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Rihanna prefers not to wear a bra

February 18th, 2014 10:20am EST
Rihanna prefers not to wear a bra.
The 'Pour It up' singer claims she will ditch the undergarment and go bra-free when wearing her clothes, and if she does wear a brassiere she isn't afraid to wear the lingerie on its own.
Rihanna told the March issue of America's Vogue magazine:"If I'm wearing a top, I don't wear a bra. If I'm wearing a bra, I just wear a bra."
The 25-year-old singer also claims she is willing to tolerate pain when if it means she can wear her most fashionable garments, including her four-inch, pointy-heeled Yves Saint-Laurent boots.
Rihanna added:"It's not about pain. It'...

Chris Brown sued over basketball game beating

February 15th, 2014 5:20pm EST
Chris Brown
Chris Brown is being sued by man who claims he was beaten by the singer during a basketball game.
Malcolm Ausbon has filed court documents claiming the 'Beautiful People' star and his entourage hit him during a game at 24 Hour Fitness in north Los Angeles last summer.
The documents claim: "When Ausbon expressed dissatisfaction with Brown's behavior, Brown threatened to 'kick his ass' and 'put these hands on you.' Additionally, Brown claimed to be a member of the 'Bloods' a street gang engaged in criminal activity, not limited to murder, drugs, extortion and crime."
The filing further claim...

Rihanna Facing S&M Video Ban In Legal Battle

February 15th, 2014 4:21pm EST
Rihanna Facing S&M Video Ban In Legal Battle
Rihanna is facing a fresh legal battle over her S&M music video after artist Philipp Paulus asked a court to grant an injunction banning the promo from broadcast.

Paulus previously sued the pop star and her record label Universal Music in 2011, alleging the promo ripped off ideas from his fashion photography series titled Paperworld.

His lawyer, Philip Jakober, claims a satisfactory settlement in the case was not reached, so they are now reviving the case by filing a request for an injunction and a claim for damages.

If Paulus wins, Universal Music could face a ban on broadcasting the mu...

Big tipper Ben Affleck

February 15th, 2014 4:20am EST
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck tipped a waitress over $90 when he bought a cup of coffee.
The generous 'Argo' star was in a rush while in a coffee shop in Santa Monica, California, and left the waitress a huge tip when he realized he was only carrying $100 notes.
A source told National Enquirer magazine: "The clerk told him it was so early that she didn't have enough change in the register and could he wait while she went to the back office safe. But Ben told her, 'Don't bother - you keep the change.' She balked at first, but when Ben insisted, she said, 'Wow, that is so nice of you! My mom's visiting form...

Drake: Rihanna is the 'ultimate fantasy'

February 13th, 2014 9:20pm EST
Drake claims Rihanna is the "ultimate fantasy" woman.
The 'Started From the Bottom' rapper was romantically linked to the 'Diamonds' singer in 2009 and although they had a brief fling they are now just friends.
He told Rolling Stone magazine: "She's the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like, 'Man, that would be good.' We have fun together, she's cool and s**t. But we're just friends. That's my dog for life."
Drake said in 2011 Rihanna had unintentionally broken his heart with their on/off relationship, which came in the wake of her split from singer Chris Brown.
He said: "At th...

Rihanna was 'effectively bankrupt'

February 12th, 2014 6:20am EST
Rihanna claims she was "effectively bankrupt" in 2009.
The 'Only Girl in the World' hitmaker blames her accountants' poor decision making for her fortune dwindling away from $11 million in cash at the beginning of the year to $2 million several months later.
In documents filed in her gross mismanagement case against the accountancy firm, Berdon LLP, Rihanna claims they gave her the go-ahead to buy a house priced between $7 and $7.5 million, which she did - and later sold for a $2 million loss.
To further add to her financial woes that year, the singer's expenses "doubled", TMZ reports.
In t...

Rihanna reunites with Drake?

February 8th, 2014 1:10pm EST
Rihanna and Drake left a nightclub together on Friday night (02.07.14).
The former couple fueled speculation they have rekindled their relationship after they were spotted getting into the same taxi outside Hooray Henry's in West Hollywood.
The duo, who collaborated on the track 'What's My Name' in 2010, tried to keep the fact they were together under-wraps as they left the club separately.
The 25-year-old beauty left first before the 27-year-old rapper followed her out and got into her waiting taxi seconds later, according to the MailOnline website.
An insider recently told HollywoodLife.c...

Lily Allen: Miley Cyrus' image is 'great'

February 8th, 2014 6:20am EST
Lily Allen
Lily Allen thinks Miley Cyrus' sexy image is "great".
The 'Hard Out Here' hitmaker believes stars like the 'Wrecking Ball' singer are in control of their provocative appearance and thinks the former 'Hannah Montana' star is right to show off her "banging" body because she has worked so hard on her physique.
She told France's NRJ Radio: "I actually think Rihanna and Miley in particular are [being sexy] because they want to do it. I don't think someone sat in a room with Miley Cyrus and said, 'Right you're going to be sexy, stick your tongue out and wear bikinis.'
"She wants to do that, she'...

Colombian Politician Blasts Shakira For 'Promoting Lesbianism' In New Video Featuring Rihanna

February 5th, 2014 11:02pm EST
Shakira has come under fire from a politician in her native Colombia for putting out possibly the hottest music video ever.

Rihanna, who duets with the hip-shaking singer on her latest single, "Can't Remember to Forget You," also stars in the video for the song, and the two singers get pretty steamy while rolling around together in some sexy lingerie.

Politician Marco Fidel Ramirez has called on Colombia's National Television Authority to ban the video from airplay on the country's networks.

"Our Shakira with her erotic video is promoting tobacco usage and has become the worst example fo...

Chris Brown attended Super Bowl party

February 5th, 2014 6:20pm EST
Chris Brown
Chris Brown went to a Super Bowl party during a break from rehab.
The 'Fine China' singer reportedly made a brief appearance at his friend Trey Songz' bash in Los Angeles on Sunday (02.02.14) after being given permission to leave his treatment facility to visit his lawyer, Mark Geragos, ahead of his latest court appearance on Monday (02.03.14).
A source close to the 24-year-old star told gossip website TMZ.com that he was at the party for approximately 10 minutes and only because he thought it was a charity event.
The insider insisted that Chris didn't consume any alcohol and was monitored ...

Shakira And Rihanna Star In Possibly The Hottest Video Ever, 'Can't Remember To Forget You'

January 31st, 2014 11:08pm EST
Grammy-winning singer has a new album on the way, and the sexy Colombian just released the video for her brand new single, "Can't Remember To Forget You" featuring Rihanna.

The video premiered Thursday and has already racked up nearly 16 million views on YouTube.

The two singers steam up the new video by seductively hip-shaking and rolling around together on a bed as they trade verses.

It just might be the hottest video ever.

And Shakira has nothing but praise for her co-star.

"[W]orking with her was utopia. She’s the sexiest woman on the planet. And at the end of the day, we’re both ...

Rihanna wants bigger butt

January 29th, 2014 9:20pm EST
Rihanna wants a bigger butt.
The 25-year-old singer is known for flaunting her enviable curves in skimpy outfits but she admits even she has body hangups, just like every woman, and she particularly wishes she had a peachier derrière.
Speaking to E! news, she said: "I do pick on my body. It's a thing that women do. We walk in front of the mirror and we look at our butt. Is it getting bigger today? Ew. It's still flat."
Meanwhile, the 'Stay' hitmaker previously admitted she was jealous of Beyonce's good looks and stunning physique, but in 30 years time she wants to be confident with her ow...

Rihanna 'shocked' to win Grammy award

January 29th, 2014 3:20pm EST
Rihanna was "so shocked" to win a Grammy award last week.
The 25-year-old singer wasn't at the ceremony when she won the prize for the Best Urban Contemporary Album for her 2012 release 'Unapologetic', but she admits she was stunned when she found out.
Speaking on 'Good Morning America' today (01.29.14), she said: "I was so shocked. Really, I was at home and one of my friends hit me and said, 'You've just won a Grammy', and I was like, 'What?' and when I went on the internet I just saw 'Unapologetic'.
"It was quite an emotional moment surprisingly. But I was in shock, I'm excited, it was a...

Rita Ora's 'shocking' 50 Shades role

January 28th, 2014 3:20pm EST
Rita Ora
Rita Ora's part in '50 Shades of Grey' will be "shocking".
The 'R.I.P.' singer has her first big-screen speaking part as lead character Christian Grey's sister, Mia, in the hotly anticipated erotic thriller, and promises audiences they will be surprised by the content of the movie.
She told MTV: "It's gonna be the biggest and most amazing shock ever."
Rita has previously had acting roles in 2004 independent film 'Spivs' and a small part in 'Fast and Furious 6', but this is the first time she is to appear in a major production with a full role, and admits she was nervous.
She said: "I was...

2014 Grammy Awards Reactions: The Triumphs And Fails

January 28th, 2014 10:30am EST
2014 Grammy Awards Reactions: The Triumphs And Fails
Another year and another Grammys ceremony has come and passed. As always, there were moments that thrilled while others made me curse under my breath. Luckily, as a music journalist, this guy has learned how to think like the Recording Academy, hence the accuracy of many of my picks this year. Still, even being correct, you have to wonder what the Academy is thinking sometimes. Yes, I’m specifically referencing the fact that Kendrick Lamar was shut out – ridiculous! But here goes nothing examining the awards given.

The Big Four: Record, Album and Song of the Year & Best New Artist

Record ...

Rihanna snubs Rita Ora

January 28th, 2014 2:20am EST
Rihanna refused to speak to Rita Ora at the Grammy Awards parties over the weekend.
The 'Diamonds' hitmaker happily chatted to her rival's boyfriend Calvin Harris at several pre and post-ceremony bashes - including a brunch thrown by Jay Z's Roc Nation, which manages both their careers - but "deliberately" snubbed Rita because she "isn't a fan" of her.
A source told The Sun newspaper: "Rita and Rihanna were at the same parties all weekend.
"Rihanna deliberately kept her distance. She talked with Calvin at length but didn't acknowledge Rita.
"It was awkward because they have the same managem...

Rihanna wins major battle in leaky home war

January 26th, 2014 8:40pm EST
Rihanna has been given a big boost in the legal war over her former $7 million (GBP4.4 million) Beverly Hills dream home after the seller revealed he informed brokers of the pad's leak problems.

Rihanna has since sold the place after a custom-fitted sound system was damaged and designer clothes were soiled when rainwater dripped into the house from a second storey balcony.

The singer is suing the former owner, the inspector, brokers at Prudential California Realty and engineers who worked on the home for negligence - and there was a breakthrough in the case during depositions last week (e...

Rihanna commissions self-portrait for Cara Delevingne

January 25th, 2014 6:20am EST
Rihanna wants to give Cara Delevingne a self-portrait as a sign of their friendship.
The 25-year-old singer has commissioned street artist Bambi to create a giant painting of her best friend as a present for the supermodel and her family.
A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Rihanna wanted to show Cara how important their friendship is to her. It will be a gift for both her and her family.
"Bambi came up with the concept, which is inspired by Andy Warhol's famous image of Debbie Harry, and Rihanna loves it.
"She even asked Bambi to do the painting on an old piece of metal, so it looks c...

Rihanna Goes Topless & Wears A Thong In Hot Bikini Photos Shared On Instagram

January 22nd, 2014 9:37am EST
Rihanna Goes Topless & Wears A Thong In Hot Bikini Photos Shared
Rihanna's been busy on her Instagram page over the last couple of days, posting several sexy photos of herself topless and in a bikini.

The 25-year-old singer, currently in Brazil, spent time with pal Jennifer Rosales on her vacay, and shared nearly a dozen photos of herself from the trip.

She spent time aboard a yacht, where she posed sans top and looking out over the ocean and doing some paddleboarding. In one of the photos, taken just after sunset, she's seen smoking a blunt while paddling along.

Over the weekend, Rihanna also posted a few images in a one-piece suit by a waterfall, sh...

Katherine Jenkins wants Glee acting role

January 21st, 2014 10:20am EST
Katherine Jenkins
Katherine Jenkins wants to appear on 'Glee'.
The Welsh songbird made her acting debut in 2010 on cult sci-fi show 'Doctor Who's Christmas special, and says the experience opened up the possibility of future acting work on musical movies or TV programs.
Speaking at the announcement of her new three-album deal with Decca Records held at London's Ritz hotel, Katherine exclusively told BANG Showbiz: " 'Doctor Who' took me out of my comfort zone massively, but I did really enjoy it. I still think it needs to be something that combines acting and music. That's what was lovely about that role, she...

Rihanna banned from dating as a teen

January 15th, 2014 1:20am EST
Rihanna wasn't allowed to date until she was 16.
The 'Pour It Up' hitmaker was banned from having a boyfriend until her late teens and her mother tried to dissuade her from getting involved with boys even then.
She laughed: "I wasn't allowed to date. At 13 my mom would tell me, 'You can have a boyfriend when you're 16!' And then at 16 she'd say, 'I never said that - and as a matter of fact, it's 40!' "
However, the 25-year-old singer insists it was never an issue because no boys fancied her anyway.
Recalling her awkward phase growing up in Barbados when she felt self-conscious about her fla...

Icona Pop Landed 'Girls' Spot After Rihanna Said No To Producers

January 13th, 2014 8:30pm EST
Icona Pop
Pop duo Icona Pop have Rihanna to thank for the U.S. success of their I Love It hit last year (13) - the producers of cult show Girls had to use their song in a pivotal scene after the R&B beauty refused to let them air her tune Talk That Talk.

Girls music supervisor Manish Raval reveals he initially wanted the Rihanna song to play during a memorable, cocaine-fuelled dancing scene, but the Umbrella hitmaker and her managers turned down his request.

He tells Radio.com, "They didn't give a reason, we didn't ask for a reason, so I can't speculate as to why, but you know, it's a happy acciden...

Rihanna gets new cross tattoo

January 11th, 2014 6:20pm EST
Rihanna got a new tattoo in New York City this morning (01.1114).
The 'We Found Love' hitmaker, who already has more than 20 pieces of body art, had a large ornate cross, surrounded by designs, etched on the inside of her right wrist at Bang Bang Tattoos.
The 25-year-old star visited the studio at midnight and stayed until 5am, and was spotted admiring the new tattoo, which compliments the existing tribal design on her right hand and wrist, afterwards, according to the MailOnline website.
The Barbados native had the other Indian-inspired markings on her hand incorporated into a Maori design...

Thoughts On The 2014 People's Choice Award Music Winners

January 9th, 2014 7:20pm EST
Favorite Pop Artist:  Britney Spears
On Wednesday, January 8th, the 2014 ‘awards’ season went underway with the ‘prestigious’ People’s Choice Awards. As interesting as the film and TV categories are themselves, this particular post will key in on the music categories/awards, which are…interesting.  The categories for the People’s Choice music awards are as follows:  Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Breakout Artist, Favorite Pop Artist, Favorite Country Artist, Favorite Country Music Icon, Favorite Hip-Hop Artist, Favorite R&B Artist, Favorite Band, Favorite Alternative Band, Favorite Song, Favorite Album,...

Shakira praises 'sexy' Rihanna

January 7th, 2014 10:20am EST
Shakira thinks Rihanna is the "sexiest woman on the planet".
The Colombian singer has teamed up with the Bajan beauty on a new track, 'Can't Remember to Forget You' - which will be released on January 13 - and the pair hit it off instantly, with the 'Diamonds' hitmaker even teaching her new pal to dance.
Shakira said: "Working with her was utopia. She's the sexiest woman on the planet. And at the end of the day, we're both just basically Caribbean girls. The chemistry was so good and so real. She taught me dance moves. She was a sweet teacher."
The 36-year-old beauty - who has 11-month-old ...

Bruno Mars and Miley Cyrus make Forbes' 30 under 30 list

January 7th, 2014 6:20am EST
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus and One Direction are among Forbes magazine's 30 Under 30 musicians this year.
The financial bible has issued its annual list of influential young people in a variety of categories, and the trio are among those who gained places on the music list.
Bruno, 28, was singled out by the publication as its featured artist, and went on to state he had earned his place for a variety of reasons including 18 Grammy nominations and his forthcoming Super Bowl half-time show, which will make him the first musician under 30 to headline the prestigious event.
The music category - wh...

Rihanna burned Chris Brown's letter

January 5th, 2014 5:20pm EST
Rihanna burned Chris Brown's New Year apology letter to her.
The 'Fine China' singer wrote a letter to his pop star ex-girlfriend - whom he was convicted of assaulting in 2009, but later reconciled with at various points between 2012 and 2013 - apologizing for the way he has treated her, but she was less than impressed and set fire to it.
A source told Hollywoodlife.com: "She put Chris to bed last year for good. As [she and her friends] smoked, Rihanna pulled out this fake ass letter. She put it in the middle of the bed on top of a big candle holder, and put her burnt ashes on it. They all...

Welcome 2014 With The 100 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Photos Of The Past Year

January 1st, 2014 4:01pm EST
Jessica Alba
2013 was a very eventful year when it came to celebrities flaunting their bikini bods.

Jessica Alba, among others, hit the beaches of popular celeb hangout St. Barth's, a French island in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, back in April. The island is is a favorite of several celebs during the holiday season, like Russell Simmons, Stephanie Seymour and Olivia Palermo.

British supermodel Cara Delevingne opted for Barbados, where she spent time with both her family and with pal Rihanna, a native of the island.

Those weren't the only active beaches during the 2013 holiday seasons (both at the ...

The Failies: Awarding The Worst Fashion Fails In 2013 - Part Two

January 1st, 2014 3:03pm EST
Kendall Jenner
Can you believe 2013 is coming to a close already? At least 2013 will leave a lasting legacy when it comes to Fashion Fails. We present The Failies, the worst in fashion this year - along with some surprise special categories you have to see to believe. We're now on part two (part one is here), where we will look at the rest of the fashion fails from this year, reveal another Worst Rend of the Year, and crown our Worst Dressed Female of the Year. Let's get on with it!

Just more proof Kendall Jenner and her Kardashian family are really members of the Illuminati. Wake up, sheeple!

No on...

The Failies: Awarding The Worst Fashion Fails In 2013 - Part One

January 1st, 2014 12:07pm EST
Kim Kardashian
Can you believe 2013 is coming to a close already? At least 2013 will leave a lasting legacy when it comes to Fashion Fails. We present The Failies, the worst in fashion this year - along with some surprise special categories you have to see to believe. In Part one we will be looking at the first half of the year's fashion fails, as well as revealing one of the Worst Trends of the Year and the Worst Dressed Male of the Year.

Let's start with what kicked off the year. We wrote at the time, "Kim Kardashian got a little Goth-y in this see-through and skintight gown. We can't wait to see the...

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