Segel.

And according to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, the star found a new disc-spinning partner in London - after she was spotted getting cozy with Geno during a gig at the British capital's S...

Lindsay Lohan Hopeful For Samantha Ronson Reunion

2/23/2010 10:30am EST
Lindsay Lohan Hopeful For Samantha Ronson Reunion
Lindsay Lohan refuses to rule out a reconciliation with ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson - because she still loves the DJ. The couple's tumultuous on/off romance came to an end last year, but despite a public argument with her former lover earlier this month, Lohan admits the pair may get back together.

The Mean Girls star insists Ronson will be the only woman she ever dates, because she's never had an interest in same-sex relationships.

She explains, "I never really thought about women before - it kind of just happened with Samantha. It surprised me. We're still in touch... If I wasn'...

Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Threaten Legal Action Over Abuse Rumors

2/10/2010 12:08pm EST
Lindsay Lohan pictures, Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson
Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have taken to the internet to dispel rumors their relationship was marred by abuse, with the DJ threatening "legal action" over the false reports.

The couple's tumultuous on/off romance came to an end last year, but the pair hit headlines again last week after they were rumored to have engaged in a public bust-up at a Hollywood night club.

Reports published on Radar Online subsequently suggested the couple's former relationship had been marred by domestic violence.

But Lohan has vehemently denied the rumors, in a post on her page, she w...

Lindsay Lohan 'Flips Out' At Samantha Ronson In Nightclub

2/5/2010 11:43am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was allegedly involved in a vicious public argument with her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson at a bar in Los Angeles on Wednesday night - which ended with the actress throwing a drink over her former lover. The on/off couple ended their turbulent romance for good last year following a series of spats.

However, the dramatic relationship is back in the spotlight again after the former lovers reportedly fell out while Ronson was DJing at the Crown Bar in West Hollywood. Editors of Radar Online allege Lohan became irritated when she failed to gain Ronson's attention and the enco...

Our Favorite Celebrity Catfights

10/26/2009 9:32am EDT
Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty
Can't we all just get along? Apparently not in Hollywood. Good looks, money and fame go hand in hand with jealousy, cattiness and swinging fists. Here are a few of our favorite celebrity catfights. Put away the claws ladies - MEOW!

Audrina Patridge & Kristin Cavallari

We knew Kristin Cavallari's return to MTV's The Hills would cause some trouble, but it got juicier when she set her sights on Audrina Patridge's ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby. The episode showed Audrina getting up in Kristen's face egging her on to make a move, only to be held back by friends. Since the airing Kristen to...

Slideshow: Celebrity Couples In Need Of Counseling

10/12/2009 11:26am EDT
celebrity couples counseling
"Couples Retreat," starring Vince Vaughn & Kristen Bell made over $35 million this weekend. In the comedy, four couples head off to a tropical island resort for vacation. They soon realize that even though only one couple is there to work on their marriage, they all get tied up in the counseling fun. In honor of "Couple Retreat" Starpulse chose the top celebrity couples who we think need some counseling. Check it out!

Jon and Kate Gosselin

This couple's love life has been front page news for almost six months, and it's really quite sad. Despite their differences and Jon's scary tr...

Samantha Ronson To Guest Star On '90210'

9/24/2009 8:38am EDT
Samantha Ronson
The producers of 90210 have confirmed that Samantha Ronson, the celebrity deejay and on-and-off again girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan, has filmed an episode of the CW show.

Ronson’s scenes take place in a club where hip-hop star Pharrell and his group N.E.R.D. also perform. Her role also has her advising the character, Navid, played by Michael Steger, on matters of the heart.

There is no word yet on whether or not Ronson will be return to the famous zip code for another stint. Her episode will air the CW on Nov. 3.

See more photos of Samantha Ronson here!

Image © CW

Celebrities We'd Like To See Stuck Together On 'Big Brother'

7/9/2009 11:51am EDT
Celebrity Big Brother
The 11th season of CBS'S reality show Big Brother premieres tonight. The show features a group of strangers who live in a house together for a couple of months and are isolated from the outside world. Every word they say and every move they make is caught on camera as millions of viewers watch them on television.

Wouldn't it be a great idea to have some of our favorite and least favorite celebrities live in a house together for two months to watch how they would get along with each other? Check out eight celebrities we'd love to see locked in a house together:

Kanye West - Musical g...

Lindsay Lohan Back With Samantha Ronson...Again

7/3/2009 8:33am EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's on-off relationship with Samantha Ronson appears to be back on track - the couple celebrated the actress' birthday together on Wednesday night.

The star turned 23 on Thursday and hosted a lavish party on Saturday at the MGM Grand hotel and resort in Las Vegas. DJ Ronson missed out on the Vegas trip but was at Lohan's side in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The pair dressed down in jeans and matching hats as they hit The Ruby nightclub to dance the night away.

Lohan and Ronson split earlier this summer, but were spotted together at Heathrow Airport in London - where they c...

Lindsay Lohan's Belly Shirt & Short Shorts - Hot Or Not?

6/28/2009 12:29pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan sexy outfit 23rd birthday party pics
Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 23rd birthday in a pair of tiny, white shorts and a midriff-bearing top that showed off her belly button ring at Wet Republic in Las Vegas. More skin after the jump...

Lohan doesn't turn 23 until July 2, but that didn't stop her from partying poolside at the MGM Grand. And of course there was a product to be promoted, in this case her new line of sunless tanner called Seven Nyne.

Lindsay's on-and-off girlfriend Samantha Ronson was no where to be seen.

Recently it was reported that Lohan would be working with Ryan Seacrest on a new television show that wou...

Celebrity Couples: Break Up Already!

6/10/2009 11:01am EDT
Break Up Already
We compiled a list of celebrity couples that should just give up, we are tired of their makeup/breakup routine and have no patience for it anymore. Here's a few that should just call it quits.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

Let's face it, their other than a cruel charade that forces America to watch them at every holiday, family outing, and store opening. Do they even like each other? How could they?

- Click pic for next page -

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Somehow Brian Austin Green drops MF's attractiveness down drastically. Engaged? No...

'Celebrity Boxing 9' To Feature Lindsay Lohan's Dad & Johnny Fairplay

5/27/2009 10:49am EDT
Johnny Fairplay
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has agreed to fight notorious "Survivor" contestant Johnny Fairplay on June 20 at the Philadelphia Airport Ramada, according to Eclectic Media Productions.

"I couldn't resist Fairplay’s challenge. He made a fool of himself once already with his 'Survivor' scandal and he will do it again once I knock him out." Lohan said.

Fairplay shocked fans and contestants by lying about his grandmother's death during "Survivor: Pearl Islands." Later he was the first person voted off "Survivor: All Stars" to be by his pregnant girlfriend's side.

Lohan has str...

Stars Haunted By Past Relationships

5/27/2009 9:43am EDT
Jessica Simpson &  Nick Lachey
In the recent film Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Matthew McConaughey's character is visited by three ghosts: past, present, and future. In the process, he sees how he has treated past girlfriends, checks out how he is treating his current girlfriend, and sees what might happen if he continues his foolish ways. McConaughey isn't the only one who has been haunted by relationships; in fact, we've all been haunted by an ex at some point in our lives. Lucky for us, though, we don't have the entire world watching us as we continuously morn over the one who got away, or as we bump into situations...

Writer's Viewpoint: Is Lindsay Lohan Capable Of A Comeback?

5/20/2009 9:35am EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan recently voiced that she will finally be on the straight (no pun intended) and narrow path of life. Her plight began with the Ellen Degeneres Show where she claimed that she had no idea (her and Samantha Ronson) were breaking up, that she found out how we all did, via the tabloids. Lohan continued on throughout the interview taking no responsibility for any of her unsavory actions. Is she an immature, spoiled party girl or the victim of an admittedly out of control, ever so invasive paparazzi? She claims the latter, although her behavior shows otherwise.

As we a...

Celebrities Who Should Have Their Own VH1 Dating Shows

5/8/2009 9:57am EDT
VH1 Dating Shows
VH1 used to air music videos and documentary series like "Behind the Music." But now like its sister company MTV, the channel is all reality, all the time. VH1 has become the celebrity dating channel featuring C-list and has been celebs. Shows like Flavor of Love and Rock of Love have been two of the popular celebrity dating shows on the network. These shows have been very successful and have rejuvenated the careers of Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels. R & B star Ray J has even had his own dating show on VH1 even though he's not a has been or C-list celebrity.

Here's some celebrities who...

The Top Celebrity Cocktails (& How To Make Them!)

4/6/2009 9:27am EDT
Celebrity drinks
What do you get when you mix glamour girls, bad boys, musical icons, and booze? You could either get your next major headline or a fabulous cocktail that can jumpstart any party. While we love juicy gossip, the highly secretive 5-star drinks savored by the rich and famous have been rarely revealed…until now. We've chatted with top mixologists, discovered celebrity-studded restaurants, and even dug up guarded recipes from the stars themselves just so we can have a taste of the top drinks that are making the rounds at A-list bashes. If you haven't been invited to any Hollywood soirées late...

An Open Letter To Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Samantha Ronson & Others...

3/26/2009 10:25am EDT
Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag
Dear Celebrities,

I'm sorry, have we met? I know that it's a busy world and all, but I'm starting to feel a bit left out. Who are you people? One day it's all Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, the next day it's like a new breed of vapid celebrities appeared out of nowhere. Did I miss something? Did I sleep through some sort announcement? Reading entertainment news these days feels like watching Caddyshack 2. New characters, same story, shitty movie. I can't work up the interest to do the Wikipedia research myself, so I figured I'd just come right out and ask. Who the Hell are you, again?...

On Again, Off Again Celebrity Couples Spotlight

3/20/2009 9:22am EDT
Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson
When it comes to relationships, Hollywood is comparable to high school. Everyone dates everyone else and when they break up, it's the hottest gossip of the day. The hot couple goes from being engaged to non-speaking terms faster then Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney's marriage. The new "it" couple breakup and get back together more times than Lindsay Lohan has been to rehab. Here are the most on again, off again Hollywood couples.

Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson

After rumors of Kate's infidelity to her husband, Chris Robinson, she and Owen hooked up after the filming of You, Me and D...

An Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

3/19/2009 1:46pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Dear Lindsay,

Well? What's next? The world is waiting. Remember that little rehab stint and the comeback that typically comes after it?

Everyone is rooting for you. We loved you in The Parent Trap - those freckles! The accent! Twins! We loved Mean Girls and the adorable-turned-bitchy Cady that you played. Everyone liked the Lindsay with boobs and red hair, and we really couldn't get enough. We couldn't wait to see what grown-up movie you would do next...

Then came A Prairie Home Companion, Just My Luck, Bobby, Chapter 27, Georgia Rule, and I Know Who Killed Me. To break...

Play Starpulse's 'Celebrity Madness 2009 - The Women' (Round 1, Group 2)

3/19/2009 1:00pm EDT
Number One Seed Megan Fox
Cast your votes for your favorite male & female celebrities in's First Annual "Celebrity March Madness" showdown! In the spirit of the NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments, we bring you two celebrity tournaments throughout the month of March that will determine the number one male and female celebrity - chosen by YOU!

All you have to do is cast your vote in the poll under the picture for one of the two celebs in each matchup! At the end of the round, we'll tally the votes and get the next round underway. There's even a bracket (updated after each round) with all ...